Is Jive Mini Pods Scam [2020] Read Review Before Buying

Is Jive Mini Pods Scam [2020] Read Review Before Buying

Is Jive Mini Pods Scam [2020] Read Review Before Buying >> In this article, we have shared answer most of your doubts. Here you will also find customer reviews and Get 50% OFF with FREE Shipping For a Limited Time!

Jive Mini Pods – Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019-20” Satisfaction Guarantee! Featured in TechCrunch, GizModo, HuffPost and USATODAY Websites. Save 70% $35.49, 9.8 Excellent 151 reviews.

Hey Guys! Do you love to hear music? Is music is a part of your life? Well, more than 90% of people indeed like to listen to music and use high-quality headphones to enjoy the beautiful tone of the music. Sometimes, the headphones don’t work correctly due to the poor quality, if you are also facing such type of issue while listening to the music, then go with Jive Mini Pods. There is nothing like Jive Mini Pods Scam.

Believe me; if you buy Jive Mini Pods, then you will never use any set of headphones because the quality of these headphones is top-notch and unmatchable. And to know more about this fantastic product, you can also check and read Jive Mini Pods Review.

We all are a fan of ear pods that help us forget the world. Jive Mini Pods Reviews tell us that One such pair of ear pods is Jive Mini Pods that soothe your ears with fantastic sound quality.

Do you dream about investing in a good set of earphones? If yes, now you can buy Jive Mini Pods the best ear pods with all the latest features that too without hurting your pocket.  This product is trending at the United StatesCanadaAustralia, and the United Kingdom. Another compelling reason to buy these mini pods is its 30-day Money Back Guarantee. 

People are also searching its availability on Amazon; however it is not available over that ecommerce website. Thus, people are also rumoring about jive mini pods scam. and wondering Is Jive Mini Pods Website Legit Our article will also clarify it, please read further.

If you place your order right away, then you have the chance to get up to 50% OFF.

What is all about Jive Mini Pods Scam?

First, we need to understand answer of this question, “what is Jive Mini Pods?” These ear pods have the power to conquer the market of earphones. These ear pods have been designed in such a way that they not only last too long but also work brilliantly throughout the usage period.

Jive Mini Pods Scam

Jiveminipods are the wireless ear pods with long battery life and compact design. Hence, it Soothe your ears with clear sound and pleasant music, and not with unwanted noise.

The earbuds fit all the ear shapes and sizes. They are one of the most elegant but comfortable earplugs. The Bluetooth is reliable and connects easily to any of the devices. These Bluetooth ear pods can be connected to any mobile phone or even laptops, tablets, iPads, and PCs.

There is nothing like Scam associated with this product. As it is only available for sale, over its official website, people are only rumoring about jive mini pods scam. The official website delivers the ear pods with Satisfaction Guarantee. Being awarded “the most innovative earphones of 2019,”

The website has Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping The shipped box consists of a pair of earpods, a standard micro USB charging cable and a sleek-designed container to keep your earpods safely.

The scam is not something to worry about as you can read all the product specifications and positive customer reviews and make a decision for yourself. These are just false reports trying to tarnish the product. Buy one for yourself or for someone you love. You will be recommending it to everyone once you get it.

This pair of earbuds is the best item to gift either on someone’s birthday or even for Valentine’s day. The wireless feature enables the ear pods to function in a hassle-free manner, and the user is not tangled up in cords. The LEDs help to work with these in a dark room.

These ear pods have a clear sound quality that won’t hurt, irritate, or damage your ears.

Who needs to Buy Jive Mini Pods?

Music is one of the latest trends, and people spend their free time listening to music. Well, we all know that the recent phase is the phase of digital technology and online shopping. If you search the best Bluetooth headset, then you will find an extensive collection of headphones or Bluetooth headsets in the market, but the specification of the product doesn’t match with the manufacturer’s norms.

All people look for the headphones that they can easily pair with their android phone and get super compatibility.

Apart from this, the people can also answer their call by using the headphones, so, if you are looking for high-quality headphones that provide unmatchable and high-quality sound, then purchase Jive Mini Pods and get up to 50% off. I think you can expect all the extraordinary features of this Bluetooth headphone. Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping!

Jive Mini Pods

Benefits of using Jive Mini Pods:

There are a number of benefits of using these mini pods. Some of them are listed down below:-

  • You can connect these mini pods to any of your devices
  • Once kept your device, you can roam at a distance of 10 m with your ear pods on
  • The Bluetooth does not take time in connecting to the devices. It can be instantly connected
  • Jive Mini Pods have a compact and sleek design, and thus they are portable
  • The ear pods are very light-weight and hence won’t make your pocket heavy
  • These ear pods have a clear sound quality
  • The ear pods are designed using beamforming noise reduction technology
  • Its ergonomic design fits in ears of all shapes and sizes
  • Its interior has Hydrophobic Nano-Coating that repels water and sweat
  • Jive gives you an excellent customer service
  • Jive is also working towards animal welfare by donating their income for animal health
  • It offers high- compatibility.
  • It works efficiently with Android and IOS.
  • It comes with high-end technology and offers good sound level.
  • You can connect jive ear pods with your computer as well.

