Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine {Feb} Vaccination!

Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine

Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine {Feb} Vaccination! >> A non-profit hospital enlisted for a State vaccination event. Who are eligible? Read to know.

Suppose you want to know details, then you should read this writing. Today we are going to share knowledge with you about the Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine program. In this writing, you will be educated about the location of Lowell Hospital for getting Covid-19 vaccines and about the eligibility criteria, and many more.

Currently, In United States, Phase-1 vaccine distribution is occurring nationwide, and millions of eligible citizens are vaccinated. Let’s learn about the Lowell Hospital vaccine distribution process.

Lowell General Hospital:

It is an independent and non-profit organization, mainly serving the ‘Greater Lowell’ area and its surroundings. It was established in 1981, and headquarter is located in the Massachusetts, United States. It has currently collaborated with FDA and State Health Administers to serve people in the pandemic condition by distributing the Covid-19 vaccine.

In which location the Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine distribution program is going on?

The hospital organization participates in the Massachusetts Covid-19 vaccination program and offers it to the eligible citizens of Massachusetts only. The program is being held in 1001, Pawtucket, Boulevard, East Lowell, MA-01854. The ‘Priority List’ enlisted people will get proper access and assistance; they also have a wheelchair facility serving disabled people.

Who are eligible?

Following the Phase-1 Priority list of Massachusetts, people are eligible if they are-

  • A person from the clinical or non-clinical background is doing Covid-19 facing care or direct care.
  • First Responders.
  • An individual who is working in the home-based health care services.
  • The health care personnel is working for non-Covid facing care.
  • Congregate care settings workers.
  • Long-term care workers assisted living and rest home facilities.

Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine appointment process:

Lowell hospital enlisted them for the mass Covid-19 vaccine program; eligible people can obtain the appointment by visiting its official site. Select the eligibility criterion to prove your enlistment and schedule an appointment.   

How many doses of vaccination needed?

The both types of vaccines are available now; however, the stock is limited. People need to take two doses of two these vaccines. For Pfizer or Biotech vaccine, the doses are given to the people with 21 days intervals, and for the Moderna vaccine, individuals need to take two doses with 28 days intervals in the Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine distribution program.

Would people be charged for getting a vaccine?

According to the hospital’s authorization, people will not be charged for vaccination. You need not to worry about the charges. Moreover, they have specified, individuals who do not have health insurance will also get the vaccine. It is a welfare program from the US government for building immunity against deadly Nov*el Coronavirus.


People, who are residents in Massachusetts, need to wait at the moment for new appointments. The present scheduling of appointment is at break as the vaccine supply needs to come. If you have taken an appointment, please check once again about the vaccine distribution the Lowell General Hospital COVID Vaccine.

Is vaccination program occurring in your location? Please share below.

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