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Kakimoda Reviews – Is This Shoe Store Legit or Not?

Kakimoda Reviews 2020

Kakimoda Reviews – Is This Shoe Store Legit or Not? >> This post will give answers to all your question s. Read review before placing order.

Internet is flooded with e-commerce websites based on electronics, gadgets, and apparel. If you search, several e-commerce giants are selling all kind of products and items, but what about footwear and handbags? For that, you need fully dedicated online footwear and handbag stores like Kakimoda, which provides you wide ranges of footwear, including sandals, shoes, long boots, and many more. 

It is easy to choose the site if it is dedicated to only one section like, for example, if it is for attires and wears or if it is for toys or footwear. Kakimoda shoes are considered as the best option. It has varieties of footwear for men and women; you name it they have it.

For more information you can kakimoda reviews, the website is offering substantial discounts on footwear. The cuts are dependent upon how much product you order. You can request any designer footwear at least and affordable price, which is a crucial factor in this online fashionable footwear store.

What is Kakimoda?

Kakimoda is online fashionable footwear store which is popular in the United State. Kakimoda allows you to choose any footwear at a discounted price. Kakimoda has varieties of footwear ranges; you can select the size and color according to your choice. They have sneakers, high ankle boots for women, high heel tassel boots, sandals, and many more. Kakimoda also sells sweatshirts, sweaters, bags, and cardigans for women

They run weekly sales and end season sales also in which you can get any footwear at least price to compare to any other online store or even from any market price. The online store is more for women than men; for women, they have several varieties of flower printed, leopard printed, and funky looking sweaters and handbags.

The handbag section of the Kakimoda website has numerous designs of beautiful handbags, which include chain bag, original buckle leather shoulder bag, waist pocket bag, and fashion kit bags. The varieties of handbags can choose the best out of bests.

Currently, they are running two new offers; one is the 2020 sale, 65% off, and discount clearance. Under this section, you will get 65% off on pullovers, shoes, and bags, and you will also get a chance to get discount clearance products at a very cheap and compatible rate, which is a good option for customers.

Features and Benefits (Pros and cons)

kakimoda is an online shopping store mainly for women where you can buy all the wearable products from sweaters to shoes and from bags to cardigans. Each site has its pros and cons; you can also read the kakimoda website reviews for more detail. However elaborating about this website, the features are:


  • One of the best online shopping store mainly for women 
  • You can get thousands of designer handbag and shoulder bag option 
  • You can get thousands of varieties of shoes, sneakers, high ankle boots, leather boots, and printed boots.
  • Discounts on the products increases as your number of product increases, which is the best option available.
  • IF you buy five pieces of any products, you will get that 5th product at a 100% OFF.
  • They also deliver products outside the country and provide free shipping if on a minimum of 4pc.


  • No cash on delivery option available, which is somehow is not good marketing if the company wants to gain the trust of new customers.
  • Delivery of the item take long process times, which is sometimes makes consumer irritate.
  • No exchange or return after one hour of placing the order, you must have to call customer care for the information about the transaction or replacement of the product.

Return and Exchange Policy

The company follows some primary return and exchange policies which are:-

  • You can place your order by using any online transaction card like Debit Card, Credit Card, or pay pal.
  • The company is not responsible if you want to exchange or return the product after one hour of placing the product.
  • Return and exchange will only be accepted if the product is damaged, tampered, or in case of wrong items or if the wrong size in footwear or apparels has been received.
  • No shipping charges on purchasing any Footwear or wears.

Shipping policy

  • The company also takes order from outside the country
  • For outside of the United States, the shipping charger will be applicable as per the weight of the combined pieces and import tax applied by the receiving country.
  • For America, NZ, and Australia, if you order more than four pieces, then no shipping charges will be charged.
  • Other than America, NZ, Canada, and Australia, the shipping charges will be $5.

Customer reviews:

19-year-old Malcom says

I ordered two high ankle boots for my sister, and the product came after 15 days of placement. Although the product is right and in excellent condition, but I am not impressed with the delivery time.

32-year-old Linda says

I placed and order of one leopard printed handbag and one leather printed ankle shoes 20 days back. Still waiting for the order and don’t know when going to receive it. Payment is already made then why you people are not delivering the product are you making us fool. I want my money back.

44-year-old Alex says

I am happy with the product I received; I ordered one red color sneaker, which is absolute suits my style. But one thing I noticed in the kakimoda shoes reviews and all faced the same situation what I met, and that is the late arrival of the product. I received the item on the 19th day since I ordered.

Final Verdict

The article is related to the information about kakimoda, which is an online shopping store mainly for women, although they also offer shoes for men. The social media presence and website address is a good sign of legitimacy, but many customer complaints about not getting the delivery of the product. We neither support nor provoking against the website. All the information is solely upon the information available on the internet and customer reviews and feedback.


  1. I ordered 2 pairs of sneakers on February 13 2020, it is now March 24 2020 and all they have told me is that it is “they called the post office and my package has been shipped. when it arrives the US, the tracking information will update.” makes no sense because that email was sent on 3/10/2020 and it still shows “order confirmed” not out for delivery…. Dont waste your time or money- this place has been nothing but a joke.

    1. I also received the exact same reply when I asked about shoes I purchased March 2, 2020. I asked them to provide me with tracking information, to which they replied “we will call the post office and email that information to you.” Unfortunately, I agree, I feel the site is a scam. I also asked for a customer service number, has anyone had luck finding this?

    2. I ordered two pairs of shoes in Jan/2020, I am still waiting. I’ve contacted them numerous times. They keep saying “they’ve CALLED” the post office. What type of company CALLS the Post OFFICE? I’m going to file a complaint with bbb.

  2. Ordered 3 pairs of shoes on Feb 28th. On the 19th I emailed them, they sent me a bogus confirmation that the items are ready to be shipped. With some bogus tracking 17track. It says label has been printed. But item has never shipped. I emailed twice and they say it will come soon. Requested a refund twice they ignore my emails I’m calling my credit card tomorrow. Super pissed as they were gifts. Total SCAM! Buyer beware!!!

  3. I ordered some shoes from them 2 months ago and have not received them yet. It is march 25th and I just ordered another pair. They have 70.00 of my money. I hope I have not been made a fool of

  4. I ordered two pairs of shoes in Jan/2020, I am still waiting. I’ve contacted them numerous times. They keep saying “they’ve CALLED” the post office. What type of company CALLS the Post OFFICE? I’m going to file a complaint with bbb.

  5. I ordered a pair of shoes on Feb 26th. It is now a month later and still have not received my order. I paid through PayPal so I’m in the process of disputing the transaction and getting my money back.

  6. I, too, ordered 2 pairs of shoes on March 10th and not heard anything about when order was shipped. I sent the company two emails, and have yet to receive a response. I am calling my credit card company tomorrow to file a complaint to get my money back. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY…THEY ARE A FRAUD!!!

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