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7 Best Surprising Kids Birthday Gift Ideas

Kids love gifts and are always excited to have birthday parties or holidays. However, choosing to buy gifts for kids is a challenging task. The entire process is overwhelming, whether it’s your kid, your niece/nephew, or your godchild. It happens because most kids already have the latest toys and gadgets. Therefore, you must find something different from the one they already have. Also, it would be best if you navigated through the entire row of toys full of new widgets. Then you have to look at their age group and find the appropriate gift.

Ah! Such a massive responsibility to find the best birthday gift to surprise your kid. If you see a present for your kid, you still have an idea of what they don’t have. So, the process is a bit easier, but still, you have so many options. Therefore, to narrow it down, here are a few best birthday gifts that your kid will love.

Cubby houses

A unique gift that your kid will adore. Also, it is one thing that will teach your kid to be productive and creative. And that is a cubby house. You give your child a private space when you buy cubby houses online. A room where they can play, experiment, and build. Children can invite their friends to play various games in the cubby house.

Moreover, it teaches them to clean their space. It is a good practice as it helps them keep their rooms organized. There are multiple varieties of cubby houses, like wooden ones or ones that resemble a kitchen. Get them one that you know will meet their playing and creative needs.

A trampoline

Is your kid always jumping around? Does he get excited seeing a trampoline in the park? If yes? You should buy and install a trampoline in your house. If your backyard has space, it can be a perfect gift to encourage the child to get out of the house and play. Do follow all the safety measures while installing the trampoline and when the kids play.

A slide

Another thing you can get if you have enough space is a slide. It is challenging to take your kids to the park or swing daily. But if you bring the slide home, kids up to six will undoubtedly have fun outdoors. Pretty sure it will be tough to get them inside once they get on the slide.


There are so many types of Legos available in the market. Gift for your child the one which they will love the most. The benefit of gifting a lego set is that it keeps the kid engaged for a long time as they use their brain power to create structures. It also helps boost their cognitive skills along with building their motor skills.

All-in-1 Kitchen play set

Girls and boys both love to play with their kitchen set. Gifting a kitchen set similar to the existing kitchen will excite and engage them. It also teaches them that cooking and keeping it clean are essential for everyone.


A tent house can make any room a personal oasis for the kids. You can get a princess tent house or the traditional one. Add a few pillows, starry lights, and a comforter to the tent house to make the space inviting and cozy for the kid.

Digital camera

If your kid loves taking pictures, it’s time to gift them a digital camera. You can get the pro grace digital camera which is waterproof and has a recording time of two hours to allow your child to capture all the beautiful memories of the day.

Lava lamp

A lamp for their bedside sounds like an ideal gift. A lava lamp for kids is perfect as they love its design and how it illuminates the room.

A video game

For a slightly older kid, you can give them a video game, like Fortnight. But, again, ensure the game is suitable for their age and monitor their screen time. 

There is a gift for children of all ages on this list. Which one did you like the best for your kid? Comment below.

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