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Larval Tear Ring {March 2022} Where You Can Find It?

Gaming Tips Larval Tear Ring

This news article shares Information about the Larval Tear Ring and deals with the maps where you can find this component.

Do you know how deep the maps of Elden Rings are, in which you will lose your way? It would help if you acquired various characters and objects through these maps, and therefore we are here to tell you about the Larval Tear in the Elden Rings, which you might be searching for.

The Elden Ring game has gained popularity worldwide, and therefore, we are also here to share some details about the game. If you are searching about Larval Tear, we will share Information about Larval Tear Ring in this article, so let’s begin our discussion.

Where can you find Larval Tear in the Elden Rings? 

Larval Tear is one of the critical components of the Elden Rings. It is a component that Rennala requires for rebirth. So, as this component becomes an integral part of the game, you must be aware of the locations where you can find these Larval Tear. 

  • Firstly, you can find the Larval Tear in Limgrave, east of Agheel lake in the south of Grace site. Lesser Runebar will drop it. 
  • Secondly, you can find the Larval Tear Ring in the lakes of Liurnia. Here, various locations can provide Larval Tear, such as the graveyard of town, rose church in the eastern region of Caria Manor, and various such locations in the game. 
  • You can also find it Caelid with the undead soldier. It will be located in the south of Caelid Highway of Grace city. 
  • On Altus Plateau, too, you can find these Larval Tear, which the Lion Guardian will drop. 
  • Similarly, other places such as Mt. Gelmir, Consecrated Snowfield, Siofra River, Eternal city of Nokron, and Nokstella. 

Why is the Larval Tear Ring important? 

Larval Tears are for Rennala, the queen of the full moon. It is given for the rebirth of the queen. This is for the players who will increase their statistics and abilities to combat and use different weapons. 

It will become your essential point to enter a New Game-Plus of the game. It cannot be dropped on the multiplayer game. So, these are some of the essential points about Larval, and the most important reason for having Larval Tear is to have rebirth. 

People’s views about the game!

The Elden game is famous worldwide, and they are searching for the Larval Tear Ring and other components of the game. This is because these components will help the players to have the edge over other players in the game.

Therefore, people are happy and joyous with the game and want to explore more about the game. If you also want to learn about the game and Larval Tears, you can click here.  


Elden Rings are leaving its mark on players with its comprehensive maps and other features in the games. People are ready to hunt for various components in the game to have the edge over the game. 

So, we hope you have got Information about the Larval Tear Ring through which you can get rebirth. Which component would you like to explore in this game? You can share it in the comment section below. 

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