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Please read this composition to learn about Jon Jarl Sso, the discoverer and protector of Jorvik, an island on which the game Star Stable Online is based.

Are you aware of a popular video game that involves horse races and mysterious quests? Have you already played Star Stable Online? Are you fascinated with the story of an island safeguarded by a ghost? Then, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we have mentioned the facts about Jon Jarl Sso, who is the protector of the game’s location. Please read this write-up to know about this character and his present existing form in a game that is well-known amongst gamers Worldwide.

What is SSO?

SSO is the short form of Star Stable Online, a multiplayer video game based on role-playing. It was produced by Star Stable Entertainment and was released a decade ago. It is a sequel to, and the most advanced amongst, other games, Starshine Legacy, Star Academy, and Star Stable. 

The game’s plot revolves around horse riders who are settled in Jorvik City. The city is located in Jorvik, an island discovered by Jon Jarl Sso many years back, full of mysteries. It was about whom we shall discuss shortly. The players take care of the horses, participate in horse races, and look for exciting clues on the island. 

About Jorvik

As mentioned above, Jorvik is the home of the SSO characters. The horses are also believed to belong to this island. It is also present in the other games of the series. However, the access to its locations is more expanded in Star Stable Online. The players can explore almost all areas of this island except Moorland and Fort Pinta, where Jon Jarl Sso is buried. The player must be a star rider to visit these areas.

About Jorvik City

The Jorvik city is the capital of Jorvik and covers a large portion of the island and it is not well connected to other locations in the game. For visiting other places from the city, the characters must avail the bus services of Fort Pinta. As per the present rules of the game, both star riders and non-star riders can go to all locations in the Jorvik City, like Aideen’s Plaza, Pier 13, Jorvik City Mall, University, Museum, etc.

Jon Jarl Sso

Jon Jarl discovered Jorvik in October 1218, when he had come accompanied by his settlers and crew members. He was Jorvik’s ruler for 45 years. There are several stories related to the character during his reign, such as his agreement with the Keepers of Aideen, the destruction of rune stones, etc. Jon Jarl died in April 1263 and was buried at Jarl’s Tomb. In SSO, he is seen as a ghost who has sworn to protect his discovered island. 


Star Stable Online is a very popular game, available in most countries Worldwide, in fourteen languages. The stories of Jon Jarl Sso and Jorvik  make the plot even more thrilling. The game has ruled the gaming industry for a long time and celebrated its tenth birthday on 15 September 2021.

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