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List Of Private Prisons By State (Feb) Some Facts!

List Of Private Prisons By State (Feb) Some Facts! >> The write-up is to update the readers about the new move taken by President Biden’s administration concerning private prisons.

The United States Prison System holds around 2.3 million prisoners approx by 2020. All these prisoners are held for different criminal acts, ranging from murder to grand auto theft, to petty robbery and drug possession. With such a large number of prisoners, the necessity of prisons to hold the criminal increases. It has compelled the government to seek for the private prison system and hence the List of Private Prisons by State has increased in recent past.    

But, after President Joe Biden took over the Trump Administration, the first order released by his administration is to terminate the reliance on private prison. Let’s know more about it. 

What is the Private Prison System by State?

A private prison is a for-profit prison different from the government or federal prisons. It is the prison where criminals are imprisoned by a third party contracted by the federal government agency. The private prison companies sign agreement with the federal government in the United States to imprison the criminals until released by the court.

These private prison companies charge government either for monthly or for each prisoner in the facility. The contract is for the design or utilization of the facility. The private prison system is controversial, and hence after President Biden came into power, he first ordered the Department of Justice to terminate the dependence on these private prisons.  

President also ordered the attorney general to avoid renewing the federal contracts with the private prison system because of the poor conditions and insufficient facilities for inmates. The List of Private Prisons by State is enormous, and all facilities will receive an order for contract cancellation soon. 

What is the Order About?

President Joe Biden took multiple high-profile decisions after coming into power. All these decisions focus on enhancing racial equity across society, including discrimination in America’s housing policies and termination of the contract with private prisons. 

President Biden wants to conclude the mass incarceration as it impacts the people of colour inaptly. So, he ordered the attorney general to cancel the contracts with the private prisons and detention facilities. President also added that the List of Private Prisons by State is vast and they are making profits without offering safe facilities and services to the inmates.       

The decision affects the two leading private prison companies, CoreCivic Inc and GEO Group Inc.

The List of Private Prisons by State

Here is the list of private prisons in America state-wise:

  • Adams County Correctional Center 
  • Arizona State Prison
  • Corizon
  • Cimarron Correctional Facility
  • Central Arizona Correctional Facility 
  • Cornell Companies
  • Correctional Services Corporation
  • Correctional Services Corp v. Malesko
  • CoreCivic
  • Crystal City Correctional Center
  • Davis Correctional Facility  
  • Delta Correctional Facility
  • Kids for Cash
  • GEO Group
  • Lawton Correctional Facility
  • Management and Training Corporation
  • New Castle Correctional Facility
  • North Fork Correctional Facility  

The List of Private Prisons by State is quite significant as there are forty facilities, and mentioning all the names in one post is impossible. 


There are millions of inmates housed in the privately operated prisons, of which majority of the private jails save the government’s money. However, some are costing more per prisoner compared to public prisons. Plus, they are lacking in necessary facilities and can offer services to inmates as per contract. So, President Biden decided to terminate the agreement with private prison and signed the memorandum on Tuesday. 

If you have anything to add about the news and update others or want to know more about the List of Private Prisons by State, please write it down in the comments section.

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