Joel Cruz Scam (June) Beware And Stay Alert Of Scam!

Joel Cruz Scam (June) Beware And Stay Alert Of Scam!

Joel Cruz Scam (June) Beware And Stay Alert Of Scam! >> This article provides you information about the celebrity scam and a fraud case. Please check the details here.

Have you ever been betrayed by the person you closely worked with or by someone who seemed genuine? Then you may know exactly how humiliating and stressful it is to be in such a situation.

If you observe, you will find that humans have an innate tendency to trust. We tend to trust our family, friends, and even the colleagues we have worked with for some years. It just comes naturally to most of us. 

However, blindly trusting people comes with a price. Therefore, we bring you the information of such a case from the Philippines. So, let’s see what Joel Cruz Scam is and what was the course of the case

About Joel Cruz

Known as ‘The Lord of Scents,’ Joel Santos Cruz is the president and CEO of the company dedicated to making perfumes. He completed his graduation in 1986 in psychology but decided to venture out into the fragrance industry. 

Joel was motivated and inspired by his parents, who were into business themselves. With his firm Aficionado Germany Perfume, he made his name in the Philippines but left his mark in the international market.  

What was the Scam?

To be precise and as per the sources, the Joel Cruz Scam started when Joel Santos Cruz ‘The Lord of Scents’ decided to associate with another business person from Brunei, Kathlyn Dupaya, known as “Kathy,” for business purposes.  The association between the two started to sour when Dupaya failed to pay Cruz the amount she owed. 

As per the sources, Dupaya started to deceive Cruz by sending fake and forged deposit slips and transfer receipts via online transaction. However, when verified by Cruz, they found the claims of Dupaya’s online transactions to be lies. 

The scam by Dupaya started on December 5th of 2017 and continued until Cruz decided to take legal actions against her by filing a swindling case on May 24th, 2018. With Joel Cruz Scam now out in the open many other people who Dupaya has duped came out.  

The Ending of the Case 

As per the sources, with the case lasting some time and many attempts at settlements, the legal system settled the scam by asking Dupaya to compensate for the harm and stress she caused by paying what she owed to Cruz with interest. According to Cruz, she owed him approx. P40 million (In pesos).  

Dupaya’s stated that she admits and understands the debt she owes him. She mentions that she is trying to acquire a loan and pay her debts to him if they agree on reasonable terms for interest. Let us put our closing thoughts on Joel Cruz Scam.

Closing Thoughts

This scam is a few years old scam. However, it is sad to note that the case was not the end to the scams that people have to face in a business. 

The very fact that Cruz was not the first person to be duped by Dupaya goes to show that such acts don’t stop. The case could be a lesson and a warning to everyone out there need to be aware of traps. Also, to know about the case in detail, please visit here

Have you ever been a victim of a scam? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below in this Joel Cruz Scam post. Do you want to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from scams? Please click and read here.

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