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Loto Lounge Missouri Reviews (May) Get Deep Information!

Loto Lounge Missouri Reviews (May) Get Deep Information! >> Read the news to know how the small act of misconduct can impact the reviews and ratings of a place.

Have you ever been to the Loto Lounge based in Missouri? All these questions might be striking your mind too if you have planned to visit the place. However, there is a reason behind the hype of this Lounge, and that many people are searching out for the same. 

This Lounge is based in Missouri in the United States and is hypes out recently after an incident with the military troops. Have you heard of it yet? Scroll down the article to know more about Loto Lounge Missouri Reviews and the scenario that happened out recently. 

What is LOTO Lounge?

LOTO lounge is a brand-new bar and is also smoke-free. Smoking and other related activities are not allowed on its premises, and also, they have mentioned that people fond of cold drinks, good music and those all who want to have the good time must visit this place for the best experiences. 

The operating hours for the Lounge are 1.00 PM to 1.00 AM for Monday to Saturday and shuts down at midnight on Sunday. The Lounge is located at 5180 Osage Beach Pkwy MO 65065. 

In case you are looking out for more information about the Lounge, please click on this link

To gather more information about Loto Lounge Missouri Reviews, scroll to the sections below!

What was the recent incident that happened at LOTO Lounge?

There is a reason behind the sudden hype of this place, and it is related to the misconduct  of one of the singers or the staff. If you scroll down the same over the internet, you will find various links for the same. The LOTO lounge authorities have themselves posted about the same on their Facebook page. 

There is a video trending over the internet where several military members were seen entering the Lounge. After that, the bartender went to them and started accusing the members of the stolen valor.

This badly affected the Loto Lounge Missouri Reviews as there were many negative comments about the same. 

How did the BarTender Misbehave?

He argues with these members, asking out for their ID’s and claiming them to be fake. Finally, he broke and thrown the ID for one of the members in the bin, mocking them and challenging the pushups. This kept on going until the police entered the Lounge. 

The bartender also added that few of his friends have served for the military services in Afghanistan and Iraq and knows all the minor details about the military. 

Logo Lounge Missouri Reviews:

After this incident, the authorities posted on their Facebook page, feeling sorry for their bartender. After this, there are many negative reviews about the same over the Facebook page and other websites. 

Earlier, before this, it had 5-star ratings, which degraded with the incident. 

Final Verdict:

Were you already aware of the incident yet? We are not connected to this news, but we have tried to mention all the facts about the place and the scenario witnessed by the people there. 

Are you satisfied with Loto Lounge Missouri ReviewsPlease help you know through the comments section below! Also, to know more about the incident that happened back on 2nd May, head over to the attached link.

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