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Not able to find a face mask matching with your dress? Locostylish has a broad range of face masks specially designed for women. 

The e-store is selling earloops as well at competitive rates across the globe. Reviews indicates that online business is operating from the United States. The presence of multiple positive reviews appreciating products and services boost the credibility of the site. 

Prior to performing an in-depth investigation of the website’s trustworthiness, we must know the in and out of the website in terms of its specifications, product range, social presence, customer reviews, and the positives and negatives of purchasing from the online shop.

What is Locostylish?

The e-shoppe sells a wide variety of printed face masks and earloops, designer women’s sportswear at affordable prices. Enabling authorized payment methods it can drive young users to the website. 

The website has set the clear privacy policy and return policy contributing to fair signs of its credibility amongst its audience. The site has a dedicated function of tracking purchased orders offering customer satisfaction for the purchased product.

Specifications of Locostylish:

  • Product: Designer Masks & Ear Loops and Women’s sportswear
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: Locostylish
  • Contact number: +12132603334
  • Customer Service Availability: 9:00 PM – 12:00PM, 1:00AM – 6:00 AM Monday to Saturday (except holidays)
  • Delivery time: 7-25 business days; Varies for international destination
  • Shipping fee: Free on orders above $69
  • Shipping Time: Within 3-7 business days (except holidays & weekends); Varies for international destination
  • Order Tracking:
  • Returns: Within 30 days of the obtaining the purchased product (if approved)
  • Refunds: Not mentioned 
  • Mode of Payment- Verified and authorized online payment modes

Pros of buying from Locostylish:

  • Featuring testimonials of happy customers
  • Comprehensive privacy, return policy and shipping information 
  • Customers can seek support at +12132603334
  • International customers can email their queries to
  • Provides verified and authorized online mode of payments

Cons of buying from Locostylish:

  • Linked with social media page of “Chicmetoday”
  • “FAQ” page not found
  • Website functionality issues such as non-responsive website links & plagiarised content
  • Domain age is 36 days
  • Lacks to provide information on product exchange and refund processing time

Is Locostylish a Legit website?

The huge digital realm is a breeding field for many malicious or scamming websites. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know the checkpoints to verify the website’s integrity and authenticity.

Then, our role comes into play. We employ a formal check to educate our readers about the safety aspects of the website by addressing all the considerable checkpoints focussing on cyber intelligence and threats. 

Locostylish is 36 days old e-commerce website selling designer women’s face masks, ear and neck loops and sportswear internationally. Employing a dedicated team for customer support helpline and email has set high expectations by serving its online buyers. 

Customer feedback on Locostylish:

The website has highlighted quite a right amount of testimonial of happy buyers. Some of the customer reviews are as follows:

Nacy France thanked Locostylish for delivering the order quickly. And Girithan Rasswe said the product is worth purchasing because of its excellent quality. All these good reviews contribute to promptly establish credibility in the minds of potential customers.

The dedicated customer service helpline number and email id prove the trustworthiness of the site. With the SSL certificate, the site educates that users’ personal information is encrypted and protected to be exposed to online scams.

On the contrary, the site has a lot of technical issues such as content plagiarism, non-responsive links mark the site as red-flagged. Linked with social pages of a completely different domain is a sure sign of conjunction with a similar domain.  

Final Verdict:

The “About Us” page of the site has a wholly copied content with another domain. Found many non-responsive URLs and technical functionality concerns on examining website layout spotting the site as fraudulent and poorly designed. 

Alarming Fact: The site is linked with the social accounts of another website. With the absence of FAQ page, the site is unable to assist its consumers on multiple potential queries about purchased products, its exchange and refund processing time.

On conducting an in-depth analysis of the site, it is recognized to be mimicking We do not recommend our followers to shop or purchase products from the e-store as it may compromise the security of users’ information. 

