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Little Europe Sydney Reviews 2021

Little Europe Sydney Reviews {July} Read It Here! >> This content will tell you about the Anti lockdown protestor’s viral video in Sydney.

You might have heard of the Anti-Lockdown protest of citizens in Sydney, Australia. Little Europe Sydney Reviews has been all over Social media and News after an anti-lockdown protester’s video joking about corona cases went viral. He took to Sydney’s streets over the weekend and has now received a hefty price for his activities.

Read ahead to know more about this Spa owner’s behaviour and Consequences. 

Anti Lockdown Protest

The Anti lockdown protest by some business owners and people of Sydney citizens is again on News and social media. Still, this time it is about an outburst of negative Little Europe Sydney reviews.

The schedule of Anti Lockdown is to fight the lockdown and gain back freedom to run their small and large businesses, which got affected due to the pandemic and lockdown for over a year now.

 Amidst this, a video of Spa owner anti lockdown protestor seen joking about corona cases in the rally went viral. On the other hand, many others were offended by a business owner who brazenly and fragrantly broke the regulations.

Viral Video Incident

On Saturday (July 24), Le Dandachli was one of many who spoke out against the lockdown limitations imposed to keep Sydney safe from the coronavirus. Little Europe Sydney reviews got a boost after.

He became popular on social media for a video in which he ‘joked’ that the demonstration would result in 1,000 new instances of Covid-19. During the rallies, he was also spotted dancing with other protestors and was not wearing a mask.

No sooner, his video of 1,000 corona cases joke went viral all over tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, which left negative reviews for his Spa after the man was ultimately identified. He owned a day spa in Sydney’s southwest was quickly uncovered (Credits to his Instagram bio). 

Little Europe Sydney Reviews

This led to an outburst and thousands of Negative one-star reviews for Little Europe Spa. Many people have advised potential customers to avoid his Spa because it promotes an “unsafe” approach to the pandemic. Dandachli made an Instagram video and spoke about his participation in the protest (on July 24). 

He defended his motivations to get back freedom from Lockdown restrictions for ALL vast and small businesses that get affected. However, he added the negative reviews wouldn’t stop him from speaking the truth, and it’s his personal choice not to get vaccinated. 

Final Verdict

The outrage and negative comments on Little Europe Sydney Reviews were due to his behaviour and misconduct during the rally. Dandachli’s Spa is one of several small companies impacted by the lockdown restrictions in Sydney, Australia and will undoubtedly struggle as people are encouraged to stay home. 

But his actions have now affected his business even more. Leave your thoughts on this incident and the outrage of negative reviews? Would you visit his Spa after he decides not to get vaccinated? 

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