5 Common Lawfirm SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Lawfirm SEO: Get a better understanding of why SEO is important for Law firms and what are the common mistakes lawyers need to avoid.

Running a successful law firm isn’t an easy job. You need not only a good team of lawyers but also an effective increase in client base to thrive. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

SEO is one of the significant digital marketing tools in the modern world, helping you enjoy long-term benefits without costing a fortune. With the help of SEO for lawyers, you can increase your online visibility and attract more organic traffic to your law firm website.

However, it is easier said than done. As a complex digital marketing component, successful SEO requires long-term commitment, in-depth research, and benchmarking. Failing to do so can prevent your website from ranking good on search results.

In this article, we will discuss the biggest red flags that can harm your lawyer’s SEO strategy if you don’t avoid them.

Irrelevant Backlinks

Gone are the days when every backlink was a good link. In this modern competitive time, Google emphasizes the quality and relevancy of links. Remember, poor quality or broken links can piss off visitors on your site, resulting in a higher bounce rate. It is why you must get relevant and valuable backlinks.

If you are not sure how to get the right people to link to you, hire the service of an A-listed SEO company for lawyers. With their years of experience and knowledge, you can excel in your link building journey.

Low-Quality Content

Content is immensely valuable, and it’s a no-brainer! Creating original quality content helps you achieve more credibility with search engines, leading to improvement in your website’s ranking. But, unfortunately, most lawyers don’t have sufficient time to put effort into content writing.

In such a case, you should outsource your content creation to the best SEO services for lawyers in 2022. They will be more likely to provide you with better results while saving your time.

Lack Of Mobile Friendliness

According to the Statista 2021 report, mobile web traffic accounts for approximately half (54.8%) of global website traffic. Thus, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you would lose the chance to rank well on search engines.

To ensure that your website is mobile friendly:

  1. Choose responsive web design – the recommended mobile configuration by Google.
  2. Use large and readable fonts.
  3. Ditch pop-ups
  4. Adjust button size and placements
  5. Avoid using flash
  6. Space out your links
  7. Regularly perform mobile testing

Not Prioritizing Site Loading Speed

Having a beautiful and appealing website isn’t enough. In addition, you need to properly optimize your site for fast loading speed to improve user experience.

Page load time is an important factor when working on Search Engine Optimization for lawyers. If the site doesn’t load within two to three seconds, visitors usually click away, increasing the bounce rate. It is why you need to make fast site loading speed your priority.

Hiring Incompetent SEO Company

The company you hire to accomplish SEO for law firm plays a vital role in your success. If it doesn’t meet your requirements or is not reliable enough to generate positive results, you break your chance of rising to the occasion.

The solution is to be tremendously careful during the hiring process. Ensure to look at the experience of the SEO agency and check clients’ reviews and testimonials. Besides, you can also post queries on online forums or conduct interviews to know more about the company.

The best SEO service for law firms will likely clear all your doubts and fulfill your SEO requirements to the best.

Bottom Line

In this era of digitalization, the only way to stand out is to rank higher on search engines. So, if you are passionate about taking your law firm practice to the next level, invest in SEO for lawyers while avoiding all mistakes mentioned above.

If you need expert guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best SEO company for lawyers in 2022. With the right approach, we bet you will put your law firm website in a shining position.

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