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Jujumod Com Reviews [April]: Is This Website Legit?

Jujumod Com Reviews [April]: Is This Website Legit? >> Keen to know about this ecommerce website, read our post to get all the information around it. After that, you will be able to decide about ordering from it or not!

Do you want to know that jujumod.com is legit or not? If you’re going to know about jujumod.com, then read it’s essential reviews. Multiple online stores are selling different type of products which others are selling too. But the important thing is to check who is selling the right product. Before making any decision for buying a product from jujumod.com please check the prices and quality of the product which they are offering. In short, jujumod com reviews will help you in knowing all about this United States based website.

Let’s know more about Jujumod.com

What’s Jujumod.com? 

It is an online website that sells personal care and Healthcare products which are used by the people at their home on a daily basis. Some of the products in which website sales are hand sanitizer, tissue papers, hand wash, toilet roll, wet wipes, etc. These are the essential products that are consumed or are used by the people as there daily needs

The best part of this website is that it has Limited products that are associated with home care and especially the toilet products, so the customer does not have to look into many options.  

It is not necessary that jujumod.com is good at every product that they sell; it is necessary to read the reviews of each and every product before you make a buying decision. It is good to compare the price of the product from or from the store price before you confirm or proceed to buy. Maybe the toilet rolls are cheaper in jujumod.com then the other website, but hand sanitizers are cheap in amazon.com as compared to this website. 

Who’s this for? 

Online websites are made in accordance with the needs and of the customer because most of the products are already available in brick and mortar Store. This website is generally for those who buy the production bulk for selling it to the retail customers. 

Benefits of Jujumod.com 

  • If you see the average rating of each product is over 3.8, which is a good sign. 
  • The product which you find on this website is used by almost every single house so the purchase probability of this website is also very high. 
  • All the products which are available on this website are affordable. The price is less when compared to many other websites.  
  • This website delivers exactly the same product, which is shown on the web page when you open the website. 
  • Jujumod is safe and secure when it comes to payment mode as it accepts payment through PayPal only.  

There are a few websites to sell thermometer online. Jujumod.com is one such website. By looking at the benefits of the websites, you can say that no sign of any fraudulent activity is seen. 

Negative Remarks 

jujumod.com reviews not only help in knowing the benefits but some drawbacks of the websites are also known. Here are some of the negative points regarding the website: 

  • The trust score of the website is only 2% which means you cannot rely on it. 
  • The range of products is too limited.
  • The website does not have much presence on social media. 
  • Some customer reviews show that the website is a scam. 


  • Is my online order secure? 

If you make your payment using a credit card, all the information gets entered into an SSL secure web page. So, all your information is encrypted and sent directly to the authority. Your personal information is not stored on the website’s server. 

  • Can I cancel my order? 

If you cancel your order before you receive any order confirmation, the order will be cancelled soon. Where is, if you cancel your order once it is placed and confirmed, you have to pay a cancellation fee of $0.5.  

  • When can I expect my order? 

It depends. If you are residing in the United States, you will get your order within 8 to 10 business days. Whereas, it will take about 10 to 20 working days to deliver the order in other countries. 


According to the jujumod.com reviews, the best part of this website is that products are comparatively reasonable. However, the most highlighting negative part of the website is that it sells a limited range of products. Moreover, the trust score of the website is very bad. Also, the website does not have any social media presence. Many of the customers are even not happy with the price of the product, and they call it a scam. 

Still, the decision is in your hands. 

Happy shopping! 

0 thoughts on “Jujumod Com Reviews [April]: Is This Website Legit?

  1. Jujumod – I paid more for two expedited shipments 10 days ago, no shipping status as of yet… Disappointed. Use Caution..

  2. It is Monday, April 13, and I placed the
    order last Tuesday. Order has not been shipped. I have paid Expediated Shipping
    and wrote 2 emails. The last one was yesterday. I haven’t heard anything. I feel this company is a scam! I will cancel this order and buy from Amazon, which I should have done in the first place!!!!

  3. Its a scam !!checked email for shipping details a few days after purchase, nothing, went to site only way to contact is by email. Received email next day saying email will be followed up. No f/o email, its been a week no hopes of getting $60 worth of mask . Also checked my account the name is also different that debited my account. Being a Nurse during a time like this is hard enough without being scammed. Please google and do your research b4 being scammed by these ppl.

  4. Fraud people …please dont buy from here ..i have not reveived my order nor any email confirming my ordee

    1. I placed an order on April 4,2020. Have not received products yet and at this point (May 28,2020), I don’t expect to. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE CROOKS!

