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Liseel Review [July] Is This Site a Legit One or Not?

Liseel Review 2020
Liseel Review [July] Is This Site a Legit One or Not? -> In the above article, you read about a site dealing with innovative and guaranteed products in different categories.

New websites are coming up daily with new and unique products. They give unlimited offers on the products to attract customers initially. But all these new sites do not prove their authenticity, thus making it difficult for their customers to trust them. 

In this article about Liseel Review, you’d get to know more about the site. You can read all the relevant information about it below, including its facts, pros, and cons. After reading this, you can easily conclude whether the site is safe or not, can secure transactions be done from the website.

Liseel is an online webstore dealing with baby products, power tools, and vacuum cleaners. The site is from the United States, and people are frequently placing the orders from the same. 

The site has said all the links on its webpage and mentioned its policies and conditions. But this does not anyhow justify the authenticity of the website. Below is the article about Liseel Review, some specifications and other essential points are mentioned about the site. These will help you decide, Is Liseel Legit?

What is Liseel?

Liseel is an online webstore dealing with multiple product categories. The site deals with power products, baby products, and vacuum cleaners. Power tools include lithium batteries, and polishing saw carving kit, drill machines, and many other products.

The site also offers various options in vacuum cleaners, different sizes, colors, and specifications. All the products mentioned above can be grabbed from the site at discounted prices. The site offers a massive discount on its products to attract customers. 

Also, they have mentioned that they allow easy returns policy. This means that the products can be returned hassle-free, without any complications. Also, they have specified that they refund the desired amount to the buyer’s account. 

Specifications of Liseel:

  • Website: Deals with baby products, power products, and vacuum cleaners.
  • Email:
  • Address: Not mentioned on the site.
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned on the site.
  • Shipping Time: 2-3 business days after order placement.
  • Shipping Cost: Not specified on the site.
  • Delivery: 7-13 business days
  • Returns/Exchange: Can be requested with 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • Refunds: Initiated within a few days, exact days not mentioned
  • Cancellation: Only before the order is shipped.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit, and Debit Card

Pros of Liseel:

  • Deals with products in multiple categories.
  • Claims to have the best quality products.
  •  The website is SSL Certified.

Cons of Liseel:

  • The site has mentioned its polices in a different language.
  • They have not said about its returns policies.
  • The site has not specified its address and contact number on the webpage.

Is Liseel legit?

We have studied the site and also discovered a few points about the same. We have mentioned it below, which will provide you with clarity of the same. The points mentioned will also give you clarity about the legitimacy of the site. 

The site has not precisely mentioned about its policies. They have given enough information about the same. But the only fault is that they have mentioned it in some other language, rather than English. This makes it difficult for buyers to understand the policies. 

Also, the site has not mentioned anything about its returns and refund policies. The buyers face difficulty while returning the order. The site has also not said anything about its address, and contact number. Buyers are not able to contact the website in case of any queries. 

The points mentioned above are thus enough to prove the authenticity of the site, and it can be concluded that the site is a scam, and it could be riskier to place orders from the same. There might be possibilities that you won’t receive the order, or in case you received it, you won’t be able to request a package for the returns or exchanges.

Below are some customer reviews which will help you know about the buyers’ experience.

What are customers saying about Liseel?

The site has a significant drawback that they haven’t mentioned customer reviews on their website. Buyers are unable to compare the experience of others. Some of the reports specified on different platforms are discussed below.

Customers are not much satisfied with the site; they have mentioned that they have faced difficulties on the website. They have specified that the site does not deliver the order at the indicated time. They have also written that they faced problems returning the package, or while asking for the refunds. the site does not respond to their queries on time, or sometimes they are even ignored. 

Final Verdict:

The site is young, and its domain was purchased a few weeks ago. This thus decreases the trust on the site, as we cannot find much information about it online. 

Hence, we can conclude that the site is a scam, also we recommend that you not to place an order from the website, unless entirely sure of it.

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