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Lit Solar Reviews (May) Another Scam or Legit site?

Lit Solar Reviews (May) Another Scam or Legit site? >> In this article, we review Lit solar, a solar equipment manufacturer, and an online store.

Electricity has become an essential part of our lives. Our livelihood depends upon electricity now. From TVs to refrigerators, everything runs on electricity. But often you find yourself in need of electricity when the power’s out. Or maybe you spend a lot of electricity and have an expensive electricity bill. We can help you with that. It would help if you got yourself solar panels. That way, you can get electricity through natural sources and save some of your money. We know one site which sells some of the best solar equipment, Lit Solar.

Lot Solar Reviews provide us the information that their solar equipment are very efficient and affordable. Most of their machines are backed by a guarantee, they are of excellent quality and are very useful when it comes to converting solar energy into electricity.

Lit Solar has recently grown several folds in the United States. Lit Solar has achieved a fair amount of success in the US. They have already sold a massive number of items in the region. 

Now we will look at the other details related to this website. 

What is Lit Solar?

Lit Solar is an online store that sells different types of solar equipment. Their equipment are cheap and has gained a reputation for being very efficient. They manufacture solar panels of their own, which are available on the site as well. They have different equipment such as Solar Panels, Solar Charges, Solar Powerbanks, Solar Backpacks, to name a few. 

All the other necessary information about Lit Solar is present below.

Specifications Of Lit Solar:

  • Website-  Solar equipment.
  • Email- unknown
  • Address- unknown
  • Contact No- unknown
  • Shipping period- fast shipping period, duration unclear.
  • Delivery time- fast deliveries, duration unclear.
  • Returns- The product are eligible for return within 60 days of making the purchase.
  • Exchange- Products are available with an exchange policy.
  • Refund- most products are applicable for refund.
  • Payment- Paypal/ Credit Card/ Debit Card

Is Lit Solar legit?

Now let’s discuss the issue if Lit Solar is legit or not. To be aware of the authenticity of the site is very important before purchasing from any website. When it comes to the authenticity of Lit Solar, we believe it is entirely legit.

The site has only been around for a couple of years, but Lit Solar has been around for quite some time. Although the contact number is missing, that is no reason to believe that Lit Solar is a scam. Their products have made them quite popular in their industry and they have gathered a significant amount of acclaim. Thus, we think that Lit Solar is legit.

Pros Of Lit Solar:

  • They offer superior quality and extremely efficient solar equipment.
  • The pricing of the products is reasonable.
  • Their delivery period is relatively faster.
  • A massive 60-day return policy.
  • All policies like return, refund and exchange are present.

Cons Of Lit Solar:

  • Delivery charges may apply in a few cases.
  • The phone number of Lit Solar is absent on the site.
  • No means of delivery outside the US.
  • Non-US users will find Lit Solar expensive.

What are the customers saying about Lit Solar?

Several user and customer reviews were available on the website. We also searched a few other platforms to collect Lit Solar Reviews to gain more useful and trustable information about Lit Solar.

The reviews were mostly in favor of Lit Solar. Several positive reviews claimed that the users were delighted with their products. Lit Solar also received praise for its quick deliveries. A few users had complaints about their build design or their portability. Few did not find the product to be as efficient as they expected.

Despite a few complaints, the positive Lit Solar Reviews were much more in number than them.

Final Verdict

All the necessary information about Lit Solar has been provided above, which we have already gone through. It’s time to arrive at a conclusion.

The Lit Solar equipment are of excellent quality and are known to work wonderfully. They are incredibly efficient in their functioning. There are a few disadvantages like their shipping charges, which in turn makes the delivery faster. Users outside of the United States may find Lit Solar equipment expensive.

Our readers, we suggest you purchase a Lit Solar equipment if you wish to save money and electricity. You do not have to worry about Lit Solar being a fraud.

0 thoughts on “Lit Solar Reviews (May) Another Scam or Legit site?

    1. Don’t do it they took my money and haven’t replied to any of my emails it’s coming up on a month and I haven’t received anything

      1. I ordered an item in may 2020 and have heard nothing from the company since. I wrote to them several times via email with no response. We t to web site to find out it isn’t there anymore. So what’s up with them if they been around for a couple of years? Anyone know the facts?

    2. Also purchased a product from lit solar 2 months ago and never received it, also they will not respond to any inquiries about the order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

      1. They took my money and did not provide product. Additionally, they STOLE MY CREDIT CARD INFO and have used it!
        I have not used the combination of card and email address for ANY OTHER PURCHASES. EVER. It had to be LitSolar that stole it.
        I am currently working an FBI complaint as a result.

