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Lily Beach Resort Maldives Reviews {Dec} A Must Stay!

Lily Beach Resort Maldives Reviews 2020

Lily Beach Resort Maldives Reviews {Dec} A Must Stay! >> Read about luxurious resort on a private island that is offering free Covid test to its customers.

Who would love a great vacation after this pandemic? Lily Beach Resort Maldives Reviews brings you a great place for your vacation craving. It’s been more than six months that many people in the United States haven’t got the opportunity to go out for a vacation due to the pandemic. 

Are you also craving a vacation? Are you worried about getting infected?

Yes, the chances of getting infected remain in the ongoing pandemic. But don’t worry, we will introduce you to Lily Beach Resort, which has been trending.

Let’s see what this resort is! And why this resort has been trending even during the pandemic?

What is the resort as  Lily Beach Resort Maldives Reviews? 

The Lily Beach Resort is an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives. It is situated on a private island, on a clear blue Indian Ocean. This luxury resort features grand villas, which give the people direct access to the beach

Each villa is around or greater than 76 meters square in space and comes with a private luxurious semi-open bathroom. Some villas also come with their private swimming pools. The villas offer great amenities like coffee machines, minibars, Wi-Fi, TV, and even Bluetooth speakers. 

The resort has recently introduced three new luxury villas: the beach suite, Beach suite with pool, and Beach residence. Lily Beach Resort Maldives Water Villa has been a very famous attraction for many people in this resort.

What is exactly happening?

The Lily Beach Resort is now trending because this luxurious resort is offering now to its customers a free Covid-19 PCR test. The resort will let its customers avail of a free-test before departure if the customers require it. Two adults and one child can avail of this test for free per booking at the resort. And this has made it a feature on the trending list as it saves time and avoids any inconvenience which the passengers might have to face during their travel.

Another thing on the trending list is Where Is Lily Beach Maldives.The resort is located in Huvahendhoo in the Maldives, around 15k kilometers from the United States.

What is people’s reaction to it?

Even as things open up, certain people are still worried about going on a vacation as the pandemic has not died. But the free Covid-19 PCR test offered by the resort has brought a sense of relief to many people. 

And therefore, many people have expressed their interest in visiting the resort on social media. As the resort is offering the free test, it is an all in one inclusive place with great amenities, so people without worries can relax.

Conclusion from Lily Beach Resort Maldives Reviews

We would like to suggest our readers planning to go for a vacation in the Maldives to try this resort. The resort offers excellent luxurious villas with great amenities. And the entire property is on a private island, and therefore the chances of interaction with others reduce significantly. 

And the free Covid-19 PCR is a bonus for travellers to make their travels hassle-free. Do let us know your views in the comments below. 

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