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King Legacy New Swords (September 2021) How To Obtain?

Gaming Tips King Legacy New Swords

This article discusses King Legacy New Swords and offers information on this exciting accessory available in the game.

Users familiar with Roblox must be aware of the enormous popularity anime-based games enjoy on this platform. There’s an abundance of games based on popular anime series on the platform. 

Being one of the most popular anime, there are games based on “One Piece,” like King Legacy. Recently, users became curious about the accessories in the game, which made King Legacy New Swords trending.

Keep reading this article to get all the relevant information about the swords in this game which is quite popular in the United States.

What is One Piece?

One Piece is a popular media franchise whose manga began publication in 1997 and is still active. Eiichiro Oda is the writer and illustrator of this series. It follows Monkey D. Luffy, who sets out to become a pirate in pursuit of obtaining the world’s biggest treasure, the “One Piece.”. The series follows the protagonist and his crew on their adventures.

About King Legacy New Swords

  • There are many ways that players can engage in combat in the popular King Legacy game on Roblox, and one of those methods is through Swords.
  • The game is quite successful in the United States and several other regions.
  • Swords are considered one of the three primary combat tools alongside Fighting Styles and the Devil Fruits.
  • Each sword has its capabilities, and some are coated with Busoshoku Haki, making them far more threatening.
  • You’ll also notice that each sword in the game is named after some weapons or other references to One Piece.
  • Users can obtain or get King Legacy New Swords through NPCs, defeating opponents, Beli or Robux. Currently, only the Dark Blade is available through Robux.
  • The swords primarily have two main moves, and each has a different damage level.

Some More Details About Swords in King Legacy

There are several swords in this game, and we’ll list them for you below.

  • In increasing order of damage, the weakest swords in the game are the Light Sword, Shark Sword, and the Tadashi Blade Drop.
  • The lightning pole, Mini Kaido mace, and Bisento are stronger compared to the above three weapons.
  • Pipe, Triple Katana, and Shanks Saber are some of the powerful King Legacy New Swords.
  • MOM Blade, YORU, and the Xmas Blade are the strongest swords in the game.
  • Other swords in the game are Acroscyth, Metal Trident, Hell Sword, Authentic Mace, Kioru, Phoenix Blade, Hunter Blade, Cookie Sword, Sunken Blade, Authentic Triple Katana, Adventure Knife, Anubis Axe, etc.
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The Final Verdict       

In-game accessories are a crucial part of every game and are one of the important aspects of making any game enjoyable. The Roblox game King Legacy based on One Piece also has plenty of exciting accessories, like swords. Users were keen to know more about King Legacy New Swords; we have mentioned this information above. 

Do you enjoy playing King Legacy? Kindly share your opinions on this game in the comments.

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