Living In This Big Blue World (Apr) What’s All About?

Living In This Big Blue World (Apr) What's All About

Living In This Big Blue World (Apr) What’s All about? >> This article talks about an Anime movie and a wonderful song, for more details please read the article.

While watching a movie, what do we expect? A hero, a villain, and a story of love, tragedy, and struggle where the hero comes out of every obstacle created. 

But there are some movies where we did not see actual characters, and rather we find cartoon characters. In modern terminology, these movies are termed Anime. This article will look into a wonderful Anime movie released in 2003 and its beautiful song Living In This Big Blue World. The song is loved worldwide and is very popular among kids.

Finding Nemo

As discussed earlier, some Anime movies are loved more than real character movies; Finding Nemo is one among them. It was released in 2003 by Walt Disney pictures, and Pixar Animation Studios produced it. The movie is about the underwater world. Well, we are not going to tell you the complete story and spoil your fun. But the main character, whose name is Nemo, is a clownfish, now let us come to the song we are talking about.

Living In This Big Blue World

As we already told you that Nemo is a fish and he lives with his father, Marlin. You will find it amusing that young Nemo also goes to school just like little kids, and then comes this song in action. While going to his school for the first day, both Nemo and his father, Marlin, sing together. Nemo is all excited to visit his school and make new friends. Nemo is enjoying all the scenic beauty around him, while Marlin is afraid that he might lose Nemo in an accident. Still, both of them are singing Living In This Big Blue World.

Final Words

Finding Nemo is a wonderful movie. It also won various awards, such as the Academy Award for a best-animated feature. Later, it also became the highest-grossing animated movie. Along with the movie, the song which we are talking about is also wonderful and mesmerizing. Anyone will fall in love with the song, lyrics, and the cute and lovely character Nemo. The song composed by Robert Lopez and Kristin Anderson-Lopez should be given due credits to make this movie a wonderful hit. Overall, Living In This Big Blue World is a great song that all people love worldwide. 

Have you seen the movie yet? Please tell us the best part you liked in the movie in the comment section.

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