  5. Jujumod – I paid more for two expedited shipments 14 days ago, no shipping status as of yet sent email to their support twice, no response… .. Looks like its coming from China…………

  6. So did I , I ordered on April 2nd 2020 and have not yet received my order. And today is April 15th ,2020. I’ve sent several email s asking about my order. And was supposed to get here within 3 to 7 days
    They said it was not in stockbut not it is and they will rush it to to me still lying and telling no to worry . How can you not and you spend 41.00 and some change and not received the product in in need of of. And they saying if you got problem let them no with no phone number. This is a scam.

  7. Most definitely a fraud, didn’t get my order no reply’s on email…. my order the same as Annie.. who can we contact regarding this??

  8. I ordered $140 with the product beginning of April still have not received no response with emails this is a scam don’t trust it I change my debit card so we can’t scam any more money out of me

  9. I made an order on April 6 and still have not received my order. Sent 4 emails only heard from 1st to be patient. Left shipper and has not been received by USPS. Stolen? Lost? No response from Jujumod.

    1. We were robbed! I placed an order on April 4th, 2020. Today is May28th , 2020 and still have not received any products. I’ve known for years to research companies and read reviews before sending money but, in a mode of desperation and stores not having wipes, sanitizer, and tissue paper,I believed these people had supplies as advertised.

  10. I ordered $141.00 of supplies with expedited shipping include in the price on April 3, 2020. So far NOTHING! I wrote them and stated that it appears to be a scam and to immediately answer me. I received an e-mail two days later say the order is on its way. I DON’T BELIEVE THEM. It is very sad to think that humans are willing to exploit the fears and hopes of others in need. All I have to say if KARMA!!!!

  11. I placed an order on April 14, received an email from you that package would arrive in 5-7 business days. It is now April 24th, and nothing,

    Order #4561. Confirmed 2188580290648

    I paid for the items and I live in Florida, the items were to be shipped to my brother in Cleveland, Ohio.

  12. Do not order from jujumod.com. I never received my product and there is no customer service phone number. I only received a bogus email from the seller and it was in broken english. Jujumod is allowing scammers to sell stuff on their website so I would not buy anything off jujumod. It has a 2% trust rating. I guess that says it all.

  13. This company is a scam. They are not smart enough to even con prople out of a decent amount of money. Most people wont chase $20-$50. They just feel happy it wasnt more. They simply blow the whole expetience off and consider it a learning experience. Im not that person. I wont rest till i get my $25 back. The company i enailed for a couple weeks, where as they kept telling me to be patient. I emailed them back. I havnt heard back…im sure they blocked me, somehow! Dont buy from this place. The business doesnt exist.

  14. Order #3915 ordered on 4/4/20 – no merchandise, no refund despite my many emails requesting it, no reply from their customer service dept., been tracking it, such as it is as “order placed” via “arrive”, which is now “shop”, “buyer beware” is correct. Coincidence that jujumod is a Chinese company and this site was started on 12/16/19 to sell these types of products, i.e. sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper etc…, just weeks before the pandemic started, think not.

  15. Complete scam artists – $ 251.93 order placed on 4/4/20 date , money took out of my account on 4/6/20 along with a $ 8.06 “international border fee”? No merchandise, no email response, no refund request response… Buyer beware, looked them up “after the fact” and of course, they are spread all over the internet as scammers… Just pinged my bank to see if they can help. Coincidence that this jujumod is a Chinese company with a GoDaddy account started on 12/16/19 to sell the sanitizer, toilet paper etc… just weeks before the pandemic broke out?

  16. Order 3239. Never received the order. Requested a cancelation. No response. I agree. Complete fraud.

  17. I will never do business with this company again. I ordered April 3rd so far nothing. I asked for a refund nothing. I hate to be taken but they did

  18. I paid more for two expedited shipments 14 days ago, no shipping status as of yet sent email to their support twice, no response… .. Looks like its coming from China…………

    Received final box today, unmarked, but it was from them… The items inside were not the items I ordered…. Stay away from these people.

  19. I paid for expedited delivery with the written promise of shipment within 48 hours after receiving my order and my credit card payment.
    These people blew smoke up my ass and tried to sneak away without fulfilling the order and shipping. The came up with a million excuses.
    I advised them that they had screwed with the wrong customer. I sent out a barrage of emails calling them some really dirty names and making rather rude comments about the appearance of their storefront in Hong Kong and the odor associated with their wet market office (look it up on google). The odor was felt to be akin to old, putrid chicken fried rice floating in cheap soy sauce with intermixed feces. I literally sent out 30 nasty emails calling them cyber whores and midnight pimps.

    I then called by bank and they traced the transaction to a Hong Kong bank with credit card clearances actually being controlled by my USA bank!!! My bank was able to snatch back every cent of the $347.00 within 18 hours plus putting a hard-assed hold on their credit card activities.
    THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS, CHEATS, AND BACK-ALLEY HONG KONG THIEVES. They call themselves jujumod, but they are bad JuJu !!!

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