With the knowledge of all such features and benefits, one can confidently buy and also share with others that there is nothing like a scam related to these mini pods.

Jive Mini Pods Wireless

Specifications of Jive Mini Pods:

In case, you have also heard about any scam around this product, you must gain knowledge regarding its functionality. Before placing the order of the most preferred mini pods, you must understand the reason behind its huge popularity. Yes, all the technical specifications regarding this gadget are –

  • The ear pods are wireless
  • It also supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • The connection between the device and ear pods will stay sharp up to a 10-meter range
  • The ear pods are water-proof and sweat-proof
  • LED indicator available on the body of ear pods which shows if they are on/charged
  • The ear pod case has a 6000mAh battery
  • Charging port is available
  • Charging lasts up to 30 hours
  • It also supports quick charge 3.0 technology

These wireless earpods are made with the best new technology and up to date features. The Bluetooth gives a crisp and great sound quality and easy connection to smartphones or other devices. The battery life is specifically made for this modern world of everyone being on the go, you don’t have to worry about the charge of your earpods.

Jive mini pods are right now available over its official website with one Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT and free shipping is also available. But, this premium-quality material made product is available on discounted rates for a pretty limited time. Hence, one should not waste time in thinking a lot and order it today.

How Does Jive Mini Pod Works?

All youngsters are familiar with the procedure of using ear pods. There are no tricky steps to use the headphones, you only to enable your Bluetooth and your earpods will connect with your smartphone in a short time. It works amazingly with blue technology and gives significant control.

One great advantage of using these earphones is that you can give more control, it means if you are occupied or busy with another stuff and listening to your music;  It will be difficult for you to respond if someone is calling you, but Jive Mini Pods can help you with the extraordinary tap feature. Yes, guys! You can answer your calls by one tap only, tap the side of your earbud and you will be able to answer the incoming call on your smartphone.

The leading brand is offering 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to the customers.

Jive Mini Pods Feature

How to use Jive Mini Pods?

Using jiveminipods is very convenient and easy. Take out the mini pods out of the case, turn on the button on the ear pod, and then turn on the Bluetooth of your phone. These mini pods will automatically connect to your phone. That’s it. You are good to go. You can check the battery status of your ear pods on your phone as well. Now, you know how to charge jive mini pods.

(Here sharing a trick to save the battery life of your ear pods- use one side of the ear pod and keep the other one in the case so that it stays charged. And when you lose the charging of the used ear pod, you can switch to the charged one. In this way, you can always keep enjoying the music even during the long journeys).

Why is Jive Mini Pods better than the other earpods?

Unlike other Bluetooth ear pods, these mini pods come with extended battery life and support fast-charging as well. One of the outstanding features of mini pods is that you can manage everything via the buttons on ear pods and you don’t have to keep using the phone continuously.

It is available on Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT and that too with premium-quality material. Hence, one should not think about jive mini pods earbuds scam.

These ear pods are water-proof and sweat-proof. Like other ear pods, these won’t slip off from your ears while working out. The fantastic and clear sound with noise cancellation has brought it in the bestselling list.

They are so much better than your tangling wire earphones that don’t even sound good. These mini pods are no struggle and will give you the best sound quality even with its compact body. They are made with all new technological specs and features, keeping in mind the consumer’s needs.

The company uses advanced technology to create a 3D stereo sound sensation for the listener using the two microphones, available with the earpods. This enables the customer to encounter an out-of-the-world experience and is best suited for music-lovers.

On top of it, it uses beam-forming microphone technology to minimize the surrounding noise and listen to the calls or music clearly. This is further aided with the in-ear design of the earpods and provide customers with noise-free sound.

The in-built Bluetooth feature on the earpods makes them compatible with various kinds of electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, etc. So, the customer does not have to think twice while connecting these earpods to any device, within a range of 10 metres

You cannot miss this amazing chance of buying the Bluetooth ear pods when they are on a huge discount. You get to save half of the cost of the ear pods as they are at 50% off. If you would like to know more about these trending ear pods, keep reading.

Now, you should also be aware of suggested instructions regarding use of these earbuds.

Youngsters Have Voted For This Innovative Earbuds

In a survey conducted by a famous tech magazine, youngsters across the united states have counted it as a product with the most Innovative design Jive Mini Pods reviews are very positive from the age group of 18 – 25. Youngsters are founding it as the most innovative earbuds product.

Reasons behind the huge popularity of jive mini pods

This product is available in various countries and quite popular among youngsters. Various media houses like US TechCrunch,  GizModo, HuffPost  and USATODAY  Websites have shared about it. Several customer reviews have proven that its buyers are satisfied with this product and its price. There are no signs of jive mini pods scam.

