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Laddygo Reviews [March 2022] Should I Buy From This Website?

Laddygo Reviews 2020

Laddygo Reviews [March 2022] Should I Buy From This Website? >> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping site for different women’s wardrobe items with exclusive offers.

Laddygo Reviews: Are you looking for beautiful women’s wardrobe items with exclusive offers? Online shopping is a great way to find the desired items with different offers, but not every website is legit. The wrong website will give you cheap materials with costly pricing. Women’s wardrobe items usually have problems with designs, sizes, categories, etc.

There is one shopping site for women’s wardrobe items, which claims to have designer women’s clothing items with exclusive offers. The quality of the items is also top-notch, and the website is known as Laddygo. The site seems tremendous, but is Laddygo legit? Or not? To know that continue with us till the final verdict.

What is Laddygo?

It is an online shopping site for different wardrobe items for women with exclusive offers. The website showcases different women’s clothing categories like dresses, tops, swimsuits, jumpsuits, etc. The website only delivers its products in two countries, which is in the United States and the United Kingdom. The site has different currency options. 

The website also showcases different footwear items like sandals, pumps, flats, sneakers, boots, etc. The site usually goes with exclusive offers all the time. The products are of top-notch quality, and there are different accessory items like bags, scarves, jewelry, etc.

This website also sells home & living and workout women’s clothing items. The site is currently running a mother’s day exclusive offer and provides massive discounts. The website is old, and the outlet of products is very vast. The pricing of the product is comparatively very justifiable.

Specifications of Laddygo:

  • Website: It sells different categories to women’s wardrobe items with reasonable pricing.
  • The currency options are US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and British Pound.
  • The website is available on social pages like Face book, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Customer service is available at
  • The phone number is 852 81915515.
  • The company’s name is Piu Fashion Limited.
  • The company’s address is RM 701TUNG HIP COMM BLDG244-248DES VOEUX RD CENTRAL HONG KONG.
  • The shipping time is 7-15 days.
  • The return period for products is 14 days.
  • Modes of payment: Dotpay, PayPal, Bank transfer, Credit & Debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc.)
  • The company founded in 2010.

Is Laddygo worth your money?

Laddygo Reviews say, if you are searching for the designer and top-notch quality items for women’s wardrobe, then this site is your best option. The website offers exclusive discounts all the time in the year, and the pieces are classy and have different size options for perfection. 

The site has very stylish options for everyone, and the outlet of products is also vast. The website is old and hence, proves that it is legitimate. The website has different currency options, and customer service is also outstanding. Overall, the site and its products are worth your money. 

Positive remarks of Laddygo:

  • The website is free from fraud and any signs of danger.
  • The website is old, and it is trustworthy,
  • The outlet of products is vast and has different categories to choose from it. 
  • The website has excellent customer service.
  • The website provides different currency options.
  • Different modes of online payment option are available on this site.
  • The items have very reasonable pricing.
  • The website promises easy returns and refunds.
  • The website is well maintained.

Negative remarks of Laddygo:

  • There is only an online mode of payment options.
  • The website delivers its products in only two countries.
  • The delivery time is slightly late comparatively.

What are people saying about Laddygo?

The website has lots of customers, but only from two countries. For some customers, the delivery time is slightly late. The site has shown its customer’s reviews, which are mostly very pleasing. The product description and options were pleasant for some people. 

The website has different currency options, which was convenient for some customers. Some customers complained that the site should extend its services to other countries. The customers seem happy with the design and quality of the products. Most customers were happily satisfied.

Final Verdict:

According to the Laddygo Reviews, The website is running smoothly, and it is also old. The website has gained popularity because of its designer items at a justifiable price. The website has excellent customer service, and this site is legitimate and safe for users. Hence, we suggest that you go to this website and make budget-friendly purchases of designer items.


  1. the phone number listed for has too many numbers in it. And when dial says that it is disconnected. Help.

    1. I ordered from this com and have not received what I ordered. I put it on my card and it was charged. When I go to track the order I get nothing.

      1. This is exactly what I am dealing with. They also sent confirmation of payment and also sends message of no order. I am so upset!!! $76.66. Gone as far as I can tell

        1. I placed an order. My payment was paid. I received an email stating that the estimated delivery date would be on Sept. 19th 2020. Then days later it changed to the 22nd. After the 22nd I noticed that the email was gone. Went to the website. It said that I needed to still pay. Then it stated that they are still processing my order. I asked when will I be receiving my order. No reply. I will not be ordering anything again from this company.

