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Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds {Oct 2020} Check The Post Now!

Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds {Oct 2020} Check The Post Now! -> There is an inspiring story online that will give you laughs.

Everybody says that fast food is not suitable for the heart and overall health. How much truth does the statement contain? We will reveal a story that is true and living in today’s’ world to refute myths. Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds is an inspiring story that is spreading on online platforms like fire. 

McDonald’s have numerous outlets solely in the United States. The franchise is expensive to get; however, the food is affordable and tasty. Many of us are a die-hard fan of mc burgers, ice-creams, French fries, and other food menus. Please read this post to unroll an unbelievable story.

Who is Laura Fletcher?

Laura Fletcher is a blood-relative of Donna Fletcher who is a die-hard and old fan of McDonald’s. She is 100 years old and recently celebrated her birthday at McDonald’s. Besides, she is a regular customer, and the franchise decided to throw her birthday party at its premises. 

Who is Donna Fletcher?

Donna Fletcher is 100 years old lady who loves Noblesville view and McDonald’s fast food. She always wears a fancy veil that is her signature headwear. On her birthday, she manicured her nails with golden and shiny nail polish. She was surprised with a party by McDonald’s staff members. Besides, she is adored by every person around the locality.

Why is the story famous?

Scientists and doctors believe that fast food contains unsaturated fatty oils and acids, which are harmful to the heart. Many US citizens are addicted to fast food and suffer from heart conditions. However, Donna Fletcher is eating Mc food for years and turned 100 years old. Considering the information mentioned above, Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds has become a famous story in the United States.

What does Donna say?

The story is famous as Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds because Donna and her relatives are giving lively interviews. IndyStar questioned the relatives, and they said:

  • Donna shifted to Noblesville to enjoy the city’s view and McDonald’s burger.
  • Donna says she weighs much as compared to average old weight.
  • She is not concerned about the weight and height.
  • Donna shrunk from 5 feet and 2 inches in height. 


Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds has become a famous story in the US. A 100 years old lady, Donna Fletcher, has stunned the whole world with her love for Fast Food. Many readers are still sending blesses for her health and extended life-span. 

Final Verdict

Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds is misinterpreted with case 157: the strip case. Therefore, the story is turned into a Podcast. It is a diversion. Nevertheless, the story of Donna Fletcher is still famous and getting worldwide attention. You can check out the post on Indystar com. Moreover, you will be surprised to know the facts about her health. 

Donna Fletcher does not eat medicines and workout to maintain her health. However, she is fond of fast food and Noblesville view. She left her home and shifted to Noblesville for enjoying the city. Kindly comment your wishes down below!

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