Customer reviews on Jive Mini Pods:

Jiv Mini Pods Customer Reviews Dodbuzz

Jive Mini Pods – Latest Internet Sensation

Yes, this one is the top searched product in ear pods category in the month of January. Like any Hollywood celeb, people are doing Google search to know about it, its features, benefits, cost and even clarifying their doubts about the Jive Mini Pods Scam.

What are People Saying About Jive Mini Pods?

Jive Mini Pods Review can explain the ultimate benefits of this product. Most of the customers liked and praised the secure handling and excellent sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. Another thing they wanted the most, you can charge your headphone anytime without any hassle.

We found positive feedback about this product. So, place your order now, and ofcourse you will get Satisfaction GuaranteeYou will get high-quality headphones at the best price. Grab the best deals now!

Where to buy Jive Mini Pods?

To buy Jive Mini Pods, click the link mentioned here and that will take you to the official website to buy Jive Mini Pods. Currently, these mini pods are available at 50% off and that too with free shipping. You unquestionably should not miss this chance to get your hands on these brilliant ear pods.

There are many similar products, which claim that their products are better than Jive Mini Pods or show you the similar designs as Jive pods. We request you to be aware of such fraud companies and check the spelling of websites before you order the items. This will help you to find the original product at the correct place.

We suggest our readers to buy from the official website only as it ensures that you receive the original product only. And the 30-day-moneyback guarantee is available on the official website only.


  • What kind of charging is suitable for Jive Mini Pods?

The earpods come with a charging cable in the box.  This charging cable has a standard micro USB cord.

  • What kind of phones are these earpods compatible with?

These Earpods are compatible with any device that consists of Bluetooth. Therefore, it works fine with laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.

  • How is the sound quality of Jive Mini Pods different from that of other earpods in the market?

Jive Mini Pods are known for their premium-quality of sound. Its 3D and binaural stereo effect helps to provide the best possible listening experience.

  • Is it possible to take the calls and listen to it clearly, while using these earpods?

The company uses beam-forming technology to reduce background noise. Additionally, the sealed in-ear design helps to listen to the calls  with great clarity and minimum noise.

  • How can I check the status of my order, once payment is made?

The online store provides you with a tracking number, once your order is shipped. This tracking number can be used on the carrier’s website to check the shipping status of your order.

Final Verdict

If you are looking forward to investing in a good set of ear pods, then Jive Pods is going to be the best investment for you. Available outstanding specifications and positive customer reviews across the Internet show a green flag for these ear pods. Hence, you can order it without fearing about jive mini pods scam.

Some products just make you feel satisfied after the purchase and these ear pods are one of those.

Either earphones or ear pods have become one of the constants of our lives, and we cannot imagine moving out of our place without them. Then why hurt your ears with earplugs that irritate your ears? Jive mini pods are the ear pods that give you a pleasing sound and also stay comfortable on your ears.

The 3D and binaural stereo effect provides splendid sound quality while listening to the music or taking up the calls. The background noise is minimized due to the sealed in-ear design of the earpieces. Overall, the site also seems legitimate due to abundant social media presence and clarity of policies.

After analysis the detailed reviews of Jive Mini Pods and carefully examining the functionalities of the same with different devices, we recommend our readers to try out these fantastic ear pods and share the experience of using it in the comments below.


  1. Recently i purchase the Jive mini pods. I totally satisfied with this product. Thanks for making this good type of product.

      1. It’s been 11 days since placing my order. I received a tracking number with no movement other that the carrier is waiting to receive the package. I have called customer service with a response of my having to wait more time. Still nothing has changed. Im not sure how long this takes, but would love to have them soon to try out.

        1. Theresa,
          I ordered mine on March 23 and have yet to receive them. I called to cancel the order today and was told the order couldn’t be canceled because they were in shipment from China. 9 days ago they told me the package was in Texas being disinfected (Covid 19) I asked to speak to a supervisor…he/she wasn’t available. Worst customer service on the planet. I called Visa and disputed the purchase.

          1. UPDATE: Visa got Jive mini pods to refund (in total) my payment to Jive mini pods. They were very speedy in returning my money. The thought came to mind that not all of the people got screwed by Jive Mini Pods will demand their money back. How much will Jive Mini Pods make on those people? US dollars go a long way in India.

          2. Did you ever get your order? I ordered on May 20 and I’m having a similar experience.

        2. I waited 3 weeks for the delivery. They’re is no way to turn up the volume, decent sound barely any base. There’s no user manual how to use controls if there are any. When I put them in my ears the first one said connected the second one responded in I think Chinese. They aren’t worth the effort. If you haven’t purchased any yet. DONT!!

          1. It’s so they can wait until your 60 day warranty period Is over .. then you’ll receive them. If they come before the warranty period ..this scam company might actually have to return your money when they arrive and don’t work!

