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lookintop77 Com Reviews {June} Another Scam Site or Legit

lookintop77 Com Reviews 2020

lookintop77 Com Reviews {June} Another Scam Site or Legit –> In this review, we will learn about a new online store dealing with women's shoes and clothing.

From how many websites did you buy shoes and clothing online? Do remember to check out Lookintop77. As the online shopping place is relatively new, there are not many Lookintop77 Com Reviews available online. Therefore, we thought of sharing all the details about the company with our readers who love to shop online.

A large number of e-stores offer a variety of trendy items, including clothing, jewelry, and footwear; still, ladies love to discover more options. New companies are forming every day and are trying several things to gain market presence by way of offering free shipping, discounts, and additional benefits such as rewards points, etc.

As of now, the website is getting popular in the United-State and garnering a decent response from the consumers. If you are one of those who love to shop trendy items at a reasonable price from different online stores, then give a chance to this website. Let us discuss further details about the organization.

What is Lookintop77? is an online marketplace, which deals with women’s clothing and shoes. It has various types of designs, including slippers, sandals, heels, sneakers, jumpsuits, bodysuits, etc. Moreover, the products available on the website are designer boutique quality.

All the designs are wearable daily, and the price list attached is competitive. But how safe is your money if you buy anything from here? Is this website legit or the company is running a scam?

What gives us this doubt? Well, there are many reasons which we can discuss to find out more about this new age shopping website.

Specification of Lookingtop77:

  • Company Name: Middle Bridge Ltd.
  • Website Type: Women shoes and clothing
  • Website link:
  • Shipping Time: 3-10 business days
  • Processing Time: 5-9 business days
  • Shipping fee: Information available during check out
  • Cancellation: Applicable before processing (not possible if the product is shipped)
  • Return Policy: Customers can return within 14 days of receipt
  • Refund Policy: Applicable
  • Refund Time: 2-7 business days after receiving the return
  • Customer Service: Monday to Sunday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM
  • Company Email Address:
  • Address: 3rd FLOOR, Endeavour House, COOPERS END ROAD, Stansted CM24, 1SJ, UK.
  • Payment Modes: All Debit Cards and Credit Cards Accepted; No Cash on Delivery

Is Lookingtop77 com genuine?

The company does not have any physical store, and the web-domain was registered last month. Though the website shows all the relevant information such as company address, email address, return policy, shipping fee, etc., but the contact number is missing. This, as a result, creates a little doubt in mind.

The does use SSL security, which means all the information you share is protected. Because the traditional market is turning online, it is acceptable to form an online store. This not only reduces the cost of setting up an offline store, at the same time, gives a global reach. As not much information available, the website looks genuine.

Pros of buying from lookingtop77:

  • You get to buy good quality shoes and apparels
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Wide range of products
  • 14 days return policy
  • You can cancel or exchange the items
  • Free shipping on orders above $99

Cons of buying from lookingtop77:

  • Online prepaid order; No cash on delivery available
  • In case of a return, freight or courier charges to be borne by customers
  • Shipping fee is applicable on orders below $99
  • No contact number available on the website

What are customers saying about lookingtop77?

The online shopping site is very new, and no reviews are available on its webpage. Hence, we searched online to find more information about the company and what customers are saying about it. We realized that people are pleased with the services they got and said kind words about the organization.

They further stated that the products were delivered on time mentioned, and quality was satisfactory at a reasonable price. The items received were exactly as visible in pictures, and ones asked for refund received it.

Final Words

As the website is new in the market, very few reviews available online. As mentioned earlier, it does have https security, which is a good thing. Still, the company is using a third-party email server.

The owners have shared sufficient information on the website, but a lack of direct contact number is troublesome for many. In case you have any doubts or any questions to ask, do let us know in the comment section.

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  1. This website has been 4 different names already..I ordered when they were Comfy Style about a month ago and they go on here long enough to get your money for 2 weeks or so and then change names and start again with another name. I don’t know how they are getting by with this but I see they still are. Please DONT give your money away..ITS A SCAM!!!!!

