Jockstrap Face Mask Funny {Feb} Know This Recent Trend

Jockstrap Face Mask Funny Review 2021

Jockstrap Face Mask Funny {Feb} ->  Kindly read the above article to know about the recent viral video which is getting famous about DIY face mask.

You all are also wondering about this new trend of jockstrap masks? Do you know who invented this funny face mask idea? In this article, you will get to know about Jockstrap Face Mask Funnythe recent trend going viral among people. This trend is going viral all over the world, especially in the United States. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about this recent trend and where it came from. Keep on reading to learn the answers.

What Is The Jockstrap Face Mask?

Actor Emerson Collins just made a tutorial on how to get a mask and sew one for yourself without much effort. The cover he invented is made up of jockstrap. We know that this item can never be considered as an item that can be used to make a mask. That is why it is funny and going viral. Jockstrap Face Mask Funny tutorial is worth watching if you are looking for exceptional items to make your mask.

Why The Trend Is Going Viral?

The actor just said that he was experimenting with this idea because he wanted to be funny. He wanted to see that if jockstrap works or not. The jockstrap is made up of cotton, which is layered enough to prevent water from passing through it. In his tutorial video, Collins mentioned that he made this mask because he is ridiculous, which is a funny statement with this funny video. The video is getting viral on Twitter with over 700,000 views, which is unbelievable.

Is Jockstrap Face Mask Funny?

Of course, it is. People, especially in the United Statesare going crazy after watching the video. All they are doing is share the video, making their mask using the jockstrap, and uploading it on various social media handles. Collins did his act using rainbow coloured jockstrap which also looked funny to some people. Collins made his video demonstrating a three-step method of making a mask out of the jockstrap. 

Step one says – bring the waistband on your head and keep it there. Step two says – Put the leg bands over your head and keep them under your nose. In the last step – You can take the excess waistband and secure it on your forehead. Your Jockstrap Face Mask Funny tutorial ends here. This tutorial is funny, and the result is quite amusing too. People are making their videos making this face mask and uploading it using various hashtags.

Final Verdict

Are you also looking g ours for some new face mask trends? Want to try something uniquely out of your daily wear products? This tutorial is going to help you. It is going viral in almost all parts of the world. Collins also admits that it looks like the jockstrap has mostly been made for making the mask only. The users on Twitter positively love this design and idea. People are claiming that it is the best DIY mask they saw. What is your opinion about Jockstrap Face Mask Funny tutorial video? Comment down your opinions about this article.

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