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Loonie Launcher Reviews (Dec) Is It A Legit Product!

Please read this composition to learn about the Loonie Launcher Reviews regarding a balloon-powered cars toy that runs on the principle of aerodynamics.

Do you want to buy a unique toy for your kids this season? Are your kids fascinated with aerodynamic toys? Have you surfed online about balloon cars and want to gift one to your child? Then, please read this article to explore a portal selling this toy.

In this report, we have discussed the features and legitimacy of a website that sells aerodynamic toys. Customers from several countries, including the United States, want to learn more about the Loonie Launcher Reviews. Thus, please read on and get all the details. 

What is Loonie Launcher?

Loonie Launcher is a website that sells toys based on STEM, i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This review is about a toy also called the Loonie Launcher that works on the principle of aerodynamics. 

The toy consists of balloon-powered cars, and the users have to pump the balloons manually to launch it. The air pressure of the deflated balloon will get transformed to the car’s motion, and thus, the toy can result in children learning scientific principles.


We have mentioned underneath the characteristics of this product to elucidate on the Loonie Launcher Reviews.

  • Price of Product – $24.96
  • Weight – 233 g
  • Dimensions (in inches) – 5.2 X 5.1 X 5
  • Components in Package – Two cars, ten balloons, and one air pump
  • Colors in Product – Red, blue, and yellow
  • Minimum Recommended Age – Three years
  • Working Principle – Aerodynamics


  • The toy does not require any electrical item like batteries to run, and thus, it is safe for kids to operate themselves.
  • Children will spend time with this product, allowing them to be away from the addictive screens of mobile phones and computers. This is a vital fact concerning the Loonie Launcher Reviews.
  • The balloons are reusable till they burst, and hence, the product has more longevity than other electronics, which depend on circuits.
  • While playing with this toy, children can learn more scientific principles as the velocity and displacement of the car will depend on the volume of air they pump in the balloon.


  • If the kids over-pump air into the balloon, it may burst with a loud noise, which is not good for the users’ ears.
  • The balloons pose choking hazards for the children, and this hazard may influence your thoughts about the Loonie Launcher Reviews.
  • If young children operate this toy without adult supervision, it may hurt them, as the car may launch at high speed and hit any person in front of it.

Is Loonie Launcher Legit?

We have collected the below facts from the Net regarding the brand of this product. These particulars will help you decide the authenticity of this brand and rethink its purchase.

  • Brand Name – Loonie Launcher
  • Brand Age – One year and two months, as the brand’s website creation date is 1 October 2020.
  • Brand Trust Score – 45%, which is an Average Trust Index. You can reconsider the Loonie Launcher Reviews due to this data.
  • Alexa Rank – 2,476,920, which is not an impressive ranking.
  • Customer Reviews – The brand’s official page has many positive reviews about this product.
  • Social Media Connections – We could not find any social media links on the brand’s portal.
  • Contact Details – The brand’s webpage contains an e-mail address and contact number. However, the owners have not provided any physical address.

The above facts indicate that the brand may be reliable. However, as it is comparatively new in the market, we suggest buyers conduct complete research before buying the products from this portal. 

Loonie Launcher Reviews

We found one rating of Loonie Launcher on Amazon where the buyer has given five stars to the item. No written review is available on platforms like Amazon, Quora, or Reddit, about this product or any other product of this brand. 

Thus, if you want to buy this item, you can check for more ratings or reviews later from the given link and then decide on its purchase. However, the brand’s official website contains many positive reviews about this toy where parents have mostly praised its scientific approach.

The Final Thoughts

The available Loonie Launcher Reviews indicate that this product is useful and entertaining for kids. The brand also looks reliable, but you should carry out more research. Also, you should know How to Check Legitimacy of Products before making any purchase. 

Which other aerodynamic toys have you come across? Please write to us in the below section.

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