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Laddygo Reviews [May] Should I Buy From This Website?

Laddygo Reviews 2020

Laddygo Reviews [May] Should I Buy From This Website? >> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping site for different women’s wardrobe items with exclusive offers.

Laddygo Reviews: Are you looking for beautiful women’s wardrobe items with exclusive offers? Online shopping is a great way to find the desired items with different offers, but not every website is legit. The wrong website will give you cheap materials with costly pricing. Women’s wardrobe items usually have problems with designs, sizes, categories, etc.

There is one shopping site for women’s wardrobe items, which claims to have designer women’s clothing items with exclusive offers. The quality of the items is also top-notch, and the website is known as Laddygo. The site seems tremendous, but is Laddygo legit? Or not? To know that continue with us till the final verdict.

What is Laddygo?

It is an online shopping site for different wardrobe items for women with exclusive offers. The website showcases different women’s clothing categories like dresses, tops, swimsuits, jumpsuits, etc. The website only delivers its products in two countries, which is in the United States and the United Kingdom. The site has different currency options. 

The website also showcases different footwear items like sandals, pumps, flats, sneakers, boots, etc. The site usually goes with exclusive offers all the time. The products are of top-notch quality, and there are different accessory items like bags, scarves, jewelry, etc.

This website also sells home & living and workout women’s clothing items. The site is currently running a mother’s day exclusive offer and provides massive discounts. The website is old, and the outlet of products is very vast. The pricing of the product is comparatively very justifiable.

Specifications of Laddygo:

  • Website: It sells different categories to women’s wardrobe items with reasonable pricing.
  • The currency options are US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and British Pound.
  • The website is available on social pages like Face book, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Customer service is available at
  • The phone number is 852 81915515.
  • The company’s name is Piu Fashion Limited.
  • The company’s address is RM 701TUNG HIP COMM BLDG244-248DES VOEUX RD CENTRAL HONG KONG.
  • The shipping time is 7-15 days.
  • The return period for products is 14 days.
  • Modes of payment: Dotpay, PayPal, Bank transfer, Credit & Debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc.)
  • The company founded in 2010.

Is Laddygo worth your money?

Laddygo Reviews say, if you are searching for the designer and top-notch quality items for women’s wardrobe, then this site is your best option. The website offers exclusive discounts all the time in the year, and the pieces are classy and have different size options for perfection. 

The site has very stylish options for everyone, and the outlet of products is also vast. The website is old and hence, proves that it is legitimate. The website has different currency options, and customer service is also outstanding. Overall, the site and its products are worth your money. 

Positive remarks of Laddygo:

  • The website is free from fraud and any signs of danger.
  • The website is old, and it is trustworthy,
  • The outlet of products is vast and has different categories to choose from it. 
  • The website has excellent customer service.
  • The website provides different currency options.
  • Different modes of online payment option are available on this site.
  • The items have very reasonable pricing.
  • The website promises easy returns and refunds.
  • The website is well maintained.

Negative remarks of Laddygo:

  • There is only an online mode of payment options.
  • The website delivers its products in only two countries.
  • The delivery time is slightly late comparatively.

What are people saying about Laddygo?

The website has lots of customers, but only from two countries. For some customers, the delivery time is slightly late. The site has shown its customer’s reviews, which are mostly very pleasing. The product description and options were pleasant for some people. 

The website has different currency options, which was convenient for some customers. Some customers complained that the site should extend its services to other countries. The customers seem happy with the design and quality of the products. Most customers were happily satisfied.

Final Verdict:

According to the Laddygo Reviews, The website is running smoothly, and it is also old. The website has gained popularity because of its designer items at a justifiable price. The website has excellent customer service, and this site is legitimate and safe for users. Hence, we suggest that you go to this website and make budget-friendly purchases of designer items.


  1. the phone number listed for has too many numbers in it. And when dial says that it is disconnected. Help.

  2. I have ordered from this site weeks ago and cannot get thru to them. I ordered multiple items. And gave my credit card number. They still have not sent anything out yet.

    1. I’m waiting on my white dress I Erica Carver order address 8811 Lottsford Road Apt 536 Upper Marlboro 20774 and the money been taken out my account and I never receive my order if I don’t hear from you all I’m going to call better business bearuor and my bank.

  3. I ordered several items from this company several weeks ago but no merchandise. My card was charged but still no items. I have tried to reach them but to no avail and when I try to track my order it says no orders. I would not reccomend them

  4. I’m still waiting on my order as well if I don’t get my order soon I’m going to demand my refund and good thing I ordered with my bank cause they will get my money back

    1. If you go on their website you would notice none of the phone numbers are the same not only that but it’s way too many numbers so if I was anyone before you go on this site do your homework if you get the items that you paid for you will be lucky if you get the merchandise

  5. Order a shirt on April 29th all I see is my payment was receive nothing else can I get a correct phone number for customer service please respond back

  6. I ordered multiple items over a week ago and did not get a confirmation number however my credit card has been charged. There is no way to contact them and I cannot put in a ticket as they respond by email because I do not have a order number. I paid for expedited shipping. I am very frustrated and if it is not here in 2 days I am disputing the charge and reporting them. NOT happy at all.

  7. I am unable to reach the company via phone and website when clicking on “Track Your Order” – Order placed on 4/30/2020 at 14:28:00 and now unable to Track delivery. I will be disputing the charge if I do not receive shipment within 10 days.

  8. I have ordered from this web site . April 19th and still have not recieved my items . I am calling my credit card company to deal with this matter.

  9. Ordered three dresses a month ago. Still waiting to receive. I will not buy from them again, most likely. . . . . . . I emailed them and have not heard back from them yet, and it has been over 24 hours since I sent the email. They have my money though. . . . . Just saying. . . . . .

  10. I can’t get through with track my account . I’ve been waiting several weeks .. and have heard nothing . Going to demand a refund.

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