          2. The service was crazy. It took 6 weeks, after calling them 7 times. Now both pairs I bought have one right & one left not working at all. The battery only last about an hour. The touches are way different than described by others. Example instructions say long touch left 2 sec increase volume, it actually takes 2 taps on right to increase volume. Single ear function is even worse. I’m constantly calling Siri instead of playing next song. It must be quantum’s physics (spooky action at a distance), or is it just entanglement. Those Chinese are so brilliant.

        3. It should be criminal what these fit bags are getting away with… there’s people in prison for less I assure you

      2. Finally received my air pods too. Had no idea they were made in China or never would have ordered. However now I have them and it indicated there would be instructions, none, and I ordered two boxes, neither box had instructions!! Had to google for to use these things, so far the only good thing has been the price but even at that they through in so many unnecessary items. Car charger for cigarette lighter no less 🤷‍♀️wall adapter, dash phone holder,and a tactical fast charger! Really! I need a bag to carry all this equipment. And they keep falling out of my ears!!!

        1. I too ordered my mini pods March 23, 2020. They were quick in drafting the money from my account but as of this date Friday May 8th my purchase has not been delivered… and oh yes I contacted them through email for a status. They sent back an order number and tracking number – what a joke – it listed the pods as still in China… second e mail was answered and – a response they were in transit but give it 3-5 days before delivery to my door – date April , 19 2020. So there you go folks “buyer beware”

      3. I ended up waiting about 6 weeks for delivery and only after 4 weeks of no shipping updated did they reissues shipment. I’ve used them 2 time and the left ear continues to break up or be staticy. The sound quality is super quiet and you can hear everything around you while trying to listen. Complete waste of money. I asked for a full refund and they want to make me pay for shipping back. I would rather drive my sledgehammer through them as stress relief. Save yourself the money and buy a different pair.

      1. I ordered my jive pods and I received an email on April 17 that they shipped. My order number is 58C2CE778C. When I try to use the tracking information I can’t find out anything. How long does shipping take? Will I receive them soon? 30 days? 60 days? I would appreciate your help with this. Thank you.

        1. mine took a month before i received today. email them and the support will email back, that it is still on its way. its coming from out of country thats why its taking a long time, plus the covid delays on flight that carries package

          1. Do not buy from these people. Ordered two pairs. Came in about month in a half late. Only One came so I emailed the customer support and they said I had to send a picture of pic of product, and shipping label. To even get a response and they would see. Really these guys are a total scam. Reporting them to better business bureau now and filling a fraud clam from visa. And also my bank. Getting a new card just incase. Have not even tried to use them because I am so pissed. I am going to make a Youtube video of it and put them on blast. DON’T BUY Anything from this company.

        2. Following for reply … purchased my order April 16th – checked tracking number and info was sent to USPS for shipping .. info, just info not product – yet funds were deducted out of my account immediately!

          1. I am so happy I researched these before buying. These scammers really go out of their way to create several fake review sites (the English is atrocious and the reviews they write for themselves are so awkward and sound nothing like a real review). I think I’ve also seen a real positive review or few, but I will *absolutely* NOT be buying this product, since the seller is so shady and manipulative.

    1. I only got one charge out of the pods I ordered. I used them ONE time. There is not a charging light indicator on the charger/holder like I see in the pictures. I can only assume that the pods are completely dead (battery wise) and this is why I cannot get them to pair to any of my devices anymore. Ive allowed them to sit plugged in well past their recommended 2 hours and they wont turn on or pair. So frustrating. I just sent an email to the customer support email. Im awaiting a response, explanation, refund OR, preferably, a replacement. I dont want to feed into the scam comments about this product, because the one time I was able to use them, I agree, they worked and fit very well. I can only hope this was a fluke and that this is not a scam. Please, make this right.

        1. It is indeed a scam because they are either crappy product or people never receive them. I, am one of the customers who have never received the product. No tracking information, no nothing. Seemed legit at first, but they took my money, kept trying to make me buy more, then boom, nothing!!! One month later, still nothing.

          1. Do they at least still communicate? I think everyone will get them but sounds line service is very poor and not meeting western standards. Shipment by slow boat from China or back orders. The company should be honest and mention the back order and that it may take up to 45 days to arrive. I feel less sales are better than chargebacks and bad reviews. I’m waiting to buy pending further bad review issues i want to examine. Sounds like a great product except for the lady who got a bad charger, i hope she was successful to get it replaced. Apple just over charges on everything!

      1. I ordered my love life April 15 and still waiting i figure it’s all due to Cov19..Just as long as I don’t get ripped of ill be patient..I hope I get them.

        1. I haven’t recieved my purchase !! Been 2 months n still nothing???? Were are my jive mini EarPods!!!!!!!!!

    2. I called “customer service” to cancel the order and she hung up on me! I then emailed them twice. I received responses on both emails stating the shipment had left the warehouse and would I accept a 20% discount to keep them. On the second email I got a 10% discount offer. I told them that neither was acceptable because the item had not “left the warehouse when I called to cancel and their “customer service” rep HUNG UP ON ME! Awful service…cheats!