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  1. I need your help, I placed an order on june 11 with your company, for 3 face masks. I have not received my order yet. Can you help me or who can I talk to to fine out about my order? Thanks

    1. I have not recieve my two mask as of today 8/02/2020 , when will I get the masks that I order from your complany or a confirmation so I can track my order

      1. I had placed an order for 4 face mask and 2 10 packs of extra filters in July and I just received my package today it has been 5 months now I had gave up on the thought that I was going to get them, I had even tried contacting the company when I thought my package was lost or that the company had stole my money because they never answered the emails I had sent.I was surprised to see my package out on my porch when I went to check my mail this afternoon.I am grateful that I finally received it. So Thanks Locostylish

  2. Hello, I placed an order with this company on 06/16/20 for several masks and filters and have not received my order. Also I have called 213-260-3334 several times a day on several days and always get a busy signal.Please help!

      1. I hope you purchase through PayPal you can go back to your PayPal account and open up a resolution to force them to give you your stuff for your money back I’ve been dealing with a lot of Chinese companies and a bunch of time and I only got back $55 but Lisa opened it up so if this happens to me I’m going to open it up in the more people that do the more they’ll shut this company down at their fake

  3. I ordered 78 dollars worth of masks weeks ago! They state on their site that they’ve been delivered.NOT! Tried to call the number above…1 ring that’s it. I’ve sent two emails. I’m afraid I’ve been scammed! BEWARE!!! Old Navy has a good reputation, Disney masks and others. Do your homework!

    1. If you feel you scammed than please go for the right page t know about your order… thank you…

      1. I just purchased up from these people so I hope that you guys will go through PayPal Resolution so that they know that this company has already been reported for scam

      2. I received the 11 masks that I ordered only one mask match the one I chose the other 10 mixed I don’t know why they sent it to me 4 of them to the trash I can’t use it, the materials and craftsmanship was not worth 50 cents.. shame on you loco stylish .. by the way never repay for shipping it’s another way to make money from you

  4. I ordered 4 masks in Mid June, still no ,asks. this company appears to be a scam. I paid for 4 mask sapprox 20.00 .

  5. Well looks like no one receive there masks when you order from this place. It is sad to take peoples money at anytime but at these times it really is sad!

  6. I recently ordered several masks from Locostylish. I placed my order through PayPal on June 16, 2020. The masks were reasonably priced, and I was anxious to get them before we went out of town. I was worried that they would not get here in time so I paid $18.99 for Express Shipping so that it would arrive in 3-7 days. Then the wait began. Finally, on July 6, 2020 I contacted Locostylish to inform them that I still had not received my order. I heard nothing back. So, on July 8, 2020 I contacted PayPal through their resolution center to indicate that I paid for expedited shipping and the product still had not arrived and there was no indication that it had shipped. On July 9, 2020 I got a message back saying that the order had shipped and was in transit. I had placed tracking on the order and USPS emailed saying that they were notified to expect my package for shipment but had not received it yet. On July 10th USPS sent an email saying they had finally received my package that morning. I asked Locostylish for a refund only on the shipping cost since I did not receiver the package in the correct time frame. Their response was they would urge the shipping company to make it reach me soon. Again, I contacted them to request a refund on the shipping cost only, not a full refund. The package was delivered on July 13th. Their response was to simply say that my package had been delivered. The ones that are supposed to be breathable are nothing more than a thin piece of foam. They are breathable and perfect if you don’t care about protection. The material is so porous that it would not stop any virus or bacteria. The other four are washable valve mask that look sturdy in the pictures by are actually quit flimsy. I am so disappointed in this company and will never order anything from them again.


  8. I bought the mask a few weeks ago and received it a week ago. When we unpacked the masks we realize they are not as advertised and they are very small. My husband (regular guy) can not fit this mask on his face. Everything is to short. I send an email and ask to send it back for refund. They told me that Swimsuit, lingerie, bodysuits, swimwear, jewelry and accessories can not be send back. Now I am stuck with 5 masks that don’t fit. I did not get a reply on my second email. Would never buy there again.

    1. I placed an order for 4 face mask and 2 10 pc filters on July 15th and it said it will take about 18-25 days well it is the end of August and still have not received my stuff I paid $56.44 including $18.99 for shipping they sent me 3 diffrent emails 1 saying my order is on the way and the other with a USPS tracking number so I sent them a email the lady from USPS said they tracking numbers don’t start with a #7 and it maybe an error on that company or they maybe a scam,so I did send two emails to Locostylish never got a respond then tried calling a few times one ring then buzy signal, I am not happy at all time to report them I want my money sure is Amber this company needs to be shut down.

