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Do you want to know the lewis hamilton met gala net worth? Scroll down this post and know his early life, career, and annual net worth.  

Undoubtedly, Lewis is one of the biggest stars in Formula one stars. He has held the bundle of world records in his pocket, including seven of the World Championships. He is created his name in sports. Therefore he has a huge fan base across the globe, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom

He is a big star, so people are always eager to know the lewis hamilton met gala net worth, his personal life, upcoming projects, and many more. So, scroll down this article and see the information. 

About Lewis Hamilton

The full name of Lewis Hamilton is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, a British racer who won numerous achievements in his career. Currently, he competes in one of the most challenging races, Formula one for Mercedes, in which he won a joint-record seven “7 World’s Driver’s, championship title.” 

He started his career in racing in 2007, and he impressed the audience on his first day. Since then, he never looks after and continues to achieve milestones. Thus, lewis hamilton met gala net worth increases. 

In 2008, he won his first title, “talent of the world,” in the world championship. Then in 2019, he joined Mercedes, midfield team. He often loses his match, but in 2014 he lost the season championship and was very dominated by that time.

Lewis Hamilton Facts    

  • Full Name- Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton
  • Birth Date- January 7, 1985
  • Occupation- Racing driver
  • Parents- Anthony & Carmen Hamilton
  • Nationality- British
  • Career points- 3999.5
  • First win- 2007, Canadian Grand Pix
  • Podiums- 175
  • Total wins- 99

Lewis Hamilton Championships and Endorsements

To calculate the lewis hamilton met gala net worth, we have covered his sources of income. Being consistent in championships, he achieved a great position in his life. He won a Trophy of seven World Championships and 99 wins in his entire career. Also, he has achieved the highest pole positions in Formula 1. 

In the 2019 championship, he won by 413 points. Further, he earned 317 points in the 2020 World Championship, which is close to Schumacher’s record. So, coming to his endorsements, he enjoys this field a lot. He majorly promotes fashionable wear, sine his interest in designing. Therefore, he has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger. Also, he is associated with brands like Puma, IWC, Bell Helmets, etc.

lewis Hamilton met gala net worth

Being an as talented boy and won so many titles along with collaboration with best brands reflects his basic/average salary would be $30 million, including his bonuses. As per Forbes, 2019-2020, his average income would be $50 million as of May 2020. So, roughly we can estimate his annual income up to $285 million. 

The reports say in February 2021, Lewis has signed a one-year contract with Mercedes, which naturally boosted his income to $55 million. Also, he has signed a 2-years contract with Brackley outfit that reportedly says $14 million. 

For more information on Lew’s achievements and income, visit his official website

The Bottom Line

We hope you found lewis Hamilton met gala net worth article best to read. Lewis Hamilton is enjoying a luxurious life only because he continues with his goals and achieves the biggest success. So are you a big fan of this racing driver? If yes, so share your views about this famous personality with us.

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