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Knix Underwear Reviews [2020] Detail Buyers Guide

Knix Underwear Reviews [2020] Detail Buyers Guide

Knix Underwear Reviews [2020] Detail Buyers Guide -> This article is meant for ladies who are searching for a blood proof panty line, well within their budget.

We women are born to endure, whether it’s childbirth or the perennial period problem. Well, bleeding or menstruation can no longer be a matter of concern, if you are well fortified with the right kind of care.

For example – wearing proper sanitary pads according to the kind of flow you experience and taking adequate rest and nutritious food and drinks during the tenure. Still, after all this, many women complain of leaking blood stains and discomfort. 

Introducing here, Knix Underwear, the solution to all galling period leakage problems. This product has grown amazingly popular in the United States and Canada.

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What is Knix Underwear?

Knix Underwear can be an essential element in your wearables, which would perhaps put an end to all your irksome flowy issues. It’s a comfortable, seamless and invisible piece of underwear beneath your garment.

Knix can help get rid of the stink, leakage and wetness that a lady experiences during her bleeding days. During the trailing time, when the bleeding is too low and you really don’t want to waste one of your expensive sanitary pads, then Knix would suffice.

The latter can be cleaned and re-used.

Who’s this for?

Knix Underwear is for all menstruating ladies. It’s created keeping in mind those painful days in a woman’s life, which can be turned painless with a little care. Today’s woman is vibrant, energetic and demanding in terms of daily life. Just bleeding a few days in a month can’t mar her living and performance.

So, for that extra little aid and safe-keeping, Knix underwear is an ideal possession for any woman, be it within home or outside.

Benefits of using Knix Underwear,

Knix Underwear,

  • Is able to absorb up to two tampons of liquid, and can replace a tampon in the light flow days. During heavy bleeding, the panty acts as a supportive element for your pads and prevents any little leak and running.
  • The product holds moisture, so that it doesn’t give the wearer a wet feeling and gets cleaned and dried quickly on mild washing. So, it can ideally be used for outdoor trips and hostel or camp accommodations.
  • These powerful performing undies are not conspicuous at all. It’s seamless designing prevents forming any visible lines on your trousers or even yoga pants.
  • They are environment friendly as you don’t have to depend on pads too much and they prevent spreading of bad odor during those days.

Features of Knix Underwear,

The knix underwear is kind of a premium wear but it’s body is made of the usual nylon and lycra. However, the leakproof area has a layered crotch, which is 86% cotton. During the light flow days, it’s absolutely safe only to wear this preventive.

How to use it?

There’s no ball game in using this next to regular panty. But, yes cleaning it might need a little more carefulness.

What makes Knix Underwear better than others?

Knix underwear is far more functional than any regular panty as it can be conveniently worn under your pants without being visibly noticed.

Secondly, this panty is ideal for women who have white discharge issues or maybe a little dripping while urinating, apart from the major menstrual issue. Knix Underwear will never leave you embarrassed because of bad smell or copious stains.

Moreover, the manufacturers haven’t priced the product to high as a benevolent gesture.

Customer’s Say,

There are several women who are benefitted by this new product line and wants to spread the message to others, So, here’s their say,

“I just love them! My mom bought a pair of these Knix underwear and I couldn’t trust her, when she said that it would work for my trailing days. When I actually tried one, I was amazed and I haven’t felt lighter and comfortable than before. I have bought a couple of them more for myself.” – Anna

“ Knix Underwear does what it says. Since, the time I have started using them, I have become more confident and casual during those bleedy days. I don’t worry at all because my panty takes care of the discharge, bleeding and odour too.” – Sandra

“My mother gifted me this Christmas with Knix underwear and I simply laughed but after using them I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Only a mother knows the woes of a teenage daughter. She’s my best friend.” – Jane.


Here are some common querries,

Q – How do you care for Knix underwear?

A – Just wash it dry with a mild detergent.

Q – Can you dry Knix underwear?

A – Yes, you can. It’s perfectly machine washable and you can hang it out to dry.

Q – How does Knix underwear work?

A – This period panty wicks and absorbs moisture through it’s antimicrobial, breathable, leak-resistant and stretch fabric.

Q – How long can you wear Knix underwear?

A – This underwear can be worn for 8-12 days during days of very light flow. Thereafter, it should be washed and dried and then re-used.

Q – Can Knix underwear act as a pee-proof one?

A – Yes, surely to a great extent as long as the liquid is limited to two tampons capacity 

My Recommendation

Being a woman, I can well relate to the woes of the same sex during those natural cycles. The blood flow and characteristic differs and depends on individualistic body frame of any woman. However, inspite of splurging money on all possible sanitary pads in the market, satisfaction doesn’t come along easy.

With Knix underwear, one can get double protection for those few days. During heavy flow, the product protects and secures the already worn napkin and on the light flow days, you can well save your pads from being wasted, because Knix is enough.

I find this remarkable and since the product is light and seamless, It easily blends into your clothing making itself unnoticeable.


This article is meant for ladies who are searching for a blood proof panty line, well within their budget. Knix underwear is an innovative product line of the company which is created with the motive to cater to the female masses targeting those odd days in a month.

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    underwear and why all those old saggy, fat grandmas are prancing around on TV in their underwear
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