Joshua Graves Obituary {August 2022} How Did He Die?

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This article talks about the Joshua Graves Obituary case that was widespread on the internet. The accused was shot by police officers and died thereafter.

Who is Joshua? How did he die? This name has been browsed by endless users more than ever. At the moment, the buzz of the case is widely being spread. Netizens of countries like Canada and The United States have been observed to be the most curious among others.

Continue to read further about the Joshua Graves Obituary and know what the investigations reveal.

Who was Joshua Graves?

Joshua Graves was a 21-year-old who was shot dead by three policemen. If investigations are to be believed, Joshua refused to throw the knife he was using during the assault in retaliation for which the officers had no possible choice, but this. Right after the police shot him, his obituary was published.

As per the court, Joshua Graves was charged with criminal harassment and assault on June 24. He had allegedly been stalking one of his schoolmates, a lady for four long months on a constant basis this year. 

The allegations claim that Joshua Graves Ottawa used to follow her, tried initiating conversations and even behaved inappropriately. These allegations however remain to be unproven yet. 

Joshua’s release orders reveal that he was supposed to live with his mother, Emily Graves from then onwards. He had previously been living with his father who was his guarantor as well, on Anoka street.

Emily Graves in her statement stated that she had a prior history of  anxiety disorder for which she was beginning to seek treatment. She also believed that her son seemed fairly lost and was not in touch with the real world.

Catherine Ready’s role in the Joshua Graves Obituary 

The Ready family’s eldest daughter Catherine was a 19-year-old who survived the knife stabbing along with the bullets by the police officers. Joshua was allegedly accused of following, stalking, harassing and even forcing himself on Catherine Ready.

According to the investigation reports, Graves’ relatives asked him to stop stalking Catherine after he expressed his unusual interest in her.

Graves was discovered stabbing Catherine Ready at the site while the officers were patrolling. Joshua Graves was asked by the police officials to put his knife down several times, which he refused. 

Did Joshua Graves Ottawa kill anyone?

Graves was now forbidden from making any contact with Catherine. He made a court appearance for his crime commitments for the first time, three days after which the stabbing incident took place. He was arrested for a charge previously and was also released within 24 hours of his arrest.

Several facts from the case continue to remain unrevealed and unproven. Readers are free to add any factual information they gather from any official sources.


Joshua was a young boy from Canada that was accused of harassing and stalking Catherine Ready for several months. Joshua Graves Obituary was shot by three police officers when he was found stabbing Catherine with a knife. He lost his life in that very incident.

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