    3. Every one of these customer reviews is a crock of shit! 1 month amd still havent recieved merchandise?? Or a tracking number?? Nah this shit isnt a scam… Its a Fuckin joke!

    4. Still waiting. Keeps telling me they are on the way and shipped been over a month of that excuse . I don’t believe they have shipped and will be reporting to my bank and bbb.

    5. I ordered my Jive Pods and received a notice fairly quickly that they had been shipped and that tracking information would be updated within 24 – 48 hours. That was on April 14th and tracking data still has not been updated. I sent an email inquiring about the order. Their message said that someone would get back to me in 24 hours. That was a week ago. I called last week and after waiting on hold for over 30 minutes, I was told again that my tracking data would update in 24-48 hours – it has been 4 days and still no update. To add to it, when I questioned the first notification saying it had been shipped on April 14th, I was hung up on. Starting to think I was scammed.

    6. How long did it take for you to receive them? I ordered over two wks ago and nothing

      Your response is greatly appreciated

      Thank you


      – My order of 4/13 got delivered only today i.e. 5/4 — nearly 3 weeks +
      – There was no instruction booklet in both the jive pods
      – The charging cables provided for both JIVE mini pods were faulty and useless
      – We tried to use our regular Apple original cables for charging
      – There was no light indication whether the mini pods were charging or not
      – Even after 3 hours of charging (if it was charging in the first place), the mini pods never worked
      – One of the accessory that I had ordered (car charger) along with my 2 Jive mini pods order came broken and didn’t work
      – The customer service tel no (877) 637-4514 is never answered — tried holding it for even half an hour today.


    8. I purchased two pairs of the ear bobs over Two months and have not received them to date. You have charged my cc and now I have to seek legal advice. Please respond.

    9. If I had to say something positive about jive mini pods is that the might be fine for conversations. It sounds like they have the high frequencies elevated and the low frequencies diminished. One might say “crystal clear” but I’d never say musical or enjoyable. I tried listening to music and nothing sounded satisfying or pleasant. Never checked battery life. Yes, very comfortable. Never tried waterproof. I’d say that the survey topics were Very carefully chosen and worded. Shipping took a very long time even though an email with tracking info was sent almost immediately. Instructions were included. I could never recommend this product —unless one just wanted to use for conversations. I did not. Oh, one more positive — their marketing is excellent — it fooled me!

  2. I ordered them a week ago but have no idea when to expect them. I have an order number but don’t have a tracking number or any other shipping info



      – My order of 4/13 got delivered only today i.e. 5/4 — nearly 3 weeks +
      – There was no instruction booklet in both the jive pods
      – The charging cables provided for both JIVE mini pods were faulty and useless
      – We tried to use our regular Apple original cables for charging
      – There was no light indication whether the mini pods were charging or not
      – Even after 3 hours of charging (if it was charging in the first place), the mini pods never worked
      – One of the accessory that I had ordered (car charger) along with my 2 Jive mini pods order came broken and didn’t work
      – The customer service tel no (877) 637-4514 is never answered — tried holding it for even half an hour today.


  3. Nothing can be better than these Jive Mini Pods! Me and my wife are using these ear pods. It comes with better quality battery than other ear pods. It works for a really longer time and gets charged within few minutes.

    1. How long does it take for these to come in no I did not receive my orderI’ve been waiting over 6 weeks and I paid for the expedited shipping and received nothing



        – My order of 4/13 got delivered only today i.e. 5/4 — nearly 3 weeks +
        – There was no instruction booklet in both the jive pods
        – The charging cables provided for both JIVE mini pods were faulty and useless
        – We tried to use our regular Apple original cables for charging
        – There was no light indication whether the mini pods were charging or not
        – Even after 3 hours of charging (if it was charging in the first place), the mini pods never worked
        – One of the accessory that I had ordered (car charger) along with my 2 Jive mini pods order came broken and didn’t work
        – The customer service tel no (877) 637-4514 is never answered — tried holding it for even half an hour today.


    2. These are garbage. First off it took forever to even get delivered. Was not given a choice in color. I wanted black, got white. Had them charging over night, still not completely charged. Used the for about 2 hours and got the low battery warning. Put them back in the case for 3 hours to recharge. Did not charge at all. Died 10 minutes after putting them back on. 30 hours of charge what a lie. I dont know whose commenting so positive. But it sure can’t be people that have used these. The controls are difficult to use. The only thing I was able to do was pause. I’m sure it will be a nightmare to get my money back for this garbage.

    3. I wonder if you can help me I ordered these mini pods on 03/10/20 they shipped them out on 03/18/20 I’m still waiting for them how long does it take I tried to track them but all it says is that they were shipped out on the 18th I tried calling & it’s just music playing over &over.

    4. These are the worst earphones ever! Received mine after 4 weeks. Bought 3 sets for my family. 1 does not work at all, the second one: onlythe left pod connects. Called customer service and they couldn’t help me fix it, I am not opening the 3rd. Tried to return and they said they would send me an email with return information, asking me for a picture. Never received it! DO NOT BUY THESE!

