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Kim Raisner Punch (Aug 2021) Know More About The Him!

Kim Raisner Punch (Aug 2021) Know More About The Him! >> Do you want to know the circumstances of the athlete punching a horse in the Olympics? If yes, then go through the below article.

Are you interested in the Olympics and want to get recent news and updates? Are you known to the Kim Raisner Punch in the Olympics? If no, then we are here to provide you with all the information on this topic. 

There are many searches from the people of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australiaand the United States about this topic. So read the article till the end to get the full details. 

Who is Kim Raisner? 

Kim Raisner was born on 30 December 1972 in the West Berlin. In 2004, in Athens, Greece, Kim Raisner competed in the Summer Olympics. Where she scored a total of 5,312 points, and in the women’s event, she finished fifth. 

In 1999 she competed in the world modern pentathlon world championship and won a bronze medal. Read below to know about Kim Raisner Punch.

What is Kim Raisner currently doing? 

In The year 2005, She retired, and currently, she is the coach of the woman’s national modern pentathlon, and she also works as a physiotherapist in her part-time. She is also coaching her compatriot Lena Schöne born, and she leads her team to victory at the 2005 World Modern Pentathlon championship and won a gold medal. 

She also became the Olympic Championship in Women’s event in the year 2008. If you are here to know the recent news about Kim Raisner, then read the below heading.

What is the news about Kim Raisner Punch

In the year 2020, Summer Kim Raisner was assisting the team athlete Annika Schley on Friday during the women’s event. During the event, she assisted the athlete to whip the horse harder and wanted her to go harsh with the horse just to win the race. 

She was also seen punching the horse harder with her fist. The international Modern pentathlon union stated that these actions were seen on video footage, and these actions are against the rules and considered a violation. 

Public reaction to this incident : 

Kim Raisner was seen punching the horse and telling the athlete to treat the horse harshly. These actions were considered as violations of rules in the event, and due to the  Kim Raisner Punch, many people were accusing Kim Raisner and Annika and raised a concern about the incident. People wanted that both of them should get punished according to their acts. 

So the board decided and disqualified Kim Raisner due to this harsh act in the 2020 Summer Olympics.


As we did our research on the recent news about Kim Raisner, we provided you with an in-depth review of the Kim Raisner PunchPlease let us know your reviews about this event and also mention your feedback regarding this review.

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