        1. You have to be slim to buy these clothes according to their size guide for jeans even in plus sizes you have to have a 28-36 inch waistline

        2. This company doesn’t exist in my eyes!! The monster was taken from my bank account and, I haven’t received ANYTHING!!
          BIG SCAM!! I’M OUT $200.00

      2. You may want to relook at this company’s service. Ordered items 4 weeks ago with expedited shipping. Item shows as not shipped. They took money 4 weeks ago though. Tried to move through their customer service but was very difficult. Attempted to cancel and requested refund with no response. Now seeing post that others are having same experience. Joy Johnson

      3. I just went online to track my order and it didn’t come up either … told me my order number or email address was incorrect and both were correct. I had to log in and then type in my order number. I ordered on Sept. 18 and it is now Sept. 22 and nothing has been shipped. They say it takes 7-9 days to process and then 7-15 days before deliver which at the high end could be 25 days from the time it is ordered. That’s crazy! If the quality and sizes are not standard as they say and I cannot get a hold of them to return the items I will dispute the charge!

      4. Same thing happened to me. Ordered 3 knit hoodies in Sept. $ charged to my card. Its Dec 4th nothing.seen nor heard from them. Never got a customer # or tracking #. Phone disconnected. ☹. $65.01.

    2. I purchased over $100 dollars of tops in May 25, I’ve never gotten my tops but they took my Money NO CONFORMATION NO NOTHING DON’T BUY FROM THEM THEY JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY

      1. I orded I top it took a long time but I eventually got it…its cute well made…I love it.
        So I ordered another top a d a pair of jeans…3 weeks later I was told that my pants was out of stock…sent me a link to either get refund or credit to my account.
        The link don’t work. I have emailed them several times…..tried calling the phone number on line but it is a different online store. I can’t get a hold of any one. I guess I’ve lost my money…I will not be shopping there anymore…ugh!

        1. You should dispute the charge with your credit card company. You have all the correspondence documentation and that is all they need! Don’t just eat it … then the company gets away with bad business practices!

    3. I have a missing item in my order. Having trouble getting ahold of any one from customer service.

    4. I cannot get in touch with them for a portion of my order, that was outbid stock.
      I need a refund and yes. That phone number doesn’t exist !!!! So frustrated

  2. I have ordered from this site weeks ago and cannot get thru to them. I ordered multiple items. And gave my credit card number. They still have not sent anything out yet.

    1. I’m waiting on my white dress I Erica Carver order address 8811 Lottsford Road Apt 536 Upper Marlboro 20774 and the money been taken out my account and I never receive my order if I don’t hear from you all I’m going to call better business bearuor and my bank.

      1. I have ordered 2 tops that I have NOT received. 1 top was ordered 2 months ago
        I have not received any communication back. I would say DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

    2. I have not received my order. I place the order on May 4th. The money was taken out of my account May 6th.

      Received confirmation on the order but I have not received anything. I also sent a few emails. Please help me with this matter.

      Thank you

  3. I ordered several items from this company several weeks ago but no merchandise. My card was charged but still no items. I have tried to reach them but to no avail and when I try to track my order it says no orders. I would not reccomend them

    1. I I’m waiting on my shoes I send back two months ago they was to small I haven’t received my shit yet im calling the BBB on them Bitches

  4. I’m still waiting on my order as well if I don’t get my order soon I’m going to demand my refund and good thing I ordered with my bank cause they will get my money back

    1. I place 3 week ago and have not recieve my merchandise yet and i order may 30, 2020. For $105 for three dresses! Phone 239 324 7179

    1. If you go on their website you would notice none of the phone numbers are the same not only that but it’s way too many numbers so if I was anyone before you go on this site do your homework if you get the items that you paid for you will be lucky if you get the merchandise

    2. Ordered 4 items…..finally got 3 after 7 weeks. 2 of 3 tops NOT hemmed on sleeves and bottom…..just raw material. All 3 huge…..more like L instead of M I ordered. So disappointed.

      1. Thanks to being a part of this company kindly visit the genuine webpage to know about your item quality…thank you…@

        1. I ordered over $100 worth of stuff, which was only like 5 items because they didn’t apply my discount even though the code was in the code box. It’s been 4 weeks and they haven’t even shipped. HELLA pissed 🤬🤬🤬

        2. I ordered a dress, which I did receive, but doesn’t fit. I can barely get it over my head, but that’s all.
          I’ve sent multiple email messages with an automated response…look up the order and open a ticket. However, my Order Number doesn’t exist per the website. So, how are you supposed to open a ticket when the website won’t recognize the Order Number. My fourteen days for return will soon be gone.
          This is fraudulent!

  5. Order a shirt on April 29th all I see is my payment was receive nothing else can I get a correct phone number for customer service please respond back

  6. I ordered multiple items over a week ago and did not get a confirmation number however my credit card has been charged. There is no way to contact them and I cannot put in a ticket as they respond by email because I do not have a order number. I paid for expedited shipping. I am very frustrated and if it is not here in 2 days I am disputing the charge and reporting them. NOT happy at all.