      1. Actually almost every feedback here is a complaint. I just emptied my cart of 6 sets.
        Thanks everyone for your honesty here!

      2. I have been waiting 37 days since the item has shipped. At this point I’m skeptical that I will ever receive these… not happy with my experience so far.

        After reading these comments, which I wish I had found before purchasing, I’m wondering how much you were paid to write this article. Too bad I can’t find any independent reviews. This company has spent a lot to cover up how bad their product is.

        1. Mandy Brink,
          Here’s an independent review for you…WE GOT SCAMMED BY SOME EAST INDIAN CON MEN.

    1. Got the product, but no instruction manual. I would assume I’m gonna use the USB that came with it. Question is, do I charge it directly thru the electrical outlet of our house or via my laptop? Have 2 types of Bluetooth devices with me before. The 1st one, i was charging it directly thru the outlet for 1.5 hrs. The other one thru my laptop or desktop computer, for 1.5hrs also. What about this Jive mini pod? Btw, the USB accompanying my Jive mini pod is white, not jiving with my unit, which is black. Just wondering.

    1. I ordered the head phones they were supposed to hv been free shipping at 75!or 70% off
      I HAVE NIT GITTEN MY HEADPHONES AND THEY CHARGE ME $14.99 and handling fee I’m upset truly

      1. they did the same to me. I was promised free shipping… but charged $5 in a separate charge on my card. The $35 for the pods, then immediately after, another charge from Jive for $5.00 Not cool

  4. i have order these for about a week or two ago. i do have my tracking number and have no idea how long it’ll take until it does arrive.

  5. Your instructions are hard to understand. Cans you send me another version in better English? Also bigger print!!! I got a black and white one
    I can’t see any charging red blue light on the case or ear pods like I can on the white.
    I want to exchange the black for a white. How?

  6. Been waiting for quite sometime to get the earbuds I ordered. Each time I call (4x) I get a different answer as to when they will come. I’ve emailed and never got a response. Feel like I am getting the run around.

  7. Ordered on March 16th received on April 18th. Found that the ear bud has a rattle inside also the audio has bad interference from something in my house, possibly Wi,fi. Sound quality is pretty good not great. Would not reorder these, not recommend them. Will be ordering a diffrent brand when these die or I get irritated enough from the rattle in the ear buds.

  8. I received my Jive mini pods a few days ago. They did not come with instructions and I have not been able to find any. One side speaks Chinese and I cannot turn it off.

  9. These are amazing! I can’t believe the quality and sound for the price! Shipping took along time, that was my only complaint.

  10. Thanks for sharing superb informations. Your site is very cool. I am impressed by the details that you have on this site. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for extra articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found just the information I already searched everywhere and simply couldn’t come across. What a great website.



      – My order of 4/13 got delivered only today i.e. 5/4 — nearly 3 weeks +
      – There was no instruction booklet in both the jive pods
      – The charging cables provided for both JIVE mini pods were faulty and useless
      – We tried to use our regular Apple original cables for charging
      – There was no light indication whether the mini pods were charging or not
      – Even after 3 hours of charging (if it was charging in the first place), the mini pods never worked
      – One of the accessory that I had ordered (car charger) along with my 2 Jive mini pods order came broken and didn’t work
      – The customer service tel no (877) 637-4514 is never answered — tried holding it for even half an hour today.


  11. I just received mine and there were no instructions. I have been charging them all day and there is no LED light to indicate they are charging. I just tried to connect them via Bluetooth and can’t find any buttons to turn them on. They are black so maybe they are hard to find? So far, not happy!

  12. Finally my order came and you have no idea what my disappointment was when I connected them. They are lying in the advertising about the sound quality and about the perfect work and synchronization with divices. So, this product does not correspond to the advertising Info at all, and I want to return them and get my money back. I bought 3 and really regret it. So, now I’m waiting for the return procedure from them. Thank you.


      – My order of 4/13 got delivered only today i.e. 5/4 — nearly 3 weeks +
      – There was no instruction booklet in both the jive pods
      – The charging cables provided for both JIVE mini pods were faulty and useless
      – We tried to use our regular Apple original cables for charging
      – There was no light indication whether the mini pods were charging or not
      – Even after 3 hours of charging (if it was charging in the first place), the mini pods never worked
      – One of the accessory that I had ordered (car charger) along with my 2 Jive mini pods order came broken and didn’t work
      – The customer service tel no (877) 637-4514 is never answered — tried holding it for even half an hour today.


    2. Received mine after a month, a week before arrival I started getting texts saying where they are at. I now have them and can’t get them to connect to my Android nor my daughter’s Apple phone.

      1. Amit,
        I bought 3 of these as well. They don’t work. Also, I was scammed on the price! FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING THESE…DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  13. same as above. no instructions says online to push button to turn on there is no button i can find. Sometimes one will work but never both. guess you get what you pay for.

