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Khaby Shop Reviews (Sep 2021) Is This Offer Legit Deal?

Do you want to buy a Khaby t-shirt? This post would let you know about the Khaby Shop Reviews.

Are you a fan of Khaby Lame? Do you want to buy the products which are offered by Khaby Lame? Hopefully, you will get all the points regarding this in this post.

As we know, Khaby Lame is the famous TikToker whose videos are viral Worldwide and so many products with his fame available on the online podium.

Here we are connecting with a website that claims to serve a collection of the items by Khaby Lame. So naturally, people are very curious to know about the website.

Let us see the specifications and go through Khaby Shop Reviews.

What is Khaby Shop?

Khaby Shop is the ecommerce portal that holds a collection of t-shirts, magic candles, Khaby charger, popcorn machine, Khaby juicer and much more.

Here you can go through the URL of the portal and can check all the specifications about products. It is serving its services Worldwide, and the prices of the items are very reasonable. You can also use the different currencies to buy the products from it.

The website is new in the market, so before moving ahead, you must be sure about: Is Khaby Shop Legit or Scam?

Features About Khaby Shop 

  • The URL of the official portal is https://khabyshop.com/.
  • The company address is not visible yet on any portal.
  • The contact number has not been shared on the website.
  • The email support for direct communication is khabyshop@gmail.com.
  • The website holds a wide range of juicers, popcorn machines, tshirts, Khaby chargers and so on.
  • You can use the different currencies to make payments like US dollar, INR, EURO, Canadian Dollar etc.
  • Presently discount is going on particular products.
  • Currently, Shopper’s Khaby Shop Reviews are not visible on any podium.
  • It accepts payment online by PayPal etc.
  • No social media page is active on the particular website. Only Khaby Lame official Instagram link has been active on the website.
  • It accepts returns/refunds within 15 days after delivery.
  • The website is fully secured because it as the security certificate.

Advantages of the Website

  • It is providing the products with brand name Khaby as we know Khaby Lame is a famous celebrity.
  • There are so many currencies options available at the time of payment.
  • The founder of the website is Khaby Lame.
  • There is no shipping fee on any shopping.

Disadvantages of the Website

  • Customers’ Khaby Shop Reviews section is blank right now.
  • Facebook, and Twitter pages are not active means no traffic on the portal and no publicity anywhere.
  • Instagram page is active.
  • The company address and contact number have not been shared anywhere.
  • The website has launched on 07/06/2021.
  • The website secured a bad trust score, i.e., only 1%.
  • It holds an 8.6 out of 100 trust rank, which is considered low.
  • The content on the portal is plagiarized approximately 90%.
  • It provides a smaller number of items.

Is Khaby Shop Legit or Scam?

Let us check the legitimacy of the website with the help of few details:

  • Khaby Shop has a creation date, i.e, 07/06/2021, just new in the online podium.
  • The founder of Khaby Shop is the world-famous personality Khaby Lame.
  • Khaby Shop holds a bad trust index, i.e., only 1%.
  • Khaby Shop secured trust rank, i.e., 8.6/100.
  • Khaby Shop secured a zero Alexa rating.
  • Khaby Shop holds 90% copied content.
  • It offers a juicer, machine, t-shirt, charger and much more.
  • User’s feedback is not available.
  • Social media is not active on the website. Only Instagram is active. 

Moreover, please consider all details mentioned above and do research well before any shopping.

Shoppers’ Khaby Shop Reviews

Khaby Shop is an online shop for the Khaby Lame fans that offer Khaby t-shirts, juicers  and so on.

As we explore the internet to collect the users’ feedback but presently no output available; please wait until the genuine reviews arrive because the output from the user’s side plays an essential role in online shopping.

Please learn the process of how you can save your money from credit card fraud.


In the final thoughts, we have few points to conclude this post as no user’s Khaby Shop Reviews available, new domain age, low trust rank, bad trust index, less number of items, less social media activity, etc. 

Please be aware of steps to how you protect your precious money from PayPal fraud.

Do you have any products from this portal? Please share your mindset in the below box and also write your query. We will be so glad to reply soon.

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