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Leaqueen Com Reviews (May) Is This Site Fooling You?

Leaqueen Com Reviews 2020

Leaqueen Com Reviews (May) Is This Site Fooling You? >> In this article you will understand Leaqueen and its products.

In this world of technology, where everything is working on machinery, people are more dependent on technological products rather than handmade ones. Consumers want everything as realistic as the original item. 

The need for online purchasing is increasing on a large scale. People are more dependent on internet buying instead of direct market purchasing. Hence, the need for online stores is unceasing every day. In this review report, you will get to know that Is Leaqueen Legit or not?.

We know that more online shops, the more the quality of an item suffers during production. It may lead to consumers also suffering from cheating and scams. By our review report will help you in getting better results before buying anything online. 

In this analysis report, you will understand about Reviews. The company Leaqueen is from the United States. 

Let’s understand about the site in detail, 

What is Leaqueen? 

It is an online store selling realistic-looking silicon-based reborn infant dolls. These dolls are producing for newborn babies and kids. The age group that comes under its selling are from zero to twelve months.

The toys are unique and attractive, looking as if we are watching a real newborn baby. But, a kid’s toy needs to go through all the testing and safety precautions before we but it from the site.

The customer care of the website is also a good one at listening to complaints. The web store sells customer-based dolls for children. This article will let you understand that Is Leaqueen Legit or not?. Also, you will get to know about Reviews

Specifications of Leaqueen 

  • Website: 
  • Email id: 
  • Address: 40644 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, United States 
  • Company Name: Leaqueen LLC 
  • Processing Time: 5-9 business days 
  • Shipping Time: 3-10 business days 
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping over products about $99 
  • Refund Policy: Within 114 days of receiving the receipt 

Pros of choosing Leaqueen 

  • The website offers free shipping on the products above $99 price. 
  • The site giving 10% off on 2 items purchased with a unique code – DOLLS. 

Cons of choosing Leaqueen 

  • The website selling the dolls must need a security check before using.
  • There is no official contact number mentioned on the site. 

Is Leaqueen Legit or not? 

The company Leaqueen is selling kid’s dolls based on custom products. The items need a security examination before using. Further, infants will be playing with these toys and so it shall meet the quality requirements too. 

We have collected all the correct information about the site so, you may not worry after reading our article. In this article report, you will understand about Reviews. Also, you get to know that Is Leaqueen Legit or not?. 

Customer Reviews 

There is no specific rating and feedback option given by the store under its product section of the website. So, we couldn’t find the customer reviews about the dolls.

This makes the site to doubt about its products and selling of products. The feedback of consumers helps in the further buying process. But, here we are not able to find any genuine review about the site. But, we are doing our best to get you the best information about Reviews. 

Final Verdict 

The online shop is attracting its customers by showing the discount offers and free shipping techniques on the webpage of the website. It shows that it is luring the consumers to ma!e the but its items. 

Also, there is no consumer reviews option given on the site making us doubt about the products. The images shown on the site can be different from the original products. 

But, without genuine proof, we cannot judge any site. So, it’s better to read this article until the end to understand completely about the site. 

You need not go worried about online purchasing from the shop as we are here to assist you in every possible manner. Our review article will benefit you in your internet purchasing of products. 

But, before moving further in online buying you must read our article thoroughly to get exact information about the company and Is Leaqueen Legit or not?. So, you must not stress out for getting any frauds with you because our analysis report is here to support you in your buying technique. 

Hence, the complete knowledge about the website is must for the future purchasing of its commodities. This encourages other consumers as will for their further online buying. This review study will serve you in your purchasing process.

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    1. The email comes back as not being valid. I ordered a doll 5/5 and recieved it today but it is just a cheap $5 rubber doll nothing like what was pictured. I have contacted my bank to file fraud charges. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE. They ate located in China not the US. I call the US phone and contacted the address and it does not exist. Also called the Chamber of commerce in the town where it is supposed to be located and city offices who issue businesses a license and they also say it does not exist.

  1. BArbara Kelly im looking for my order it April 27 havent received my order yet the order # is 1414 when will i get my order says:

    i made an order April 27 and have not received it yet mi wondering what is the hold up my name id Barbara Kelly my order # is 1414 my phone number is (601)500-0004

  2. i tried emailing the company as well and have been sent back that the address is unable to receive mail due to being incorrect. can anyone help by providing a phone number? i believe this is a total scam. I am considering telling the news about this with my connections to media coverage.

    1. Yes please do this is a total scam I paid $180 for two dolls on this site it took a month and 3 days to get a doll and the doll was only 5 inches tall and it’s not even a reborn it is a doll from Walmart that I could have bought for $10 I am so pissed! This placed needs to be shutdown

    2. This is a business that does bait and switch. You’re fortunate if you receive what you purchase. You will most likely receive an ugly dollar store doll worth 1-5 dollars.

  3. I just want my money back, I don’t understand how places like this lend themselves to doing this kind of scam.
    My order is #2127, may 11 2020

  4. I ordered over a month ago and never received anything, despite their “shipping policies”. I attempted several times to email, with a delivery failure message received each time. A google search of this address revealed the address is a single family home with a picture of the home in a neighborhood. I am in the process of getting my money back through my bank as this sight is a scam. I have also reported them to the BBB. I suggest you all do the same.