  14. These earbuds came in and I was initially happy with the purchase. They connected right to my iPhone 11 and had great sound quality. After the initial (full) charge depleted, I put the earbuds back in the fully charged chase to charge them. They did not charge completely and the left earpod was showing a fault on the phone. I followed some online troubleshooting and reset the pods in the case, removed the link from my phone, and re-paired them. Same issues, left pod malfunction and earbuds not charging. I called the company, with no response, so I emailed them and waited two days for a response. They asked for photos of the product, which I provided, and got no response. I called today and got through to a person to get a refund issued…I had to pay for return shipping! I already paid the lousy company for the product being shipped to me, and now I had to pay again to have the defective product returned for my refund. Lousy company, lousy service, lousy product.

  15. I received after about two weeks. Looked like they had been opened and returned. No instructions. Charged and tried. Paired easily. The sound quality is okay, but not as good as apple airpods. Cannot comment on waterproofness yet. Charge only lasted one hour or less. There is no indicator light when plugged in to confirm that they are charging, so you just have to leave them for an extended period to charge or you will not know if they are fully charged. I have reached out to customer service twice and have not heard back. Will open up a fraud case with my credit card company since the item was not in original condition and had missing parts upon delivery. I would not order. DON’T DO IT.

  16. Good luck with receiving them. It’s been over a week with no idea of when it will arrive. It ships first via DHL, which likely means coming from China…so who knows when it will arrive in the USA and then snail mail. Getting very deceptive responses from their customer service. Unless these are truly the best sounding ear buds on the planet, I will get a refund

  17. I do enjoy the way you have presented this matter plus it does give me personally a lot of fodder for thought. Nonetheless, through what I have seen, I just simply wish as the actual comments pile on that folks stay on point and in no way start on a soap box regarding the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this exceptional piece and even though I do not really agree with this in totality, I regard your perspective.

  18. There is junk and then there is JUNK! These things are JUNK! Mine took about a month to arrive. I can live with that. What I can NOT live with the left bud NEVER working and the right bud sounding like garbage (compared to my 2 year old Apple AirPods). No bass and overall bad sound. I’ve always known, “you get what you pay for” but was curious about these. The matte black finish is comfortable in my ear but if they don’t work and sound crappy, what’s the use??

  19. I just got mine in the mail and my left one won’t turn on whatsoever but the sound I’m getting on the right earbud is great. Very loud actually. The instructions were limited but fairly easy to understand. Didn’t know they came from China though. I’m not sure how to fix this issue with my left earbud. Not sure about the waterproof part since it said in the instructions to keep away from heat and water.

  20. I did not want to believe that this was a scam, but I am upset with myself for going against my better judgement of purchasing. I contacted the customer service number and when I received a return call the gentleman hung up on me. When I called back today requesting that the order be cancelled I was advised that they could not cancel due to the fact that the order has already been processed. I requested the tracking number and she could not furnish one indicating that it would take 24 to 36 hours to receive a tracking number to my email. My thought is if the order has already been processed why wouldn’t a tracking number be available. Additionally, I asked where the order was coming from since the website indicated that it was in the US; the representative indicated that it would be coming from overseas. Again, as much as I wanted to believe that this was legitimate it simply appears to be anything but. Please ma’am, please sir – don’t waste your time/money. I’m sorry I did.

  21. Do not waste your money on these junk Jive mini pods!!!!! I purchased them, when I should of known it was to good to be true. It took over a month to get mine and it said it was shipping from the US, when in fact it is shipping from CHINA. When I did receive them, they did not work and I have tried to get a refund for a month now and they have the worst customer service. Refusing to accept anything the customer has to say and does absolutely nothing for you. DO NOT BUY JIVE MINI PODS!!!!

  22. Still waiting. Keeps telling me they are on the way and shipped been over a month of that excuse . I don’t believe they have shipped and will be reporting to my bank and bbb.

  23. Im having the same problem with charging… Got them yesterday and am following all instructions to charge them and it doesnt work. The charging percentile only declines. Some ripoff! I have been trying for hours to get them to charge but to no avail! what Crap. I guess there is no substitution for the real things. Gonna have to get the apple ones. Cheap prices get you a cheap product! Thanks a lot!!!!!

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  25. Ordered march 24th have not received yet. Trying to call long wait time . I think this is a scam

  26. I ordered these back on March 9th, have been quite patient with everything going on (Covid 19, etc). I have contacted customer service several times via email, with the same response (wait a little longer). On April 27th they finally admitted something must be wrong and said they would reship them, received tracking info again on May 2nd, still unable to get any tracking updates though, that’s over a week ago….. to say the least I’m very frustrated.

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  28. Doesn’t pair with my IpHone 7s . Keep saying it’s not in range . It’s top of my phone . How do I return it.

