Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated {Feb} What Is The Case?

Latest News Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated

Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated is a post to know how a teenager amputated his legs and fingers after eating the food from his roommates.

What food would you like to have for dinner/ lunch? Whether a freshly prepared food or leftovers from the other day? Undoubtedly, we all love eating varieties of foods and do not want to waste them. Therefore, people usually keep the leftovers so that they utilize them another day.

But in today’s post, we will see how Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated a young guy. The person is a resident of the United States. And this news is now getting renewed attention on the internet as people are now showing their worries for the leftovers.

What is the news about?

A video posted on YouTube is getting viral, which is based on a case published in the New Journal of Medicine 2021. The video is posted on the channel named Chubbyemu, which Dr Bernard Hsu runs. Dr Bernard is a licensed toxicologist and used to post medical videos in the form of stories.

However, the video posted on the 17th of February 2022 is related to “Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated” And it has got nearly millions of views and shared multiple times among different users.

Detailed news information:

Strange things happen to a 19 years man named JC, a college student. The young man started getting pain in his stomach after eating rice, noodles, and chicken that was stored in the fridge. 

The food was leftovers from his other roommate, who did not consume whole food a day before and stored it in the refrigerator. A few hours later, after eating, he started puking, felt weak, suffered shortness of breath, and fainted on the ground in unconsciousness.

How Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated for this person?

Before admitting to the hospital, the person also has neck stiffness, purplish skin, and blurry vision. After admitting to the hospital, multiple tests and reports indicated the person had a deadly bacterial infection, Neisseria meningitides. Due to this, he suffered a blood clot, high blood pressure, and multiple organ failure.

Later, doctors also found that JC has not taken the total dose of the meningococcal conjugate vaccine. In addition, he has also not taken a complete serogroup B meningococcal vaccine dose. JC had numerous problems and infections after eating Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated below his knees.

How do we make leftover food safe?

Leftovers, if staying for a long time, it is the home of bacteria and ultimately cause food poisoning once consumed. So it is best to cook how much is required and ensure whatever is left consumed within 2-4 hours. Moreover, you can also heat the food at a high temperature to kill the bacteria. But if food smells stale, it is better to throw them than bring disease to the body.


It was complete information on the viral news on how Leftover Noodles Legs Amputated a 16 years old young man. You can watch the video story on A student eat Leftover Noodles left his Legs Amputated here.

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