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Luvrosy Reviews {June} Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Luvrosy Reviews {June} Pros & Cons of Shopping Here >> The article contains Specification, Pros, and cons, exchange and return policy of Luvrosy.com.

There are several malicious websites available over the internet that provide safe SSL encryption for the transaction, but in reality, they are fake. Suppose you purchase an item and that item never delivered to you? You will lose all your hard-earned money. For all those online buyers, it is advised to check before further proceed.

We will discuss that is luvrosy clothing legit or not, and about its legitimacy, we will cover all the feedbacks and extract an exact conclusion. An online website is meant for providing facilities like you can save time, save money and can opt for various products at one place. But there few people who want to dirt this fantastic facility.

There are many ways where one can identify about the website legitimacy, they can search for the feedback or response given by any previous customer, or can check the address and contact number of the website is it from the United State or not. Above all, a smart buyer can easily understand about the site if by the design and fake images used by the website.

In this article, we will cover all the information regarding Luvrosy Reviews and rectify the website legitimacy and whether it is safe for shopping or not.

What is Luvrosy?

Luvrosy is an online store for women selling products like jumpsuits, Rompers.

One-piece Denim Jumpsuit, T-shirts, Blouses, Camisoles, Tie-dye, Striped, Lip and Floral, Leopard, Polka Dot shirts.

The product available in Luvrosy.com is a very reasonable price.

Luvrosy is also providing various offers like flat 20% discounts, depending upon how much quantity of product you purchase you will get assured discount offers. Like 12% off if you buy two products, if you buy three product, you will get one product for free and buy five product and get 25% off.

The website Luvrosy is offering an exciting 30 days of return time to all the buyers. They can return the product within the due date or can exchange the product within the given time, which is free. Free shipping is also offering y the website if a buyer buys the products over $59.

But during our research, we found lots of flaws and unsatisfied luvrosy customer reviews. Few customers ordered the products from the website, but one out of ten customers received the product that to of below quality. Most of the customers are double-crossed by the website and warned others not to buy any products.


Contact: service@luvrosy.com

Official address: Room 4316, Block 3, 112-118 Gaoyi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.  

Pros and Cons of Luvrosy.com

Pros of Luvrosy

  • The website Luvrosy is offering an exciting 30 days of return time to all the buyers.
  • Luvrosy is also providing various offers like flat 20% discounts, depending upon how much quantity of product you purchase you will get assured discount offers.
  • Free shipping is also offering y the website if a buyer buys the products over $59.
  • 12% off if you buy two products, if you buy three product you will get one product for free and buy five product and get 25% off.

Cons of Luvrosy

  • We found lots of flaws and unsatisfied luvrosy reviews.
  • Few customers ordered the products from the website, but one out of ten customers received the product that to of below quality.
  • Most of the customers felt cheated by the website and warned others not to buy any products.
  • The website has an Instagram account, but the audience is mainly from China because of its origin.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • Luvrosy is offering 30 days of limited time to exchange, check or return the product. During the allotted time, a buyer can also ask for a refund.
  • At the time of exchange or return of the product, it must be in resell condition, any harm or damage to the product will not be accepted.
  • The refund process may take time; meanwhile you can check your bank account for the amount.
  • If the product is damaged or received any faulty product to the buyer, then they can return the product.
  • Free shipping is only provided for the first time; during return, the customer will have to bear the shipping charges.


According to the customers, the website is a scam, and that is the reason that most of the buyers given negative Luvrosy reviews. Few customers received the item, but it was below quality and was not worth it. So we advised that to choose any other website, but the choice is yours.

0 thoughts on “Luvrosy Reviews {June} Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

      1. I ordered three items about 5 weeks ago. Got tracking nos but says not in syster yet. Contacted them numerous times with no suceds. No shipment. Guess i am conned. Will contact paypal.

      2. I ordered a dress that looked nothing like the photo. It is so thin that it could not be worn in public. I don’t feel like returning it so I’m using it as a nightgown. Even my husband agrees that it’s trash

    1. I ordered a shirt that looks terrible, and they said that I would have to pay the shipping myself and that it would be really expensive and not worth it. They said that! AND they said that I could maybe get a credit, but I want my money back because I would NEVER waste my money again. My bad. I should have researched them, and I would have seen that it is a scam.

    2. I ordered from this company. SCAM!! no customer service except robot email, clothes are junk, took 6 weeks to get here. I’ve been fighting with Paypal for 2 months to get my money back, they wanted me to return the merchandise to the tune of $63 shipping!


  1. I have experienced the same – nothing since the confirmation email that they rec’d my order – I am thinking about disputing the charge at this point

  2. They are a SCAM. I will be disbuting my charges for my order and reporting them anyway I can so no one else has to deal with this.

