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Lovelypod com Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide!

Lovelypod com Reviews

Lovelypod com Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide! -> In this article, you get to know about an online gifts shopping site for personal relations.

Lovelypod com Reviews: Are you in a search for finding beautiful gifts for your loved ones? Finding impressive and worthy gifts for someone can be tough, whether you are buying presents for your family members, friends, or for professional acquaintances. The presents are a great way to acknowledge someone’s care, love and respect. It is not a formality but a way of saying thank you.

Finding an online gift shop can be bothersome as the gifts should be kind and deliver on time. But there is one website that provides excellent and meaningful present options for your loved ones. Lovelypod com showcases pretty gifts for everyone; the premium quality gift items are tempting. But is Lovelypod com legit? To know that continue with us till the end.

About Lovelypod com:

Lovelypod com is an online gift shopping site, and it showcases gift items for every relation. The quality of products is premium; the design of the products makes it tempting. The thoughts and ideas behind the styles make it meaningful and priceless. The products are very cost-effective, which makes it available to everyone.

The website sells different gifting items like customized t-shirts, pillowcases, printed tops, quoted blankets, outfit set, printed coffee mugs, etc. The prices vary from product to product, but overall the pricing of the products are valid. The better the gifting product their price range raises. The website offers different categories to choose from the catalogue.

The site has customized categories like gift items for mother, grandmother, grandfather, holiday gifts, family gifts, etc. The website sells very beautiful and meaning quoted blankets, coffee mugs, etc. The company is from the United States. The site provides different seasonal or occasional offers like mother’s day special, etc.

Specifications of Lovelypod com:

  • Website: The website showcases different gifting items for every relation.
  • Address: Lovelypod, 234 Front St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94114.
  • Email:
  • The website founded in 2015.
  • Delivery time is 5-10 days.
  • Free shipping on orders above $99.
  • Modes of payment: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, AMEX.
  • Personalized gift options are available on this website.

Is Lovelypod com worth the money?

Lovelypod com Reviews say if you are looking for different gifting items for your beloved family members at a budget-friendly price, then this site will be a perfect match for you. The gifts price solely depends upon the individual item some items are costly, and some are very cheap. 

The website has different categories to help you choose the perfect gift you are trying to find. The qualities of presents are commendable as compare to the price we are getting it. The customer service on this website is also outstanding. Hence, Lovelypod com is worth the money.

Positive remarks of Lovelypod com:

  • The gifting items can be customized.
  • The products are of excellent quality.
  • The pricing of different products is reasonable.
  • The customer service is excellent.
  • Easy returns & refunds.
  • Different modes of online payment.

Negative remarks of Lovelypod com:

  • The offline method of payment is not available.
  • The delivery can delay occasionally.
  • Lack of professional gifting items.

Customer review on Lovely pod com services:

The website is old, and it has lots of customers. The people are following this website on different social pages; the site has a newsletter which seems to be beneficial for the customers, and the company both as it informs customers about the flashing offers and the company gets to advertise its offers directly to the customers.

The product description is well defined, which makes it easy for the customers to analyze the depth of the items while choosing. Overall, the customers seem happy with the services provided by the website, and it motivated the company to expand its products catalogue and services.


Based on the Lovelypod com Reviews, this website is old, which proves its authenticity, hence safe for users. The site has never shown any signs of suspicious activities or a possible scam. The gifting items are of excellent quality, and for the price, we are paying it is worth the deal.

The product range mostly focuses on gift items for families and friends. Different personalized gifting items are also available in this place. The customers are happy with the customer services and the products they got. Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying meaningful gifting items for your beloved family members or friends, then we advise you to go on this website and make good purchases.

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  1. This is a fake website.. i placed a order and never received it.. said it was paid through pay pal and pay pal never showed a transaction. I had to change my bank information. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

  2. My blanket was delivered on the wrong address and i need it by sunday ! How can i get in contact with someone!!!

  3. They have taken my money and will not answer emails I sent them. Their website said delivery would be by Mother’s Day. I have yet to receive the items I ordered nor have I received a tracking number.

  4. I ordered a blanket for my mother on May 1st here is is May 13th still have yet to receive any information I’ve emailed them multiple times still no answer. Only email I received was the my payment was received so looks like I’m out $80 due to this scumbag website.

    1. Received it yet? It me 18 days to get mine and I ordered on May 5th and got it May 23rd

  5. Shipping is taking a very long time. I ordered on May 5th and today on May 23rd it arrived. THIS IS A LEGIT COMPANY! Due to Covid19 and mother’s day, they are backed up! I too was very worried, and stressed as I spent $100 on a blanket for my mom. I sent countless emails they were never responded to, but my blanket came. Just takes forever! Worth the wait tho, cause my mom loved it and made with such good material and is just gorgeous!

      1. I got someone else’s Mother’s Day gift and they will not respond to my emails to find out where mine is or how to get this gift back to who it should go to!

  6. Does anyone have a number for them? I ordered beginning of April and still no blanket or answer to emails! The post office said the tracking number they sent me was obtained online but product hasn’t entered post office so the sender still has it!!!

  7. Ordered two shirts , both spelling was screwed up on names. Confirmation showed it correctly , but actual shirts are wrong . Not getting a response from my email to them .

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