Kang The Conqueror Wiki (July) All About The Character

Kang The Conqueror Wiki 2021

Kang The Conqueror Wiki (July) All About The Character! >> The guide shares details about the famous character amongst the fans after his appearance in the episodes of MCU films and Marvel Comics.

The 6th episode of the Loki Series has been creating a buzz amongst Worldwide fans. Everyone has been asking about Kang the Conqueror. 

The series has come to the moment of timelines making fans wonder about what they recently saw, making viewers believe that the show delivered the new villain for Marvel comics.

Kang The Conqueror has been seen as the successor of Thanos, possibly the next bad villain for the Marvel Comics and Cinematic Universe. The character can travel through time to terrorize. Read the Kang The Conqueror Wiki page for more info.      

Who is Kang The Conqueror?

Long time the Marvel fans have their eye open when they came to know the original name of Kang The Conqueror, and it is Nathaniel Richards.

Before becoming Kang The Conqueror, Richards was the scholar and learning Earth-616 and robotics. However, he lived on Earth-6311, and it is different from the universe seen in all Avengers films. 

Richards traveled through the time to the Earth-6311 and is known for bringing peace. You may check the wiki page for more information about his universe.

Kang The Conqueror Wiki – Who Is Playing the Role?

Actor Jonathan Majors is playing the role of Kang The Conqueror in the Marvel film and comics. He gained prominence Worldwide after his successful film The Last Black Man in San Francisco, and later, he also starred in the HBO series Lovecraft Country in the lead role.     

It is also rumored that he will appear in the upcoming MCU films Ant-Man 3, set for release by Feb 2023.

What are the Abilities of Kang The Conqueror?

It is the brain and his technology that has most of the powers. The character has no superpower, and hence he is considered to be the 2nd Tony Stark. 

As per Kang The Conqueror Wiki page, he is genius and intelligent, and hence he got many creative abilities and skills to build what he needs, and he also inherits some good technology.

What is the Motivation of Kang The Conqueror?

Besides controlling the timelines, Kang The Conqueror is also inspired by tragic events and love. After successfully removing the Scarlet Centurion identity from his life, Richardson uttered Kang The Conqueror’s name after coming back home on Earth 6311.

He developed an army and started conquering again. Ravonna re-entered the scene as Kang has recalled her for marriage in exchange for sparing her kingdom Carelius. Unfortunately, she declined his proposal and failed to meet the standards. You may read the Kang The Conqueror Wiki page for more details. 

Later she discovered that she has fallen in love with Kang. Eventually, they unite and start conquering, and later she sacrificed her life for Kang. Kang also discovered many realities after the actions.


The MCU version of the character is a lot more different and simpler than the character seen on Marvel Comics. Kang The Conqueror is the character that has experienced lot many cooks and struggles along with storytelling.

According to the Kang The Conqueror Wiki page, Marvel Studios would develop the less convoluted storyline for Kang The Conqueror.          

Is there anything you want to add here about the character? Would you please share it in the comment section? 

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