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Laemkum Reviews [2020] – Is Website Scam or Legit?

Are you willing to buy technical gadgets online? Check out Laemkum.Com.

Currently, being a massive trend in the United State, people are worrying if is Laemkum Legit or not.

You might find various Laemkum Reviews over the internet, but in this review, you will get your answer that is Laemkum Com Scam, or is it genuine?

There are multiple online stores these days that sell various items at cheap prices. What makes customers doubt about authenticity is their price. How can someone charge you so less when other sellers online and offline charge you much more than that?

Some of such online sellers are scammers. They ask you to pay the charge of the item and then never deliver the product to you. So many online shoppers have been a target of such scams. And thus, we ask our readers always to verify the online stores that do not allow cash on delivery.

What is Laemkum?

Laemkum Website is an online store that sells electronic and sporting items. This site has various categories listed on it, including cameras, computers, laptops, toys for children, CCTVs, sporting gear, etc.

Different Laemkum Com Reviews on the web have shared their opinions. Let us check if Laemkum is a scam, and it is just scamming people, or is it authentic.

The company has mentioned that it is based out of California, USA. The price range of the items listed is far cheaper than that of the market. One will find an electric mountain bike, kitchen appliances, furniture, etc. on this site.

Even you check the categories like “camera,” either some random items or something that is not at all connected to the camera pops up on the screen. There seems no single reason to trust this website.

Is Laemkum worth your money?

The price is meager, they might have compromised in the quality of the products.

Laemkum.Com Reviews have not mentioned about the quality or customer reviews on any of the websites. Thus, a lack of information makes it challenging to come to a definite conclusion.

The website, even after naming specific categories, does not show products in it. The categories are added, but the products are not added. While some of the products are available on the site but the category is absent. We can say that the website is not managed well. Had it been a very professional or authentic one, then the owner might have added proper information about the products and their categories.

The tagline mentions that it is a home store, but none of the categories have such listings available. If you click on the software or accessories category, then it reads, “no products are matching this selection.” Every genuine website gives a lot of importance to put the data about the owner or the founder of the e-store, but this website does not provide any proper information.

The website has mentioned the names of brands like Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, etc. and when you click on the names, nothing is shown. We can say this is used to trick people and to make them believe that all of these brands are available in their store.

Specifications of Laemkum:

  • They sell products like furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, cleaning items, smartphones, PCs, etc.
  • Delivery time- 3 weeks after shipping
  • Shipping time- 1 to 3 business days (can go up to 1 week)
  • Returns- product shall be returned in 30 days after receiving
  • Refund- only if the product is not damaged
  • Shipping couriers- USP or DHL express
  • Shipping costs to be paid by the customers

Pros of Laemkum:

  • Shipping in the USA is fast
  • A refund can be expected
  • The items are available at inexpensive rates
  • Some of the listed items are unique   
  • Payments are allowed via MasterCard, PayPal, and VISA

Cons of Laemkum:

  • The website does not share proper information
  • This e-store lacks professionalism
  • The delivery and shipping time take too long
  • Owner or founder’s information is absent from the website
  • Only online payment is made available
  • This store does not allow cash on delivery
  • The products are not mentioned with detailed information

What are customers’ views on Laemkum Website?

Most of the people have complained about the authenticity of this website. Customers said the store had fooled them. Even after paying for the item they wanted to buy, the store did not deliver the item after three months and more.

Some of the people who were lucky enough to receive the order at least said that they got the wrong order, and it was never ordered by them, while some received an unsatisfactory quality item. People feel that Laemkum has scammed them.

Customers are of a view that when they tried to contact the website, the company did not show up.

Final Verdict

As the number of online frauds are increasing day by day, people have started doubting such new-comer online stores. One of the reasons for the doubts is not allowing COD. Because the payments are being made online, customers fear to pay their money as the guarantee of receiving the item lacks.

We cannot decide the authenticity of a store just by the way their website looks. There are a number of factors that determine how a website is visible to others. Sometimes it can be a technical glitch, and sometimes it can be maintained.

Laemkum lacks in so many areas. From missing information to missing products in their respective categories, everything seems doubtful. Thus we recommend our readers to check social media pages that talk about this website and also ask in your network if anyone has already ordered anything from them before.

Once you open this website, you might feel like this is not at all fake, but after digging deeper into it, you start feeling fishy about the site. Hence, it is always better to check from online platforms and networks if a particular website is genuine or is a scam.

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  1. I tried to email a request for status of my order to the support email link from the order confirmation they sent me and it came back as undeliverable. It’s been more than 10 days. I fear I’ve been ripped off.

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