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Lifepigment Reviews (Jan) Is Lifepigment Legit Or Scam?


Lifepigment Reviews (Jan) Is Lifepigment Legit Or Scam? >> This post will help you elucidate all your doubts regarding the website’s reliability that sells multiple products.

Is Lifepigment Scam? Or the site is legit? If you are also curious to know about it, you are most welcome in this review session.

Nowadays, many online stores are available on the internet, claiming to provide the best quality goods at fair prices. But we can’t trust each of it as the internet scam is also rising rapidly. Due to this reason, we are here to provide you honest Lifepigment Reviews regarding the e-store that deals with multiple products. 

Furthermore, Lifepigment is the experienced store and has an excellent team of professionals to achieve its goal. The site has captured a colossal customer base of the United States, Canada, and other parts of the globe and has further plans to expand its reach worldwide.

Lifepigment has excellent promotional and marketing strategies to grab the targeted audience’s attention. Similarly, to know about its offers and discounts, please read further. 

What is Lifepigment?

Lifepigment is the Ecommerce Company that deals in several products like household, kitchen, tools, beauty, toys, health care, clothing, outdoor and accessories, etc. The site is claiming to deliver all your requirements at your doorstep. Besides this, the site has more than one year of experience in this online business, founded in July 2019. 

Lifepigment has also developed a good understanding of the customer’s preferences and tastes. In addition to this, the site is having a worldwide shipping facility, including the United States and Canada. Moreover, the site has a young team of professional that makes brilliant marketing strategies to attract people. 

Shoppers can save up to 70% as the site provides big money-saving offers in which you have to spend less to get your desired products. Apart from it, the Lifepigment store has other additional offers like free shipping on the purchase of $99.99+, sale and sign up to get the coupon, etc.

It would be best if you didn’t make any decision in a hurry. For this reason, we are suggesting you go through these Lifepigment Reviews till the end and then take any action because we have noted some suspicious points regarding this e-store. 

What are the specifications of Lifepigment?

  • URL of the site-
  • Available products – Multiple items (tools, clothing, household, and healthcare, etc.)
  • Office location – 19H Maxgrand Plaza, No.3 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon,HongKong
  • Support service mail – 
  • Contact number – Not provided
  • Sale & offers – multiple discounting offers are available.
  • Delivery time – 10-30 business days 
  • Delivery fee – Free delivery of the orders over $99.99
  • Return of order – within 30 days.
  • Refund amount – 3-5 business days 
  • Newsletter – enabled 
  • Order tracking – enabled 
  • Guarantee – 30 days money back 
  • Payment ways – American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Paypal

Let us understand more about Lifepigment Reviews. Please stay connected.

What are the benefits of buying from Lifepigment?

  • Customers will get hot deals and offer from the store as they have up to 70% off its entire collection.
  • Lifepigment has a flexible return, and refund policy as shoppers can return the goods within 30 days and get the refund in 3-5 business days.  
  • You will also enjoy an additional instant discount by subscribing to its newsletter.
  • The site includes all your requirements under the single roof. 

What are the drawbacks of buying from Lifepigment?

  • There are mixed Lifepigment Reviews published on the internet. 
  • The site is not active on any of the social media handles. 
  • The office address mentioned on the website might be fake. 
  • The content of the website seems copied. 

Is Lifepigment Scam?

Lifepigment is the ecommerce store that holds multiple items like pet supplies, electronic gadgets, tools, accessories, beauty products, etc. Customers can get affordable deals from the store as it is providing a massive discount on its products. 

The store has mentioned positive customer reviews on it, but we have discovered an unsatisfactory response from the online sources.

However, Is Lifepigment Scam? Thus, we can’t be able to comment on the store’s legitimacy. 

What are the buyer’s reviews regarding Lifepigment?

We have gathered positive customer feedback regarding the store from its official site. People said the delivery is so fast, the products are excellent, and the store has perfect after sell service. Still, we can’t entirely rely on it as it might be untrue because no valid customer id is mentioned. On the contrary, we have found an unsatisfactory response from the internet regarding its reviews.

Bottom Line 

We believe that the Lifepigment store is not entirely safe as the site does not have any reliable evidence. The customer feedback that we have found on the site might be clichéd, as no valid customer ID is available. Therefore, we advise you to check everything from your side before purchasing anything from the store. Kindly contact us via the comments section below and share these Lifepigment Reviews with others. 


  1. lifepigment is a scam I ordered items a month ago was told it would be delivered within 7-10 days they finial sent a tracking number that says usps has not received the items only tracking label was made, they never answer my emails only auto reply I asked for refund and they will not reply looking to find other people that have had same issue so we can file class action in court

    1. Hi There
      We have run into the same issue. Places the order in November and still have not received it yet. Received a tracking number but it is in chinese. Also emailed them with no response.

  2. My experience with ordering from lifepigment has been very, very unsatisfactory. They are totally unreachable when you are trying to find out what happened to your package, or to get a refund on that package that wasn’t delivered. Their package tracking system is useless. They don’t respond to emails or complaints. Oh, and that refund??? You can forget ever seeing That!

  3. After waiting for weeks after I ordered I contacted these clowns. They could not find my order. Then I find that they charged me TWICE for the unshipped item. Lastly, they say the item is being shipped from China, something that is not disclosed upfront. To add insult to injury, I found the same item on ebay for 1/3 the cost. STAY AWAY!!! never again!

  4. Are u a legit company. I ordered in nov. and I see now that it wont make it before christmas so I guess u should give me my money back.Really disappointerd Diane Elliott

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