  7. I am unable to reach the company via phone and website when clicking on “Track Your Order” – Order placed on 4/30/2020 at 14:28:00 and now unable to Track delivery. I will be disputing the charge if I do not receive shipment within 10 days.

    1. After reading these reviews I am starting to feel like this laddygo is ripping us off. I order items May 31, 2020. It has cleared my card. Show on the order that it’s been paid for but never been shipped. Wth!

  8. I have ordered from this web site . April 19th and still have not recieved my items . I am calling my credit card company to deal with this matter.

  9. Ordered three dresses a month ago. Still waiting to receive. I will not buy from them again, most likely. . . . . . . I emailed them and have not heard back from them yet, and it has been over 24 hours since I sent the email. They have my money though. . . . . Just saying. . . . . .

  10. I can’t get through with track my account . I’ve been waiting several weeks .. and have heard nothing . Going to demand a refund.

  11. WOW. I ordered April 23rd and have yet to receive my purchase of 7 tops. I did get an email with confirmation. Sent comments out on Facebook and they got back to me within a day. Explanation was because of the virus they are running with skeleton crew and orders are taking longer. Gave 15% off next order. WTF would I order from them again. Cute clothes, but still no delivery. Stick to Venus. They are legit and you get shipment right away.

  12. I’m having the same problem as everyone here. Ordered 3 shirts 3 weeks ago. The money has been taken out of my account. Im not able to track it because it says I have no orders. Tried to contact them via email and it says my email doesn’t exist. Will never order from them again!! Im thinking I got ripped off.





  15. I placed an order May 4, 2020. My card was charged and the money was taken out of my account on that day also. To date I’ve received nothing. They have not answered my email!!! Total scam !

  16. I ordered jewelry and my confirmation was confirmed via e-mail. I have not received my merchandise as yet and their customer service phone number is wrong!!! I’m very disappointed in this company.

  17. I am totally disgusted with this company! I ordered a blouse in April paid on line and as of today I have not received it! I want the blouse or my money back!

  18. Same here….been over a month…no items received….and cannot contact them…phone is wrong and track order does not work…dont look good ladies.

  19. you people are a joke.i was just reading yournegative complaints all you guys do are take people money and leave them. We need to file a law suit against this fraudulent company. You need to take this web site down

  20. I ordered and paid for my items 4/22/20 and said it was shipped but I have yet to receive it! I get emails from them but they don’t get mine! I want my money back! Guess I’m not the only one I will just turn your company over to the BBB! See how that goes!! Are you based in China? That would explain it!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Alexis Alden, writer of this article….how much did you get paid for these false facts you wrote about this company Laddygo from Hong Kong? It’s a shame people can get bought so easily. Read all these comments of unsatisfied customers.

  22. I ordered a dress for my wedding from there on Nay 8th & have not received it. I keep getting an email asking me for a review & when I try to track it, it just keeps saying in transit, this makes me sick! We all need to blast them on Facebook, before they do this to other people!

  23. I ordered a dress on May 16th. I know shipments are delayed due to corona virus. I was asked to confirm and pay. Never got confirmation of order being processed. Asking me to pay

  24. I also did not receive my order from them and when I tried to look up tracking info there was none , please do not order from them , I am about to blast them on Instagram and Facebook ! Do not order from them!!!!

  25. I’m very disappointed. I ordered a blouse, Medium, which I always wear. WAY TOO BIG. 8.00 to return it. I’ll just find someone who usually wears a large and gift it to them. I’m not paying 8.00 to return it. I will never purchase from them again.

  26. I just spent $250 at the lady go web sight! I’m mad as hell ! Can’t get a response and NEVER SENT A DAM THING! WARNING. WARNING DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! It’s a scam!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, we are requesting you kindly go through the official website before shopping and take all certain information whether the site is a scam or legit.

  27. it’s been two months since I put in my order. I finally get a response that my order has been shipped. Then I get an email informing me one of the items is sold out. They left me a link to click on to get a refund that does not work. I have no way for them to refund my cash so they are giving me a coupon. I will not purchase from them again!

    1. We are sorry for that, but we are not the owner of this site… dear, you will have official visit site to get back your refund or your actual item…@@ thank you… !!

  28. I make an order june 8 and I pay with credit card no respond hart to talk with some body

  29. I ordered from them. Got confirmation through email that order had been placed. I waited & waited. I looked up my order number and it showed not shipped. I emailed them with order number and photo of what I saw. Then out of the blue it was here within days. It was like had I never reached out to complain my order would have never arrived. Order arrived clothing NOTHING like pictured. No contact information except to do a return on their site and they say they will send you a shipping label for return through email. Oh by the way, you have only 14 days to do so. Their “Chat Now” doesn’t work. I have received nothing by email except a coupon to order again. This place is a joke! So website says submitted return request and NOTHING!!

