Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly {March 2022} Get Details!

Latest News Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly

Are you are interested to know how Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly, then this article is for you. Read to know more.

Boxing is a fun game to watch, but at the same time, it gets troublesome when the fights go over the limit. Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly has created a buzz around the news, leading to several controversies. Vitaly called the fight fixed and later hit Kristen Hangy after the fight. 

As we know, boxing is a favorable sport worldwide, and as attractive are the fights, the fights get aggressive, and the players tend to get into trouble. There have been several controversies about such fights. This article will solely discuss the Kristen and Vitaly fight, which ended up as a draw. The fight led to several controversies later, let us find out. 

When did Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly? 

The latest controversial news around the world is about the fight. It happened on 5th March 2022. The main event consisted of several fights, from Deji vs. Alex Wassabi to Taylor vs. DK Money. Kristen Hanby vs. Vitaly was the 3rd last fight in the sequence. It was estimated to be around 8:30-9:00 pm as per the UK time. The fight will also be available to be seen on Television. 

Who are Vitaly and Kristen? 

Vitaly is a well-known Youtuber with around 100 lakh subscribers. His YouTube handle is ‘VitalyzdTc’ and is based in the United States. He generally makes prank videos and other funny videos. This personality got into controversy because of Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly.   

On the other hand, Kristen is also a Youtuber and a social media influencer. He has a good amount of followers over various platforms. He makes a range of content from vlogs, pranks, and other videos on YouTube. He is 29 years old and is from England. 

What happened during the fight? 

There is a so-called rivalry between these two influencers. The fight between them caught attention as it was called to be controversial. The match was one of the other fights but mostly called a celebrity fight between the sequences. Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly called for a rage. Surprisingly, the match called for a draw, about which Vitaly complains about fixing the match. Later, these two were speaking ugly about each other with increasing rivalry. Moreover, the match brought rage and hostility between the two stars. 


The fight between two social media influencers caught everyone’s attention as these two had rivalries over the internet. Kristen and Vitaly are famous on various platforms but are also known for their hostility. The hostility led to a rageful fight. 

In this article, we discussed how Kristen Hanby Fight Vitaly and how it ended. The fight’s result was a draw, but Vitaly asked for a rematch. Are you interested in watching the match? You can go to this website.

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