Lion Legends NFT (Nov) Digital Art Collection Of NFTs!

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Have you discovered the complete details, such as features of Lion Legends NFT? If you are keen to know facts, then read this carefully.

Do you wish to get details on the digital artwork that is stored on the blockchain? Seems interesting! Then dive into this post to get the latest updates. 

The NFTs manage the Blockchain gaming industries that, along with digital assets, play a vital role in increasing their demand over the Internet. Furthermore, each token is rare and indivisible, facilitating the Worldwide users to drive the optimum value. 

Also, NFTs prevent duplication by employing cryptographic technology, because of which it is receiving much admiration. 

So, let us discuss a token with multiple features, i.e., Lion Legends NFT.

What is Cardano?

It is a public blockchain platform that was founded by its co-founder Charles Hoskinson in the year 2015. In addition, this blockchain is decentralized and open-source, mitigating the risk of failure. 

Cardano has its internal cryptocurrency named ‘Ada’ that provides efficient transactions within the platform. However, it is regarded as the largest cryptocurrency to utilize proof-of-stake blockchain. 

Now, we will talk about the well-liked NFT collection site, which Cardano supports. 

Introducing Lion Legends

Over Cardano, it showcases the huge collection of 3D Lion Legends NFT, providing different facilities. In addition, the story revolves around some lions which are preserved for years in their native place. As a result, they want to free themselves and enjoy their everyday life in the jungle. 

Thus, they need our help to support them in their plan, in which you have to mint/buy their token. Therefore, kindly make sure that you can free only one lion by mining a single NFT at a time, thus facilitating the lions to free them into the wild. 

Facts of Lion Legends NFT

There are about 5555 NFTs present over Lion Legends, which is exclusively unique. However, if you mint one NFT, then its price on Cardano is 55 ADA each. 

How To Buy The NFTs?

If you are eagerly waiting to buy NFTs, then kindly follow the steps:

  • Follow the countdown on the official website. As it will turn ‘0’, a popup will appear with a ‘Buy’ option.
  • Press on the button.
  • Then a next page will appear, showing you their wallet address. 
  • Send 55 ADA to the wallet to gain your Lion Legends NFT.

Points To Be Remembered During The Transaction 

  • Use a ‘Shelley Era’ wallet to pay.
  • Don’t pay from other exchanges; doing so might cause you to lose ADA.
  • You should receive NFTs within an hour. 

Gamers’ Reaction 

Most players have commented that it is an interesting project, and they’re looking excited to see more updates. 

Final Words 

In this post, we have discovered the full details of Lion Legends, which has a huge stack of NFTs. Also, the write-up has taught us about a popular blockchain Cardano, which you can use for exchanging Lion Legends NFT

In addition, it is seen that Lion Legends have 5555 NFTs, through which you can free each lion. However, you can buy NFTs within an hour through a Shelley era wallet. Kindly visit here for gamers’ reviews

Do you think that these NFTs are beneficial? Inform your thoughts in the comment box. 

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