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Justdogz Reviews {May 2020} Is It Legit Seller Or Not?

Justdogz Reviews {May 2020} Is It Legit Seller Or Not? -> In this section, you saw some features of the dog breeding and grooming website.

Are you looking for a grooming and care center for your dog? Here we bring to you, Justdogz

Everyone is fond of dogs. Who doesn’t like furry cuddles and the overwhelming love they give to use. But when it comes to their hygiene and personal care, we are more than troubled to find the best service for our little friend. 

We have got a lot of Justdogz Reviews, and we are very excited to share our research on this fantastic website. 

The majority of Justdogz consumers are from the United Kingdom. There are some astonishing reviews revealed by then about Justdogz.

What is Justdogz?

Justine Watts is a dog breeding establishment family. The owner, Justine Watts, and his family has been taking care of the dogs for 19 years. 

If you are looking for your dog’s grooming or you are prepared to bring a high-quality breed at your house, then this is the right place for you. 

Why is Justdogz different from others?

They have some of the most wanted and adored breeds of dogs. They also breed different breeds of dogs.

They have an offline store where they take care of dogs of their consumers and sell dog’s accessories and food. 

But since our furry friends give us a lot of love and care, we still have doubts in our minds. Will Justdogz will treat my dog well? 

Is Justdogz your best choice? Well, we are here to clear your doubts about Justdogz with some genuine and legitimate grounds.

Specification of Justdogz:

  • Justdogz is for dogs breeding and grooming.
  • Justine Watts and a family of 6 children and two grandchildren are the owners. 
  • Member of CCGB (Cockapoo Club of Great Britain).
  • Licensed by Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk.
  • Online website link: 
  • Store Address: 176 New Road Upwell Wisbech PE14 9HP.
  • Contact Details: 07799016022.
  • Email ID:
  • Open from Monday to Saturday.
  • No online shopping only buy after having a meeting at the store. 

Does Justdogz provide legit services?

The website is full of reviews and pictures of dogs enjoying their new homes. They have an offline store that provides you an opportunity to go and visit the store by yourself.

Their website has legit disclaimers that their authenticity. They have mention everything clearly on their website. 

They have mentioned the types of classes available and how they can proceed if you want to bring the dog home.  

Pros of taking services from Justdogz: 

  • 5-star rating from Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk
  • They organize various events for dogs to fundraising. 
  • Store cleanliness is at its peak, and the dogs are well treated.
  • The initial medication of babies is done, and grooming services are available.
  • High-quality breeds are available. 
  • One month pet care insurance is provided.

Cons of Justdogz:

  •  They don’t bring the puppy to your home. 
  • You cannot buy a dog without booking a prior appointment.
  • The services are costly

Pet owners reviews about Justdogz:

Since Justdogz has been 19 years old breeding store, it has received huge  reviews from their customers. They would take care of your dog if you went out of the city for a while. Hence, the reviews are flooded with love and gratitude.

Customers are delighted to experience extremely professional and medically ethical services.

Their Facebook page is filled with owners sharing pictures of their new furry member of the family. The majority of their customers gave them 5-star and appreciated their server on social media. 

There were some unhappy customers as well, but they were listened to, and their problems were solved within a considerable amount of time.

It takes care of the babies of 45 days after birth, and their proper grooming. 

Our Verdict:

The website has given every proof of its validity. The local authority has authorized its validity. Hence there is no such doubt about authenticity.

With experience comes great responsibility and expectation, and as per customer reviews, it fulfills it completely.

The reviews become even more valid when it comes to the photographs. The customers seemed very happy with their pets. The most important task done by them is organizing events to generate funds to help other dogs as well.

Still, we want you not to trust anyone blindly and visit the store on your own to check their quality.

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