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London is a Great Place to Visit

If you’re looking for destinations to visit in London it’s hard to decide where to begin since the city is filled with history, cultural entertainment, and memorable culinary delights. We’ve created an extensive list of the top London experiences, from famous landmarks to funky hidden treasures. There’s bound to be something interesting to fill your agenda including some of London’s top dining establishments to memorable London experiences on days out. We’ve got you covered, no regardless of what deadline you have set.

  1. Kew Gardens:

It is regarded as one of the most impressive World Heritage places to visit in London and is believed as one of the most suitable spots in London to spend time with your loved ones and friends. Kew Gardens is the home of an amazing array of species of plants and an internationally-respected scientific research center. The park is home to over 14000 trees. It is famous for its beauty which can leave visitors in awe. It covers 300 acres. Kew Gardens is a top research center that houses libraries and museums, and also has stunning gardens.

It is accessible to visitors of all ages who want to unwind and relax in the peace of the hustle of London. Visitors can enjoy numerous activities, such as exploring the lush canopy of trees or visiting magnificent glasshouses. The most popular attractions at Kew Gardens include the Palm House, Princess of Wales Conservatory, and The Waterlily House. You can book Kew Gardens tickets in advance.

There are a variety of activities guests are able to do when they visit Kew Gardens like the 59 feet tall Treetop Walkway, catching the views of the city when you walk up into the Great Pagoda and getting to know the story behind the area in Kew Palace. Kew Palace is natural around London with its stunning appearance.

  1. Tower Of London:

The spectacular grandeur and importance that lies in this iconic Tower of London are felt immediately upon entering the grounds. The iconic historic site is the source of some of the utmost important historical events and stories in British past. The site is located in Central London, it is officially referred to as The Queen’s Royal Fortress and Palace.

Although it’s usually known as the “Tower in London,” actually it is an elaborate castle that is made up of concentric towers. The tower served a myriad of historical roles over the years, such as being a prison for notorious criminals, having documents for the grand family as well as the site in which coins were made. For a small period, it was even a royal zoo.

The landmark is situated within the breathtaking River Thames and Thames River and the London Tower is today known worldwide for exquisite style and exquisite workmanship. The other notable features of this famous structure include Tower Bridge and the White Tower. It’s also interesting to note that the families of Yeoman Warders live inside the tower, this makes it even more amazing. If you’re interested in seeing the famous splendor that is The Tower of London then you must book Tower of London Tickets at least a month in advance.

  1. London Eye:

It considered as the highest cantilever wheel worldwide. London Eye situated on the city’s Southbank. It is also the most popular symbol hanging in across London sky. The wheel is visited by more than 4 million tourists per year, which is an amazing number that shows how popular it is among locals and visitors.  The wheel is inclusive of thirty-two capsules that are made of glass. If you’re lucky, you can look at a distance of 40 Kilometres from the wheels. Multilingual guides provide the details of the magnificent view that spans the entire city of London. Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and other popular London landmarks are visible from it.

  1. Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous Royal buildings in the United Kingdom, it is the principal palace of the King of England. It is considered as  one of the most stunning places to be seen in London. Buckingham Palace is also believed to be one among a very few operational royal palaces in the world. It is one among the famous places that you can visit when visiting England. In times of national or royal celebrations, England’s queen can be seen appearing in the gallery located in the central part of the palace.

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