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Kenapa Brimo General Error (Jan 2021) Solve It!

Kenapa Brimo General Error (Jan 2021) Solve It! >> Do you want to know about error on Brimo? Then, check out the article to know more.  

Kenapa Brimo General Error: With the world moving towards the digital platform, banking sectors have also taken a digital turn. There was a time when we used to go to banks to deposit or withdraw money, but now we have ATMs around that give cash anytime, and more than that, we have net banking.

Net banking allows you to transact directly from your bank account online, anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, even online servers face traffics and error issues, which can cause trouble to users.

This article is about how Indonesia is facing a net banking error on the banking website. Read the full article to know more.

About the app website and Kenapa Brimo General Error

Bank Rakyat Indonesia, also known as BRI, made an app and website for their users to continue with the online services, but since the last few days, the app is facing server issues. The layout they chose is unlike other net banking services, and it is effortless to use.

Let’s read about the issues and complaints faced by the users.


Applications stopped, website not reachable: this happens when the user’s hone isn’t updated, and thus it cannot support the latest version. Check the latest updates available for your phone and update asap to continue using net banking.

Logged out from application: the server is undergoing some technical upgradation; thus, you cannot use the app or website.

OTP is not received: Kenapa Brimo General Error can also occur when you enter the wrong OTP, or the OTP not received. Check your network connection by restarting the phone.

Username and password disconnected: occurs when the wrong username or password is entered more than three times. You can contact the customer care help or visit the bank to get your account back.

Unable to load data and check balance happens when the server is down, or the website is facing a technical glitch.

Is error common?

In the technological world, these glitches and errors are common as they happened due to server issues. It can be solved by logging in after some time or uninstalling and installing the app again.

How to fix the error

  • You can fix Kenapa Brimo General Error on the app by uninstalling the app and installing it again. You can also log out and log in by entering your username and password after some time.
  • You can refresh the website after a few minutes.
  • Clean all the unnecessary cache and cookies to delete other website data
  • Change your network setting or disconnect from wifi.
  • Try connecting to different network modes.


The BRI users face the Kenapa Brimo General Error is typical and expected to get resolved by the server very soon. If the errors are fixed, and you still face the problem using a website or app, you should visit the bank to resolve it. The net banking errors are solved quickly as many people’s transaction depends upon it.

If you face more problem other or got any solution to use the app, kindly mention the comment section below.

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