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Klee Fish Blasting Location-Why Does Klee Blast Fish? How Does Klee Work? Check The Exact Info Now!

Today’s article is about Klee Fish Blasting Location. Read and find out the way to discover the adventurous location and uncover the treasure chest.

Is it challenging for you to locate Klee Fish? Locating it may be challenging for users Worldwide, particularly if they don’t have much information about it. We will now describe the cart’s location and Klee Fish Blasting Location in this post below.

The players’ mission is to find special treasures everywhere in Mondstadt. Participants can perform various tasks during the Brews and Ballads event. Fecund Blessing would be awarded to the participants for discovering the chests.

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Where is Klee Fish Blasting located?

Once you travel to the Starfell Lake vicinity, you may quickly spot the Old Battered Cart by Klee. Sadly, the cart is damaged and laying on the ground close to some shrubs.

You must locate and unlock the Fecund Hamper, chest, or barrel, which appears to be tucked among the wagon and the rocks.

Why Does Klee Blast Fish?

By all accounts, Klee prefers to go explosive fishing at Starfell Lake. The wagon is not at the lake area, leaving its moral behavior apart. Instead, take the route from the lake to the south and Mondstadt. Keep looking to the left; finally, you’ll see the big, destroyed cart hidden between many rocks. However, it is assured that it’s located there.

The seventh phase in the event, Feast in Full Swing section of the Fecund Blessings, is to locate the old damaged wagon near the location wherein Klee usually goes for fish blasting in Genshin Impact.

Klee Fish Blasting Location Hints

Klee offers the below-mentioned hints to locate the old cart:

  • So, you know there’s this beaten-up old wagon at the spot where it normally goes fish-blowing?
  • It concealed its gift behind it!
  • When you locate it, you may have everything you want.
  • It did not explode that wagon, then click okay.
  • Razor could testify for it if you will to acquire it.
  • Therefore, when you haven’t spent time with Klee, you are unlikely to understand where this location is. So, you must know, How Does Klee Work.
  • When not, you will be perplexed, what route should you travel in?

To access the Hidden Treasure, go into the woods and hit F. It would help if you were extremely cautious because it may be challenging to see this treasure in the weeds.


You may discover the old, damaged cart at the location Klee usually goes fish-blasting in the Genshin Impact Feast adventure’s Full Swing mission. Look for more adventurous details of Klee Fish’s location.

Did you discover the Klee Fish Blasting Location? Share your adventurous way of locating it in the comment section.

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