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Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes (July) Get Complete Insight!

Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes 2021

Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes (July) Get Complete Insight! >> In this write-up, we have presented information regarding a new game and its codes introduced in Roblox, based on a manga series.

With each passing day, the users on Roblox, a portal for playing online games, bring about innovative games that rapidly grab the gamers’ attention. Moreover, the codes included in the games make them more thrilling for the players. 

Here, we have mentioned facts about Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes and the game itself, whose manga series has recently been streamed in the Philippines.

What Is Jjk?

Jjk, or Jujutsu Kaisen, is a manga series published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The chapters revolve around the individuals possessing “Cursed Energy” attributable to their negativities, which the ordinary people cannot control, whereas the Jujutsu Sorcerers can. 

The series has made its way to being among the top comics, with the publishing of more than 50 million copies. It was also adapted to the small screen in 2019 and the digital network by 2020. Please continue reading to know about Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes.

Jjk Anime Dimensions

Jjk Anime Dimensions is an action game that commenced on Roblox dated 11 June 2021. The user coolbullsAS created it under the group Albatross Games. The game is based on the characters of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. 

In this game, one can explore the various anime dimensions such as the curse dimension, collect and unlock new characters and also employ the dimensions’ cards to empower the anime characters. Jjk Anime Dimensions is currently trending in the portal and has been checked out by millions of users thus far.

Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes

Code Name Boost Types Time Frame (in minutes) Number of Gems
UPDATE1 Extra Drop Boost 30 NA
NOWAY100K Extra Drop Boost, 2X Boost 30 100
ULTRALONGCODE175K Extra Drop Boost, 2x Gold Boost, XP Boost 15 NA
SOMEHOWREACHED200K Extra Gold Boost, 2x Gold Boost, 2x XP Boost 15 100
QUARTERMILCODE Extra Drop Boost, 2x Gold Boost, 2x XP Boost 15 50
1MLIKESWHEN Extra Drop Boost, 2x Gold Boost, 2x XP Boost 15 NA
ULTRALONGCODE175K Extra Drop Boost, 2x Gold Boost, XP Boost 15 NA
50KDROPS Extra Drop Boost 30 NA
LAUNCH Extra Drop Boost 30 NA
SOMETHING75K Extra Drop Boost 30 100
INSANE125K Extra Drop Boost, Extra Gold Boost 20 100
YAY150K Extra Drop Boost 30 100

If you have some Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes that are not enlisted above, they must have expired.

How To Redeem The Codes

  • Begin the Jjk Anime Dimensions game on Roblox and choose your character.
  • At the top-left corner of the screen, click on the Twitter icon and enter the code. 
  • Click “Go” to redeem the code and get the rewards as tabulated above. Also, read here to know Do robux generators work or not. 


Although already sought-after, the game is still in its testing mode, and according to its developers, the users may encounter some glitches. Nonetheless, you can visit the code board in the game portal or Jjk Anime Dimensions’ official webpage in Roblox  to find out the latest Jjk Anime Dimensions Codes.

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