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You can now get updates on the latest Roblox game on an online collaboration platform. Please read our “Last Pirates Trello” article below right away. 

Roblox has again launched a new game named Last Pirates, designed and sponsored by the One Piece brand. Trello is a leading online collaboration platform for discussions and project completions. Recently, Roblox and Trello have collaborated to present all gaming details in one place. In addition, the group is accessible on Trello for worldwide people. 

Kindly continue reading our “Last Pirates Trello” article if you are interested in knowing the Trello group details. Let us continue!

What is Last Pirated?

Last Pirates, formerly called Last Piece, is a Roblox videogame inspired by the very popular manga and anime series One Piece. Last Pirates was previously known as Last Piece. It is the videogame for you if you enjoy taking on difficult opponents, discovering new worlds, and levelling up your player to make them more formidable than you could have imagined.

Let us now explain the Trello platform and the Last Pirates group recently created on the platform.

What is Last Pirates Trello?

Trello is a digital collaboration software that allows teams to understand their tasks better. It is a collaborative tool that allows you to cooperate, communicate, and collaborate on productivity needs. The Last Pirates group on Trello was created in November 2021. This group reveals updates on challenges, tournaments, events, and general information to the Roblox gamers. 

Specifications of the Trello Last Pirates Group:

  • Rumby is the Owner and Modeler of this group.
  • Hara is the N4Animation designer. 
  • Zago and Fexortly are the scriptwriters for the group’s published content.

Current Group Members:

The Last Pirates Trello group has ten people with unique gaming names. They are listed as:

  • Ayanami Rei
  • FrozenVerse
  • Itzcha
  • Krakenx
  • Loona
  • Not Important
  • Saki
  • Toshio Senpai
  • Tsukinogi
  • Zane Galaxy

Last Pirates Roblox Specifications:

  • Six thousand two hundred eighty-three active members have started playing the Last Pirates game.
  • Ninety-five thousand seven hundred thirteen people have marked this game as their favourite.
  • Over 27.8M+ people have visited the official Last Pirates site until 8/2/2022
  • The Last Pirates game was created on 1st February 2021. 
  • This game was last updated on 7th February 2022. 
  • 13 is the actual server size of the Last Pirates game.
  • Last Pirates Trello belongs to all game genres.
  • The Last Pirates game does not allow gear use. 

What are the game controls?

  • Q is used for dash
  • Ctrl is used to sprint or run
  • Double spacebar is used to activate geppo
  • F is used to take a flash Step
  • J is used for an armament


After a long time, two leading platforms’ information has been presented on a single platform. If you are a Last Pirates game lover, you can read the official game page and Trello group’s details to get a better idea. Also, please share your views on our Last Pirates Trello post if you have anything to add to it.  

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