    1. Here we are available to read your query and we deliver you query for next process if you have any query related of your placed order or not getting on time… kindly go through official website…thank you..

  30. I ordered the animal design maxi dress 6 or 7 weeks ago. I have received nothing but my money was taken from my account right away .

    1. You are one step behind to know about your placed order and you can dial customer care number for more information… thank you…

  31. I got a dress today. Pink t-shirt swing dress packages say, Echo. I order a pink floral long dress, glaze material. I got solid pink. I’m wondering if ECHO is one of their distributors. But tracking says, it’s not here yet. I have no idea where this pink t-shirt swing dress came from. Phone number is short, no answer. I emailed, no anwers

  32. Well I got my 5 dresses after waiting 2+ weeks. Not too bad considering they’re coming from overseas. But once I got them, I wanted to return 4 of them. One is terrific! The rest feel cheap and thin and look much different on me than on the models. So I filled out the return form and printed my return shipping labels, but they printed pretty small and appear blurry. I’m not sure the USPS will be able to scan them. Zooming in on the images didn’t help 🙁 Now I can’t figure out any other way to get in touch with customer service. Only 7 days to process returns. Ugh, frustrating….

  33. I ordered from this website, they say I was supposed to have received my shipment guess what I received nothing!!!! Fake ass site!!!!

  34. Hello. Did you ever receive your order? I have not and can’t figure out where to get help>>
    This website is a scam. They took my money. The tracking number they sent is invalid. Can’t get a hold of anyone. Don’t waste your time and certainly not you money!

  35. SAME DEAL. These are major scam artists who do not send the merchandise until two months later. The merchandise is not good. quality. I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of bathing suits that I intend to send back to them. There is nobody that will respond on customer service. The only way they communicate is through Facebook messenger. In fact when they ask you to submit a ticket requesting the refund my Internet security software identifies their website as malicious and asked that I do not even open it. I have told my credit card company/bank not to pay them. They need to be taken down!!!

  36. Yes same here .. ordered 5 shirts 3 weeks ago. Havent received anything .. cant call anyone .. I’m so disappointed.. $100 worth of stuff I have been super excited to get and now have no idea If I will ever even get them .

  37. This company is a total scam. Ordered 9 items back in July, just came yesterday September 19. ALL of the items are extremely LARGE. Ordered smalls and they are all more in the range of 1x. Tried to create ticket on the web page and at first it said does not recognize order number then on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th attempt it said on each “return request failed, please try again later. Or you can also contact us.” There is NO PHONE NUMBER that I have found in researching this company that actually works. I did read a review that they make you return to China and not worth the time effort and cost. This has happened to me once before and I will now officially not purchase anything online…too hard to figure out if US company. Any suggestions welcome but at this point sadly I will be donating these VERY POOR QUALITY CLOTHES and eating the $118. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM

  38. Due to the bad reviews I have cancelled my order that is still in the processing stage! I paid through PayPal which they say is easiest to get your money back. I told them if I do not hear from them within 48 hrs and my money is not refunded ($174) I will dispute the charge immediately! I will not put up with bullshit and eruptible companies that don’t honor what they say and are illusive with where the product is coming from!!! the other thing that ticks me off is when you put in their ‘code’ so it before submitting your request, comment etc … it always says it was entered incorrectly and have to enter it 2-3 times before it will take it. Not cool!!!

  39. Same darn thing happen to me. I will be calling my Bank of America and getting back my $108 bucks. This was a first, wow.

  40. I’m having trouble returning 3 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of jeans and a dress. I printed out the label but it doesn’t really have any valid return address. Has anyone else dealt with this? I’ve spent $293.00 and want to get my money back for these items.

  41. This company sucks. I ordered 1 shirt and they sent me 3. I had to pay to return it and they never refunded me then I ordered one dress and they charged my account 155$. I looked into it and they have me down for 5 dresses when I ordered 1. I will never order from this company again. They totally suck. Their customer service is horrific and they have no idea how to run a business. Now I’m fighting with my bank to try and stop payment. Rediculous

  42. Product arrived later than promised. Only slightly resembles what is shown. Very unsatisfactory, would never buy from Laddygo again.

  43. I wish I had looked at the site before I ordered. I ordered 3 gorgeous dresses in XXL. When they finally arrived they were less than size 8, and very poorly made. Today I received a letter from the post office wanting $399 to mail the dresses back to China. I’m not paying that, so you will never get a refund.

  44. My item was paid for 03/01/2021, took my money and apparently delivered 06.02.2021 – nothing has arrived and when I try to log in to complain my e-mail address is not recognised despite the fact it is the one I ordered the item from. What can I do?!?!??

  45. I bought a dress from you and the order number is LG 3263852811 and so far I have not received the product, could you tell me what is going on, is this page serious?

  46. Wow i will not buy from this site now with everyone’s bad review. Thanks everyone for the heads up.

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