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Linda Ropa Reviews {August 2020} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Linda Ropa Reviews {August 2020} - Is It Scam Or Legit

Linda Ropa Reviews {August 2020} – Is It Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, we looked at factors to help you choose whether the clothing store is genuine.

Are you one of those who are worried about hunting for a place where you can buy your favorite clothes?

To any woman, they aspire to look good for any occasion, and clothing for them is also one way they express themselves. If you see women in the United Kingdom or the United States, they are one of the fashionable ladies. They have a huge collection of beautiful clothes. 

Linda Ropa Reviews saw the buying behavior of ladies. We understand they pay a lot of money on clothes and shoes. Furthermore, there are different platforms where you can buy apparel online. 

From the looks of the online shop, you can be deceived by its layout and fake reviews. So, we have checked all the points to examine whether the site is legit or should not be trusted. 

What is Linda Ropa? 

Linda Ropa is an online shopping site that focused on women’s apparel living in the US or the United Kingdom. They are dedicated to offering the coolest design in a wide variety of clothing. The website mostly caters to only women. You can find various categories of women’s clothing, such as tops, bottoms, art-printed shirts, dresses, etc.

Specifications of Linda Ropa:

  • Type of Website: – Online store for woman clothing 
  • Website address: – 
  • Shipping: Charges based on where you reside
  • Shipping time: 3-7 days and two weeks for high volume orders. 
  • Returns: 30-day no-hassle return policy
  • Return address: Not stated  
  • Cancellation and Refunds: Not stated  
  • Company location: Not stated  
  • Customer contact:
  • Company’s email: Not specified  
  • Payment types: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover and Paypal 

Benefits of Linda Ropa?

  • You can find a range of trendy women’s clothing.
  • The products have affordable prices.
  • It is protected by HTTPS protocol. 
  • A complete description of the products and size variations available. 

Demerits of Linda Ropa?

  • The site is new, and the domain is one month old. 
  • There is no return or refund address. 
  • There is no contact number or owner details. 
  • No mention of customer reviews. 
  • Social media accounts are not specified. 

Is Linda Ropa legit or scam?

Linda Ropa seems like a suspicious it from the very first look of it and raises many red flags. Linda Ropa Reviews mentioned all the details about the site to know why you should avoid this website. Our team checked where this site is located, and we have found that this site is registered in Canada.

If anything goes awry with your order, you will have no information about the company to contact them. There is a severe lack of contact information and no way to reach the physical address or a contact number. The age of the website is also new and only registered one month ago. 

We tried to find the site on another site, and the site that has a wide variety of women’s clothes has an absence of all the social media forms. This is one major red flag. 

The site has an only email address, which is not sufficient proof to make it credible. One month is a short time to judge any online shopping website. So, Linda Ropa might be the scam store.

Customer’s viewpoints about Linda Ropa  

The Linda Ropa Reviews knows that online store is all about creating a trusted bond between consumer and company.

For instance, if you are a clothing store with a different style, you should build a long-term relationship with your woman customers. In this case, this website has lots of things to hide. We couldn’t find ant owner info on their” About Us” page, and even SNS accounts are also not there. 

There is a paucity of diversity in their store, and we have found thy only cater to the United States and United Kingdom consumers. No customer seems to buy the item from this website as we couldn’t find any good or bad customer reviews and ratings.

Final Verdict:

The website is clearly is not genuine and never want the buyer to lose their money. These scam sites tend never to deliver the orders and misuse the credit card details. We would not suggest anyone buy from Linda Ropa as your sensitive monetary information is at stake. 

On top of that, the site is pretty new, and no owner detail or addresses are mentioned. There is just an email address available and nothing else. There is no physical presence of this store, and the site cannot be trusted. 

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