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Lifetimenew com Reviews (May) Is this a Scam Website?

Lifetimenew com Reviews 2020

Lifetimenew com Reviews (May) Is this a Scam Website? >> In this article, we review Lifetimenew, an online store that sells several custom products.

In search of toys or other related items to gift a child at their birthday party? Or maybe you’re looking to buy one to gift it to a relative’s kid, or your own. In that case, you’ll require a platform where you can purchase high-quality toy items that also come with an impressive price tag. We know one such platform, it’s a website called LifeTimeNew. 

We have taken a look at reviews, and according to them, their products are of premium build and extremely durable quality. They have different types of products and items, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the kind of thing you want. 

LifeTimeNew is based out of the  United States and enjoys a little amount of popularity in the country. It has little to no reach and popularity outside of the United States. 

In our Lifetimenew com Reviews, we will take a look at all the necessary details about this website that you need to be aware of before making a purchase.

What is LifeTimeNew?

Lifetimenew is an online store that sells custom products like toys and several other related items for several hobbies. They claim to have an enormous collection of all kinds of custom products for every passion, sports or hobby. Their product range is extensive.

Let’s take a detailed and in-depth look at all information about Lifetimenew like it’s shipping policies, returns and refunds policies as given below. We’ll also answer the issue- Is legit?

Lifetimenew Specifications:

  • Website- toys and custom products
  • Email-
  • Address- unavailable
  • Contact No-  unavailable
  • Shipping period- within two days (worldwide delivery)
  • Delivery time- 12-20 days (faster, paid delivery options also available)
  • Returns- The product can be returned within 14 days of purchasing the item.
  • Exchange- This policy is present.
  • Refund-  within a few days of receiving the defective item.
  • Payment- Paypal only.

Is LifeTimeNew legit?

Lifetimenew is a new website that does not have a lot of popularity. So, it becomes essential that we confirm the legitimacy of Lifetimenew. We cannot say for certain if it is a scam. It is because Lifetimenew does not have any information about itself on the website. This information includes necessary pieces of information like email, contact number, and address.

All of the information mentioned above other than mail is absent on the website. It raises some serious concerns. We’re not sure if this site is legit. Calling Lifetimenew a scam without any concrete evidence will also not be fair. Thus, to answer is legit? We’re not sure.

Pros Of Lifetimenew:

  • They have a vast collection of several custom products.
  • Their pricing is not expensive and quite reasonable.
  • They provide a free delivery option which, however, is time taking.
  • All policies like an exchange, refund and return are available on Lifetimenew.
  • They have worldwide delivery options.

Cons Of Lifetimenew:

  • There are some serious concerns regarding the legitimacy of Lifetimenew.
  • They charge a shipping fee for faster delivery options.
  • They’re not comfortable on returns and exchanges.
  • The products are expensive for users outside of the United States.

What do the users have to say about Lifetimenew?

Although Lifetimenew lets it’s users post their opinions about any product and review them, we were unable to find even a handful of user Lifetimenew com Reviews despite looking at several products. Even on other platforms, we could still only see a few reviews.

Of the few reviews that we were able to collect, we found that majority of those reviews were positive and praised Lifetimenew for the quality of their products. There were some complaints as well that claimed that Lifetimenew was not easy on returns. Returning a damaged product proved very difficult for a particular user as he complained that the site denied his claim several times even though his product was broken entirely.

The positive Reviews were higher in number.

Final Verdict

It’s time to conclude our Lifetimenew com Reviews and pass a decision. As mentioned previously, we cannot confirm if this website is entirely legit. There are several benefits of purchasing from Lifetimenew, such as their quality products, worldwide delivery and their extensive collection. But serval drawbacks are also present as mentioned above in the cons such as it’s authenticity among others.

To our readers, we suggest you purchase from Lifetimenew at your own risk. We cannot confirm the safety of your purchase. Readers who do not wish to purchase from this website have several other options.

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