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Konosuba FD Tier List (Aug 2021) Check New Updates Here!

Latest Update Konosuba FD

Konosuba FD Tier List (Aug 2021) Check New Updates Here! >> In the article, we will share all the valuable facts of the game and its updated features, giving players a clear vision.

Do you love to play online video games? If yes, then it is exciting news for the players here in the game; new features will give the gaming characters a new vision. 

The gaming industry is booming now because daily video game users are increasing, and the people of Indonesia like it more.

In the article Konosuba FD Tier List, we will describe all about the game’s new features, so continue to read the following sections.

What is Konosuba FD?

Konosuba Fantastic Days is a mobile RPG game based on a Japanese novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki. It has many prominent characters such as Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. The players can draft the character to start their extraordinary journey in this email.

The RPG permits the users to make the team with the characters of Konosuba. Moreover, it permits the user to freely use the unique ability of the characters in the battleground.

Updated Konosuba FD Tier List:

The list is part of one of the Japanese series and has a 4 star.

  • Melissa-She loves cats, dogs and loves all cute creatures, and she is an attacker.
  • Iris-She belongs to a royal family from the kingdom of Belzarg.
  • Cecily-Its a free-spirited character.
  • Rin-Here she joins Dust to create a party.
  • Lia-She is a singer as well as a good fighter and part of Axel Hearts.
  • Cielo-He is the part of Axel Hearts and an archpriest.
  • Erica-Plays role of the ranger as well as performer.
  • Mia and Amy-Mia is the younger sister of Amy and plays their role respectively. 

Many characters are introduced in Konosuba FD Tier List, like Mitsurugi, Arue Kazuma, Darkness, Chris, etc. All play a unique role in the game. Players can easily use their abilities to defeat the enemy’s character on the battlefield.

To follow the steps to get in Konosuba FD:

The section explains how you can move from the game if you feel uncomfortable with the gaming characters. If players do not like the character, they can move and start the game if they want to play againLet’s discuss steps to play again-

  • Firstly open Konosuba Fantastic Days.
  • Now play with the groups and assemble your character that is mentioned in  Konosuba FD Tier List.
  • If the player wants to move so take a leave from the game.
  • Now go in a setting option of your device and click on the storage option.
  • Here clear all the data from the storage box that relates to Konosuba Fantastic Days.
  • After succeeding in all the proceedings, now reopen the game and start again.
  • This method you can apply many times whenever you want to move from the game.


In the article, we cover all the essential points of the Konosuba FD that will be helpful for the players. Konosuba FD Tier List is the updated feature of the game, and it is attracting the players and gaining popularity.

Do you want to play the game with new features? Meanwhile, consider the site Konosuba FD. and get updated news of the game.

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