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Keithlily Com Reviews [Sep] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Keithlily Com Reviews [Sep] Is It a Legit Online Store? -> We have given a detailed report on a webstore selling pets and household items.

Are you interested in knowing about a webstore selling pets and home use items? We heard of a new store recently, called Keithlily.com that sells pets and other products. To buy such pets and household items, read about the Keithlily Com Reviews in this report. It is vital to know the reviews and all essential details because of the running scams nowadays. New sites are continuously launched on the web and look quite attractive to shop.

We will provide all the vital information related to the site to guide you towards a healthy shopping. That will not only save you from any scam associated with the webstore but also protect your private details. The website is from the United States and sells pets and items used for home purposes. Know about the pros and cons of the site and its services in this review.

What is Keithlily.com?

This website is not very new and sells household items and pets online at reasonable rates. They have puppies, kittens, and household products like drill tools, spray guns, dusters, etc. A lot of discounts are available on the products, and the shipping is free above $50. The delivery details are not given separately on the website but available on the product page only. However, a money-back guarantee is present on some of the products for 90 days.

The modes of paying them include Credit cards and PayPal. There are neither any contact details available for the buyers nor any address of the United States is provided.

Specifications of Keithlily.com

  • Website type – Seller of household items, and pets
  • Country of the website – United States
  • Shipping cost – Is free above $50
  • Returns – 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Office address – Not available
  • Phone – Not available
  • Email – Not given
  • Payment modes – Credit cards, PayPal
  • Social media – Not available

Positive points of Buying from Keithlily.com

  • They have a range of home-use items available.
  • They accept returns within 90 days.

Negative Points of Buying from Keithlily.com

  • The website has no contact details available for the buyers to approach them.
  • There are nil reviews available for other buyers to judge them.
  • There is nil social media presence available. Only fake icons are seen on the site.
  • Shipping and return information are not available in detail.

Is Keithlily com Legit?

The website selling pets and other items got established around ten months ago. We could not find any Keithlily Com Reviews anywhere on the web. Despite being on the web for six months, it has no feedback available from any customer. The website has a low ranking for the website traffic and indicates its unpopularity. It also has links available with fraudulent country, which is in the list of corrupt nations.

There are no links available with the leading social media sites too. Only fake icons are placed on the website to misguide the buyers. That is a bad sign on the part of a website that sells such demanding products. Some bloggers have declared the site as a scam site and have given negative Keithlily Com ReviewsWe request you to analyze it further if any doubts remain.

What do People talk about Keithlily.com?

For a long time, a website on the internet should have specific reviews available for it and its products. When we searched for Keithlily Com Reviews, we could not find any feedback available. That is a big drawback and shows the untrustworthiness of the website. They have prices in such a low range, too, that are hard to believe. Such sites are looked upon as suspicious by the online shoppers usually.

There is no presence of feedback on leading sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. That again indicates a low trust score of the website. People do not find such websites as reliable who have no association with social media. Apart from that, they do not have a fixed category for their products and seem an amateur site.

The Conclusion Finally

We found that it is an unreliable webstore among online buyers after careful research and analysis. The website has a lot of confidential information, and the absence of transparency with buyers makes it a threatful site. There is nil presence of any feedback on any review site too.

We advise the readers to be careful and avoid this webstore for any transaction if they plan to make—shop on other sites that are genuinely legitimate and safe.

0 thoughts on “Keithlily Com Reviews [Sep] Is It a Legit Online Store?

  1. I placed an order with this website 17 days ago.
    They emailed me a confirmation of the order and I have heard nothing since.
    I am attempting to cancel the order now.

  2. I had the misfortune of ordering these cute little mechanical dogs for my grandchildren. Keithlily took the money day one and I have yet to see the items or even get any tracking. It’s been over 3 weeks and some lady named Hilary got back to me via email and said maybe another two weeks. I told her to refund my money and that I would dispute the charge with AMEX. Ordering anything from China present time is a big mistake and I will not do it again. You should advise all your viewers to never order anything from this so called “company” or “web store”.

  3. I ordered the puppies over six weeks ago and I’m currently having the same problem and suddenly, Hilary’s email has been disabled.
    I will be disputing this charge as well.

  4. I ordered and paid for 2 Christmas snowman wreaths and have received A PHOTO OF THEM BUT NO WREATHS. This is outrageous I can’t believe people behave like this. I can’t even find the page that I ordered them from . What a disgusting way to behave – – – – –

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