  29. Sound is just okay after the volume on phone is turned to maximum they still are not loud enough to hear outside no way to increase volume although there is a way to decrease
    The most disappointing thing for me is after the charge shows 100% on both earbuds they power off after 90 minutes very disappointed in these mini pods
    Would not purchase again

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  33. Do the work… yes
    Clear …yes
    Good sound quality.. no bass to speak of if they had more I might like them better.
    How’s the volume.. I’ve run them of full blast and keep thinking there has to be more.
    Value.. ok for a cheep pair or wireless for the price they are marginal
    Would I buy again… no
    Will I return. It’s not work the hassle
    How long did it take to get them.. 3 to 4 weeks

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  37. Yup, comfy, the black is nicer than apple’s stupid white. But, while putting them in your ear you’ll hit the invisible button and start butt-dialing people, and you can’t stop your phone from making the call, like all is locked until it actually dials out, or touch it in the wrong spot and the last music you had on will start blaring in your ears and you must unlock your phone to stop it unless you’re good and can hit the right invisible stop-button.
    And when driving, no matter what you do you’ll never get them loud enough to overcome road-noise, just forget it.
    So what are they good for? When I’m on a cell phone call in a quiet area they sound/work great until the batteries go dead – they will last one very long tech call.
    They sync just fine to my iphone – they DO NOT sync to a Kindle.
    We only paid $20 for them so for $20 they are fine for my occasional use on a tech call.
    I gave waterproof a 5 as I’d be scared to test that and lose my $20
    I gave Clear audio a 5 as it’s fine as long as you have no outside noise so the volume is not a problem.
    Note on volume – music on iphone is LOUD and phone call is SOFT.
    My GF bought real apple buds at costco to compare – and says the ugly white ones work WAY WAY WAY better.

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  41. I guess I’m one of the few lucky ones who took a chance on these Jive Pods what I’m reading in the multiple negative reviews. First off I’m not a Jive reviewer set up so you can believe me when I say so far I’m happy with the product performance. I figured these were shipping from China so I wasn’t in any hurry to complain about slow delivery but did in fact receive mine pair in about 10 days. I received a Black pair (with a white charging cord?) and was surprised how easily they pared with my iPhone and iPad. The sound quality actually surprised me given the price I paid so I didn’t expect Bose or Beats sound but as I’m 59 and my full volume rockin days are behind me I find the sound for both music, Netflix, and talk radio perfectly fine. Now for the part that had me concerned. The pods were charged when I got them so I didn’t try to charge until the first cycle had been depleted. I got the warning to recharge in the right one first then about 3 min later the left. I continued to listen until they shot down on their own and put them in the charging case and hit the tiny charge button on the front of the case and a blue light came on but they didn’t charge. What I did not know was the cord was not fully in the case and when I forced it all the way in a red light came on and began charging. If your having trouble make sure you fully insert the cord into the case and hit the TINY button on the front. I was lucky enough to also receive instructions although very small font that I would be happy to share with anyone who needs it if you email me. I’ll scan it into my computer and hopefully it will be large enough to read when you get it. Ive bought many things from China over the years and some times I get taken, sometimes the product is great. Unless you want to give Apple $150 for a pair of these, I’ve had 2 already, then don’t expect $150 sound and operation. I use these for working or playing outside and save my apple pods for in the car where I hope not to lose them again. Email me for a copy of the instructions and good luck, I hope they work out for you as well as mine have…so far that is.

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  43. Amit,
    I bought 3 of these as well. They don’t work. Also, I was scammed on the price! FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING THESE…DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  44. Alexis,
    You actually reviewed these? I purchased 3 pairs of these on your 9.8 recommendation! They are the worst investment I have made in a very long time. Not one of the pairs works. I feel duped. Is this company paying you to give good reviews? This totally ruins you and your company’s credibility as far as I am concerned. Here is my review THEY SUCK, DO NOT BUY THESE EAR PODS, YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY. ***Rating 0.0

  45. Placed an order on 6/16/20 and still as of today I have not received my order. I was sent a tracking number 7 days after I ordered and it shows that on 6/23/2020 waiting for USPS to pick it up. I have may multiple phone calls and keep getting excuses to wait. May my last call today to tell them I didn’t receive it yesterday as they had said I would (which I knew it wouldn’t come) and demanded my money back. They told me they would place my order again with 30% off and get it by Friday (which I know is B.S.). They said I will see the discount credit back to my cc (which I know is more B.S.). They still refused to refund my money back. I told the lady that they are a big scam and it’s against the law to steal from people because them charging my cc and not sending the product is stealing! Now I will file a complaint with my cc to get a refund. WARNING ALL…..THEY ARE A BIG SCAM!

    The left pod never works fine . The battery last no
    Than 30 Minutes on the other one.
    The finish on the paint come off after three uses
    Contacted customer
    Services by email and didn’t help at all
    Very unsatisfactory experience

  47. Junk. Plain and simple. Thankfully I was given them and didn’t spend a dime on them. Only one side works at a time and the sound quality is poor from what I could hear. Not impressed at all.

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