  9. there is nothing on their tracking page on the website. nowhere to lookup your order or anything like it. I’m beginning to think this is a scam.

  10. I purchased a few items on your website 07/01/20, i yet to receive any of them. i have tried to contact you all about my order #13669. i can’t talk to anyone. The line is always busy or voicemail is full. where is my order.

  11. Where is my order? I placed on 07/01/20 #13669 for $73.88. I should have received by now. Never received a confirmation by email either. WHERE IS MY ORDER.


  13. Please DO NOT order form this site it is SCAM!!! I ordered 5 masks. All I have gotten is Cricketts!!! They will not answer or responce in any way. I anyone can tell me who to file a complaint PLEASE alet me know. Dont do what I foolishly did!!!

  14. I placed an order with you all 07/01/20 and yet received it. it is 8/07/20 and not order received. WHERE IS MY ORDER.

  15. I ordered 3 masks and a head band that said NURSE and supposedly had a button on each side so I could loop the elastic on it from my mask. When it arrived, one of the buttons was missing, so I contacted the company to find out how to send it back and get a refund. I have sent 6 emails, every time they come back with some hair brained scheme to keep from refunding my money. First they wanted to refund me 30% of the $4.99 I paid for the item, which is only $1.49, and they said I could sew a button on it myself, ok, so I got to go buy a button, and you can’t just buy one button, you have to buy several on the card, which is going to cost around $5, so I’m already in the hole for about $ 3, not to mention the time for sewing it on, as a nurse I have just enough time to eat, get some sleep then back to work, when will I have time for this? The second attempt was how about we refund you the broken one? So, as you can see their company is a scam, not only are they trying to rip me off, but I am also a senior citizen, (70), now I know there is a law against that and come Monday I will call the Division of Aging and ask them who I file a complaint with. I have put it out there on Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, and as many other social medias I can think of, not to mention telling everyone at work, It’s a big big hospital, word gets around, what better way to adventurist that word of mouth,right? I also have 2 more masks that ordered coming ans when they get here I am sending them back to return so sender, delivery refused. So, folks put it out there on social media about this company, Locostylish, and also their parent company called Chic-Me. Their return policy says to contact customer service about how to send item back, so this is what I did, and so far got nothing but a cat and mouse game, oh, and they also wanted me to send several photos of the defective item, which I did.

    Customer Service

  16. I ordered 2 American flag masks. When I got them they looked moldy The masks had a green tinge to them . The white stripes and the stars looked dirty. I even washed one of the masks to see if it would wash out and it didn’t. I emailed and requested a return authorization and was asked for pictures of the masks . I sent the pictures and was told they couldn’t see what the problem was. (It is obvious) I emailed back and asked if I was getting a refund or not. THEN they tell me masks are not returnable and offered me a 20% refund if I pay return shipping. I have never had such a hassle over returning an item. They are THIEVES, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  17. I also ordered from Loco stylish. And YES it took forever for my order to arrive. I think I ordered in late June. I did do some research while waiting for my order because I also thought I was being scammed. My order finally arrived today! First download an app call “Shop” it gives you some info about your order. However, I also found out that they are located in Laos, which is funny because with a name like “loco” and info about my order was in French, that completely threw me off. Laos post is moving super slow since covid, (in fact I believe their one of the last place’s to open up for transport. So they go through China first before it gets to your country. I hope this helps everyone, all is not lost, just really late. FYI, I didn’t just order masks, I got jewelry and waist trainers also. They are NOT thieves and it’s not a scam, it’s just that their delivery process SUCKS BIG TIME!!

  18. The pictures and descriptions for the masks were deceiving. Ordered several masks, they arrived after 3 weeks and sizes not fit adults, masks can’t cover my 12-year-old son’s well. The masks were too small, suitable for ages 7 to 9 years old. I’ve contacted the vendor but no feedbacks.


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