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Last Of Us Edition Firefly {June} Know Where To Buy!

 The advanced upgrades have made the Last of Us Edition Firefly exciting before its release on September 2, 2022. Read to know more.  

Do you know, Sony has recently taken down the The Last of us Part-1 pre-order information recently after it was leaked in the media and was circulated widely on the social media? On many platforms, it got circulated on the internet and in consequence of this, this decision was taken. 

What happened with Last of Us Edition Firefly has certainly been the case with many of the recent incidents Worldwide where we have seen leaking happening all over internet. The ‘last of us steelbook’ is being published with the standard edition of The Last of Us Part 1.

What is The Last of Us Part 1?

The description of the both versions of the game is about experiencing the storytelling with emotional intelligence. The unforgettable characters of Joel and Ellie have also been featured in the latest versions. The complete overhaul of the original could be experienced with many of the problems resolved regarding accessibility and improved gameplay. 

The Last of Us Remake Firefly Edition is also attributed with major gameplay and improved effects and increasing combat explorations. Though it is also to be noted that the gamers wouldn’t have to wait for long before getting to play The Last of Us Part-1, as the game would be released on September 2, 2022. The PC version is also going to be released at the same point. The game is obviously a remake of the PS3 of 2013. The Last of Us Part-1 is available to be purchased on PS Store $79.99. It is available on Best Buy and Play Station Direct as well.

Where to Buy Last of Us Edition Firefly?

The Last of US Firefly Edition would have lots of things attached to it which the users can access and enjoy. There would be a SteelBook case with #1-#4 reprint of comics with cover art. The increased crafting and healing skills would also be used. 9mm reload speed and rifle clip capacity increase upgrades. The weapons skills like silver filigree 9mm pistol, black gold 9mm pistol, arctic white bow, and carbon black bow. According to Sony, it would be a total overhaul of the original experience with improved controls and modernized gameplay. 

The Last of Us Edition Firefly contains two skill upgrades, pistol and rifle upgrades along with explosive arrows, dither punk filter, speed run mode and six weapon skins. The game is set to be launched in September this year and it would be a wait before the users would be accessing it. The excitement is now global. 


The release of the dates along with all the announcements have made the release time exciting for the users who would be playing the overhauling of the 2013 PS3 game with modernized gameplay and increased efficacious. The advanced controls and ultra mode features have also been added to make it more exciting. To know more, see The Last of Us Pre-Order Guide

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