        1. It’s been 3 months for us. They do respond by email…something about the corona virus and a holdup. Meanwhile they already charged our credit card for $119.96!!! I have written multiple emails.
          Gee…I wonder why they have no phone number….what a scam.
          Live and learn. But I will not let this go. I will be looking into taking this further.

          1. when did they reply to your inquiry? I have written them since May 2020 like 5 times and haven’t received any response from them.

    3. I ordered a lit solar power bank this year back on May 12 of this year, it has yet to arrive. I believe that it never will. Due to this product I am weary of ordering anything from any website other than Amazon which I know and trust. Buyers beware, lit solar is a scam.

  1. I’m wondering if it a scam
    #1 the “one day 60% off deal” is still going on about a week since I purchased.
    #2 their performance claims are possibly unrivaled
    #3 60% off of electronics of this type and free shipping, maybe too good to be true.

    1. I bought one on May 18th and have received no tracking details either, I’m thinking it may be a scam also. plus I replied to the original purchase email and it said sender address invalid

    2. I purchased 2 items on May 21 it’s now June 28 I’ve received nothing not even a tracking number, its a scam

  2. I ordered from them about two weeks and my order has not been shipped. I’ve sent two emails asking about the hold up and no reply. I would give them an F for delivery.

  3. Author is a liar that’s being paid for this “article”.

    I ordered 2 power banks and I haven’t heard a word about them since I ordered them. Sent 2 emails and haven’t heard a word back. Tried the phone number on their website twice, it’s not an active number. They say they’re in Indiana, but also post their contact and return address in Illinois, which is the address of some random shared office building.

    BBB has hundreds of complaints filed. Most are either faulty products or non-deliveries. Many of the complaints also mention the phone number not being active and no response to emails. A simple online search will point you to any number of reddit threads and youtube videos mentioning the same thing. Hell one of those reddit threads even points out how litmobile lies in their ads. The solar panels are only meant to charge the flashlight.

    Either you’re a piece of shit accepting money to write fake reviews or you’re a piece of shit from litmobile running a fake review website. Hell your so bad at your fuckin job that you couldn’t even get somethin as simple as the return policy, or their “contact” number right. Either way, go fuck yourself.

  4. I placed an order with LitSolar over three weeks ago. I have not received my order, I have not been sent the email confirming that it had been sent, and I can’t get a reply from the company. Do not waste your time.

  5. I never received my charger after being told i would have shipping info in 3-7 days I asked for refund never heard back

  6. I placed an order over a month ago and haven’t gotten anything from this company. I think they are a scam. They do not respond to questions concerning my order and I cannot believe this site says this company is legit. The ad above says that people are going nuts for it. You should say they are nuts for buying from them.

  7. Its been almost a month I haven’t got my power bank , no tracking nymber and they don’t respond to my emails ,

  8. I ordered two units several days ago, in May and haven’t received it. I emailed help@litsolar.com, tried calling the number((888) 448-4342) they have on their Facebook page…to no avail. Using the contact form on their site never worked. Getting ready to contact my credit card to let them know it’s a scam.

  9. This website is a crock of shit!!!!! These people are crooks. They must of sucked galls dick so you would write this sorry ass lie!!!

  10. It’s a scam. I made a purchase a month ago, and I have yet to receive any sort of tracking number. I was even notified via twice that I would have tracking information on my order. The first email stated I would have it on the 10th of June, and the second was on the 16th. Again, I have not received any updated information. I have tried like many other to reach via phone number and email they provide with no luck. I already called my credit card company to dispute the charge. While the pricing is unbelievable, DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!

  11. My Order was confirmed, and they took my payment on MAY 17th, I have received two email promising delivery info “soon” but have not yet received tracing info or the product. The last email promised shipment on 6/15 or 16; that has not happened. So much for QUICK delivery!! I am wondering how much else about the claims are bogus.

  12. I ordered on May 24 and today, June 25, I am still waiting. After the order confirmation, the next email was on May 28 with an apology and promise of shipping info in 3-7 days. After numerous emails (the Contact Us page does not work!) a second email arrived on June 11 with another apology and promise of shipping info by June 15 or 16. Since then more silence. I have sent numerous emails after that deadline passed, including today, and will follow up on my promise to contact Visa to go after them tomorrow if there is no response. Maybe the credit card companies can get their attention.

  13. Agree with all others. Ordered May 20. Nothing as of June 26. Has ANYONE received a shipment OR a reply from this company?

  14. Ordered over a month ago. Nothing. Tried contacting 7 times, no response. Time to report them to the Better Business Bureau and see if I can get a refund through my bank.

  15. I too have been scammed by this “legit” company. Ordered in May, received a couple bogus on the way emails but they don’t respond to any inquiries. Just started a dispute with my credit card company.