    1. Now I’m pissed. I ordered a few things off this site on May 17th. I havent heard a goddamn thing. I’m beyond pissed!!!!!!

    2. I’m very upset I order something from them in April I haven’t received anything no number to call and they do not email you and top it off I call the USPS because it was saying my order been shipped be when I contact the USPS THEY SAID THATS NOT ONE OF THEY TRACKING NUMBER SO WHERE IS MY ORDE. It’s SAD BECAUSE I CANT GET A REFUND BACK THESE PEOPLE ARE A SCAM!!!!

  2. I purchased $80 worth of shoes and after reading some comments. It has me a little discouraged about how accurate the site is. Let alone I have not heard a response via email or anything yet!

    1. Has anyone order? from here at lookingtop77 this a scam any advise will b help full..want to order but not sure

    2. Its definitely a scam!!! They gave me a tracking number for USPS that doesn’t even work smh

  3. I ordered a pair of shoes May 15,2020 and still haven’t recieved my shoes,it said 7 -20 days and I still don’t have my shoes or heard from them via email or anything no tracking number

  4. I order $110 worth of shoes on May 18th. It’s now June 6th. I have sent 2 emails and no response. This place is a scan.

  5. I order a $100 and something dollars worth of shoes and still haven’t got my shoes or heard anything no email or nothing this crazy I hope this is not a scam

  6. I’ve ordered 129.00 worth merchandise on May 12th, I’ve yet to receive it, I really ordered the things for my Vegas trip coming up, I keep going on the site and see my orders still unfulfilled, there’s no contact number on an email, I really hope this company is legit, cause if not, i will be persuing legal matters on who” responsible for this.

    1. I’ve been scam i order over a 100 dollar’s worth of shoes haven’t received anything yet.but i will be filling a law suit.and contacting bbb

  7. I ordered some sandals a month ago today and i didnt reciece them my order number is 2615 could you please email me back to let me know whats taking so long for me to receive my packages

  8. I order items in late April to early May, now here it is mix June and I have not received anything. I email looking 77 they have not gotten back to me . I don’t know if they are ignoring me and I just got beat out of my money

  9. I just ordered from them almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard from them or a email saying that my order was shipped. Smh I knew something wasn’t right about this site… Who does this to people smh that’s crazy…

  10. Same! I ordered $100.00 worth of sandals and sent several emails and I haven’t received a response or tracking information! It’s been 19 days since I ordered!

  11. I ordered June 11th and haven’t received my order yet and it’s June 20th I want my money and I’m reporting this site to be investigated why take people money?

  12. I’ve ordered 2 pair of sandals back in April im just getting them in July they were shipped separately which I don’t have no idea why but anyway one pair of my sandals was not the pair that I order.The buckle open toe western casual sandals with the spikes. My spikes were supposed to be silver they sent gold the design were not the same.My order took to long.Yes they have nice shoes but I will not be ordering from them anymore

    1. I’ve ordered 2 pair of sandals back in April im just getting them in July they were shipped separately which I don’t have no idea why but anyway one pair of my sandals was not the pair that I order.The buckle open toe western casual sandals with the spikes. My spikes were supposed to be silver they sent gold the design were not the same.My order took to long.Yes they have nice shoes but I will not be ordering from them anymore

  13. I ordered shoes in May and I still haven’t got them and when I email them they didn’t contact me back

    1. Dial the customer care to pick it from there and know why your item is delivering… thank you…@

  14. I ordered 160 worth of shoes in May 2020I have yet to receive anything. I just put in a claim with PayPal and they send me one pair of my shoes from the order. As of this past week end in July 19. I received a email sailing they are bout to send out my shipment but I have not received any confirmation or another email. When I went to the site to check on the shipping the site is now gone from the internet.. SCAM!! I just waiting on pay pal to give me my money back.

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