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Lost Ark Paladin Leveling Guide

Most people believe that Lost Ark doesn’t truly begin until you hit max level and reach the endgame where you can start farming for gear. Running through the story can be quite a slog to get through, especially if you have run through it multiple times already. You could always use a Powerpass to jump your way instantly to max level. However, if you don’t have any more of these, you will have to run through the story mode again.

This can be a problem if you want to use a Paladin. The Paladin is an advanced class for the Warriors class. While the Paladin may be part of the Warrior subclass, it isn’t as damaging as other classes. This class focuses on support, buffs, and holy powers. Players may find that leveling with a Paladin might be more exhausting and slower than other classes. Even though the Paladin has damaging AOE abilities, that is not their primary focus.

This guide will give a general guideline on skills to use and route to take so you can level efficiently and quickly with the Paladin. Let’s jump right into it!

General Tips

Before jumping into the Paladin leveling process, you should be aware of some general tips to make things go smoother.

  • Equip the highest Item Level Lost Ark gear that you have. This will ensure that you have the highest stats possible. Making it easier to survive and kill enemies faster.
  • Try to find and equip gear with “Crit” and “Swiftness” stats. “Crit” affects your chance to land critical hits. Critical hits do more damage than regular hits. “Swiftness” affects movement speed, attack speed, and ability cooldowns. These will make leveling much more accessible.
  • Focus on doing the main quests. You will reach the max level by doing only the main searches, so there isn’t any reason to do side activities unless you want a particular reward, like Lost Ark gold.
  • Try using “Auto Dismantle.” This may be a good option if you don’t like manually dismantling Lost Ark items. Just customize it in the options, so you don’t automatically dismantle helpful something.

Paladin Tips

The Paladin has a decent amount of Area of Effect Damage Skills; these will make the leveling process much more manageable. The Paladin can soak up a good amount of damage, so try to gather up many enemies before unleashing your AOE attacks.

Using the “Charge” skill is very useful for increased mobility in zones and areas that don’t allow the use of your mount. Once you reach level 20, you can put a point into “Dash Slash”. This is another helpful mobility skill. Having both of these will allow you to alternate between the two skills and get a nice boost in mobility. Leveling up charge first will make leveling easier, focus on AOE skills, and get some high damaging single target skills.

Essential Skills To Level First

There are some essential skills to have when leveling. Pick up these skills and level them up at your earliest convenience to quickly get around the map and destroy groups of enemies. These skills are just a general recommendation; feel free to mix and match how you want if you don’t feel comfortable with the current selections.

Charge: This is the skill you should level first. It is excellent for traversing across the map. Once it is level 4, apply the “Excellent Mobility” tripod.

Flash Thrust: An excellent starting skill with a low cooldown. It can be changed into a fan-shaped attack at level 10 and with the equipped tripod.

Punishment: Level 16 required. Decent for attacking single targets.

Dash Slash: Level 20 required. This is another valuable skill to pick up if you want to increase mobility. Pick up the “Quick Pace” tripod if you level it up to 4.

Executor’s Sword: Level 24 required. A good damaging skill that you should focus on leveling up. Pick up the “Stigmata” and “Challenger’s Will” tripod for significant damage. The last tripod is up to you, depending on if you want more AOE or high single target damage.

Execution of Justice: Level 32 required. A decent damaging AOE spin attack that pulls enemies in with the “Rune Prison” tripod.

Holy Explosion: Level 36 required. A high damaging AOE attack that takes a couple of seconds to charge up. It is best to level this up to gain all three tripod selections.

Holy Sword: Level 40 required. A high damaging ability that shoots out a beam of holy light. The “Stigmata” tripod will also leave behind a damaging area on the ground.

These are just some recommendations for good damaging and movement abilities to have. If you find yourself lacking defense and shielding, then feel free to switch out any of these that you see fit. The skills mentioned are best to have if you are trying to power your way through the main story.


I hope this guide was helpful. It isn’t challenging leveling a Paladin, but it does require a bit more planning because the Paladin is more of a support class than a damaging one. It costs no Lost Ark currency to respec your skills, so feel free to try out what works best for you. There is no set way to power through the story mode, new things are always being discovered.

Do you have any tips for leveling with a Paladin? Let us know in the comments.

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