  16. I made a purchase in early May. No tracking number, no response to any emails, and no refunds in response to my request. Today Ill have to fight it thru my credit card company and hope they can get my money back from these jerks. Total scammers.

  17. I purchased two items on April 30, 2020. I have not received anything from them. There website is no longer working. It was a total rip-off.

  18. I agree with those above, it is a total scam. I also bought a unit in May and was sent an email apologizing and saying there was a delay but would ship in June. I have since heard nothing. I write them daily. I would not buy, nor would I recommend them to anyone for anything. Please, tell others NOT to purchase from this company.

  19. Orrdered on May 21. Got a “sorry for the delay” Email from them on May 29th stating I’d have a tracking number in 3-7 business days.
    Nothing at all since then. My credit card has been billed for the full amount. I have not received any product.

    It is now July 9.

    I Emailed them this morning and received a response to my “Send notice on successful delivery” flag, so I know they received the message.

    As yet (over 5 hours later), have not received a notification that the message has been read, but that can be overridden at their end.

    As I stated in my message to them, if I don’t receive a satisfactory resolution from them by end-of-business on Monday, I am going to call the credit card company and dispute the charge as fraudulent. I will also contact the Better Business Bureau filing a complaint against Lit Solar, as well as filing a complaint with my state’s Attorney General.

  20. They are a scam I sent in an order in April got a couple emails saying sorry for the delay and nothing for a month the phone number is disconnected. Don’t give them your money!

  21. I beat you guys. My order was on APRIL 22, 2020. I have received email updates on my order twice, both emails states that there is a delay due to COVID and they expect a batch products to arrive in LA port and will receive a tracking once it is shipped. I have sent them an email twice but has not received a reply. Hope what they are saying is true.

  22. These guys are a scam. they will send you a ligit looking confirmation after they rob you. Then after the 7 day delivery passes, they may even respond saying that their shipment was held up in customers but after 2 months of waiting I reported them to my credit card company after emailing them I wanted my order cancelled and got no response. Your better off buying something off Amazon, I did and I had them delivered in 2 days.

  23. I purchase this piece of shit on May 24th and did not get my a teaching number. I was that I would get one on the 15 or 16 of June. I kept writing but no respond. I don’t have time for bull shitters like these jack asses. I want my money back. All this is nothing but a scam. What can be done to these Jack Asses for scamming people out of their money. Please I would advised anyone not to fall for this crap. I am not using my real name.

  24. This a big rip off, placed order 3 months ago and have received nothing!!! They will not communicate with me as I have tried many times.
    Stay away from this company

  25. Yeah dude they’re a fucking scam.

    They sent an email “confirming” my order, then sent another email about a month later saying they just got a new container in and were going to send me a tracking number soon when my order shipped, which never happened. They never responded to any of my emails asking about the status of my order. Should’ve known that 60% off deal was too good to be true.

    It’s been over two months and I haven’t received a damned thing. Not even a response to my emails.

    Now their website is down. No surprise there.

  26. TOTAL RIP OFF DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!! Same for me as everyone else here we all got took !

    Same emails promising delivery I think they do that to get you past the time period where you can deny the charge on your credit card.

  27. Yep…I’m in the same boat as everyone else here. Ordered May 22nd, apologized for the delay May 28th (with a tracking number promised in 3-7 days), and then on June 11th they promised to send a tracking number on June 15th or 16th. At this point, I’m waving good bye to my $40. Super annoying… This was meant to be a birthday present for my brother on May 29th.

  28. Same as everyone else. I purchased on May 24, 2020, and actually received an email and the 28th saying they apologized for the delay and would be sending a tracking number in a few days. Now, their website is gone. Deleted, poof along with my $40 bucks.

  29. I too am a victim. Just checked the website and it says “this shop is unavailable.” Feel like thèy cut and ran.

  30. Okay first off this article needs to be updated! They steal your money and refuse to cooperate with their customers. I ordered from them in May 2020. It is almost September of this year. I contacted them about my purchase but nope they took my money and disappeared. I spent months trying to track them down. Their “ads” on YT were a joke now that I think of it. No one showed their faces. They chatted up a storm about a product that in the end wasn’t worth the time or money. The “good reviews” all had the same profile picture to a certain degree when they would show up. They made the website look legit but they are far from it. I had to file a dispute with my card company as well. This company is a joke and yet I am the one with egg on their face. DON’T GET FOOLED BY THESE THIEVES!!!!

  31. Lit Solar is a rip-off company. Fraudulent and the owners/directors should be behind bars for wire fraud and other scams. The writer who gives a favourable write up about Lit Solar is an idiot.

  32. LitSolar is a scam.

    I made orders totaling $350 as i wanted to a few items as gifts for my friends. I haven’t received any response from LitSolar since May 2020.

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