  5. I ordered (Order #1227) a baby on my birthday May 4th and paid double for shipping to have it delivered within 12 days. Here it is May 22nd and still no baby. Cant email them as that address they post is undeliverable and comes right back to me. My Grand-daughters birthday has come and gone and she still dont have a present from her Grandmother. I have never been late with a present for my Grandkids and I have 10 of them. I am truely upset about this and I know alot of people in this town. I will not be recommending to anyone to use this site!

    Thanks for listening

    1. I literally ordered a doll for my daughter’s birthday on May 4th as well and still haven’t received anything.

  6. Same here. Email does not work. My granddaughter is so sad we have not got ours an it’s been a long time


  7. I bought a baby doll last week,my name is Miranda Holt,did I just get scammed. I’m worried that I won’t receive the doll or the money.

  8. This is complete bs. My daughter is so upset now. I have told her that I don’t think its going to come. we paid for 3-12 day shipping and still have not received ours either. I’m so pissed…..

  9. My fiance’ purchased a real life-like doll 2 weeks ago, it was due to be delivered this week. This morning I went online to do some shopping for the doll and the website kept giving me an oops something went wrong message. The entire site was deleted. No response from them. I am so angry that they think they can do this to people. I am trying to get my bank to cancel the check. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

  10. I ordered 2 dolls from them on May 3rd. The money came out of my account right away, but still no sign of the dolls. I’m in the process of getting my money back and will also report them.

  11. recived my package not happy the doll was a little itty bitty thing u buy from Walmart for 9.88 bank cant depute it no origin there to go through they keep changing there name

  12. I ordered one of the dolls also on May 13th. So far all I got was one email telling me they are getting ready to ship my order. When I emailed back, I couldn’t send it because the email address doesn’t exist. I can’t believe it!!! Not one person on the previous comments has gotten their order. They are just pocketing our $$. It definitely needs to be reported. What a shame!!!!

  13. Has anyone received a doll from Leaqueen?
    As soon as I ordered I checked my email for a confirmation ordered. Never received one
    I logged back into Leaqueen, it shows no orders. But my bank account showing they received payment. And after reading all the reviews. I feel like this truly is a SCAM.
    Has anyone received a doll ??

  14. People we got scammerd ..! You can’t get money back from a place w fake email address ..and I don’t understand how their PayPal address can’t be reached either.. and Google should be responsible for the scamming website poping up every time you look for an item !!

  15. I can not get a response from them & im going to call my bank & tell them that they are scammers & not a trusted company. They should be turned in. My girls was excited about getting these dolls but now I have to explain that they are a company that scams people. Even kids. Not right. Let’s see how this plays out.

  16. I ordered from them and paid extra for the shipping. It took more than a month to get the doll delivered. When I finally got it, it was absolutely nothing like the picture on their web site. I could have gone to Walmart and brought a better quality doll for less than half of what I paid. Couldn’t call or email them. I had my credit card reverse the payment. They are scammers!

  17. I haven’t received my order yet. I ordered May 20th. It is now June 12th….My granddaughter is going to be so broken-hearted. Shame on you Leaqueen!

  18. I know this is a scam! I ordered a doll for my granddaughters birthday and received nothing! When I looked up the charge on my card it is someplace in Poland!

  19. Same situation here. Ordered months ago and still no replies to email. I turned it in to the resolution center on PayPal. It’s 100% a scam site.

  20. Horrible. Ordered a newborn baby doll and it took 2 months to arrive. The cheap doll I received is NOT AT ALL what the website portrayed. I am furious. There needs to be a way to report this site and take it down! Non of the contact info is accurate.

  21. Ordered reborn doll. Went on site to check my info. Site was gone. Emailed them, email came back . Sent tracking info. Now I received like everyone else a dollar store doll! Trying to get money back, have been trying for about 3 months!

  22. I had the same terrible experience and I would like to raise more awareness about this “seller”! On May 15, 2020 I ordered for my daughters two 22″ baby dolls. Soon after placing my order I started to have serious suspicions regarding the seller and the website (no real contact info, no phone number, no valid email address – the emails returned as “not deliverable”). On June 2nd I opened complaints with PayPal, disputing the charge and requesting the orders to be canceled. While awaiting for a resolution on the disputes, the seller shipped the items and I received one of the dolls this past Saturday (6/28/2020), and one today (7/1/2020). These dolls look like chip plastic dolls and not at all as they are described on the website and shown in the pictures (I paid $137 for each of the dolls) . To make it worse, the two dolls I received are identical, although the orders were placed for two completely different dolls (22″ Little Emma Full Silicone Baby Doll” and 22″ Little Bonnie Brown Full Silicone Baby Doll”). It is very frustrating and disappointing that these sites are allowed to exist and the payments for their products are authorized by PayPal.

    1. We will assist you in making your delivery on time for next time, and for further queries, you may go for the official website and pick customer care numbers to know the refund policy or exchange your item. Thank you

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