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Kim Kardashian Brandon Bernard {May 2022} Know Here!

What was the Kim Kardashian Brandon Bernard case? Know the complete information in this write-up. Please read the article to know and stay tuned with us.

Who was Brandon Bernard? Why is Kim Kardashian related to him? Though Kim Kardashian, the Worldwide famous American socialite, is not a lawyer, she tries to help prisoners free for that crimes they didn’t even do. She freed seventeen people, but not all time; she succeeded in this work. In Hulu’s The Kardashians show, Kim Kardashian remembered her last phrases to the 40-year-old American man Brandon Bernard on the 19th May episode. 

In the next section, we will discuss the Kim Kardashian Brandon Bernard case. So, keep reading.

What was the actual case?

Brandon Bernard was a 40-year-old American man sentenced to death in December 2000 for the robbery, kidnapping, and murder of Stacie Bagley and Todd Bagley. When the crime was committed, Bernard was only 18 years old, and after talking to Bernard for many days, Kim Kardashian believed him that he was not the criminal. Kim Kardashian tried hard and soul to free Brandon Bernard as she believed he was innocent, but unfortunately, she failed to free him. 

While talking about the Kim Kardashian Brandon Case, Kim was in tears as she remembered the last phone call from Brandon Bernard. 

In the Hulu show, Kim Kardashian explained that she knew him very well in Brandon’s last few days. She also posted about him on social media because Bernard wanted to share his story through Kim Kardashian. On the last phone call to Brandon Bernard, he told Kim Kardashian that first the authorities would put him on the chair and they might try to push him, but he would not be panicked, so they gave him some kind of shot. He also tried to console Kim Kardashian by saying she shouldn’t be sad. 

Remembering Kim Kardashian Death Row, that time she couldn’t save a victim. After the last phone call from Brandon Bernard, she was in tears, thinking that he was trying to calm her down from crying. In the last days of Brandon Bernard, he always talked about his family. And finally, on 10th December 2020, Bernard got the death penalty for a crime he didn’t do (according to Kim Kardashian). After this case, Kim Kardashian also mentioned that she didn’t believe in the law system anymore as the system was broken. She will fight harder to save others from this cruel law system so that no one can face the same again.

What Did Brandon Bernard Do?

According to reports, in 1999, Brandon Bernard, Terry Terrell Brown, Tony Sparks, Christopher Michael Vialva, and Christopher Lewis asked the married couple Todd Bagley and Stacie Bagley to drop them at a nearby gas station. They planned to rob them, and when the couple agreed to give them a ride, Vialva pointed a gun at them and forced them into the trunk. Then the group of teens used Bagley’s ATM card to withdraw money, and after stealing everything from them, they drove the car to Belton Lake, shot Todd with the gun, and lit up their vehicle with fuel. According to the autopsy report, Todd died instantly, but Stacie died of smoke inhalation. 


The Kim Kardashian Brandon Bernard case left a deep impression on Kim Kardashian as she denied believing that Brandon was a criminal. You can get depth information about Brandon Bernard by clicking the link below. 

What do you think was Brandon Bernard a criminal or innocent? Please share your feedback with us.

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