    1. I ordered two moths ago and have not received anything. I emailed them three times first time I got an email back saying they take pride in packaging their items. Nothing else back. I contacted pay pal no response. Who do we contact about this? My order was $115.00

    1. Turning into fraud I ordered a month ago got a tracking number that doesn’t track to anywhere . Scam

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I noticed that they don’t allow many comments at all on their IG page so that was sign for me!

  4. I placed my order about 6 weeks ago and it hasn’t even shipped. I emailed their customer service and got a response 4 days later saying it was being packed but I haven’t received it because the postal delivery is slow. Makes no sense! I emailed again and as of a week later, have yet to receive a response. I’m going to dispute the charge on my card. Its not going to ship, TOTAL SCAM.

  5. I am also waiting for my order from 6 weeks ago! I will be trying to Email them today. I am glad I found this website to see that there is a definite problem!

  6. Luvrosy is an absolute SCAM. Uses pics of legit clothing and then tries to duplicate- you receive clothing that looks nothing like what you saw online. In trying to return within 30 day window- they keep asking me to resell or give me future discount. Their site shows all credit cards but actually only accepts PayPal. I have escalated to PayPal claims for refund. I am reporting to other agencies as well. (will probably not do any good- but I need to fight a good fight, ha)

  7. I would love my order on may 16 I have ordered other from other compaines with no problems please check on my account or I’ll have my bank and report .fraud. Sandra Sutphin

  8. Same here almost 2 months ago!no order!I AM AN ATTORNEY!!!!I’m getting to the bottom of this company fast everyone! I hate liars and scammers! And I refuse to just be scammed out of my hard earned money I’m gonna make sure y’all do this to other’s!!!!!!

    1. Alicia Fields did you make any progress in regard to Luvrosy? I think they scammed me too. I can’t believe that they’ve crossed this many people and they are still able to operate business as usual. I would love to know what you have learned.

    2. Yes Alicia, please do what you can to stop this company from ripping off others. I waited almost 2 months, and when the item finally arrived I got extremely mad and discouraged since it was nothing that they advertise, a total piece of trash. And they refuse to refund my money.

    1. I ordered 4 weeks ago and have not received my order. I emailed them twice with no response. Do not order from this site total scam!

  9. I ordered 2 months ago and still haven’t received my order and no response. Total scam! Do not order from them!

  10. I ordered 3 weeks ago. I haven’t received any status. I emailed them several times. No response. They go by luvrosy but paypal payment shows WhatCharming@Gmail. Com & there”s another company name in China showing in my PayPal account under this order. Frustrating part I emailed all 3 but never got a response. I filed dispute with paypal

  11. I ordered 2 months ago, they gave me a fake tracking number 2 weeks ago to avoid issues with PayPal, but I reported it. PayPal is investigating them now and they have turned off all commenting on social media because of it or they blocked me? A company shouldn’t be able to do that on social media if I’m an attempted patron. I w reported their page along with many others. How are they still not shut down?

  12. I also ordered from this site. My order was placed on 04/20/2020 and payment was immediately pulled from my debit along with a international fee. I emailed about two weeks after I ordered and did receive an email back saying my order was in processing and inspection and that they would give me confirmation when items were shipped, thus far nothing. I have emailed twice since with no response. Not real happy, I work hard for my money and this was gonna be a birthday gift. Thinking seriously of disputing the charges with my bank.

  13. The stole $106 from me! I never received my items. Thank God that’s all I spent. Please don’t order from these scammers!!!

  14. I was about to place the buy three get free option and had lots of cute clothes picked out for my 18 yr nieces bday but thought I better be sure they are legit and here I find all of your negative comments!
    First I’m so sorry you’ve been mislead by this company they have photos of beautiful tan happy models wearing cool outfits pulling you in like the long jean skirt that I loved only to make you buy more to take advantage of their offer….. only to not receive anything Wow ! How haven’t they been stopped well they set up under different names that’s how…..thank you all for warning everyone

  15. My order took 10 weeks. LOOKS ZERO like the pics. And I mean like … what? NOT even in the same realm of clothing

    1. Horrible customer service. The quality of the items was cheap and I would never wear; certainly not as pictured. I want a refund and have contacted PayPal for their assistance. Contacting my bank today.

  16. I placed an order consisting of 4 items, costing a little over $ 110.00.
    I received 3 of the 4 items, but was charged for All 4. The clothing is unacceptable and was nothing as described. I received the items April 2, 2020. Since then I have sent over 75 emails asking for a return. I have yet to get a response to any of them. I have no other way to contact them except for their email address. Has anyone else had this problem and how do you contact them. They did not send a pa king slip and there is no phone number.


  18. Also ordered products almost 1.5 months ago and have not received anything. As of a few weeks ago, they appear to have “created” a shipping label but nothing has shipped. I believe this is a scam and have filed a claim with PayPal.

  19. Yep same here I ordered on April 26th and still no email about shipping. Emailed today but I guess I won’t expect a response… Fuck this shitty excuse for a company. They are LIARS and SCAMMERS and probably STEALING people’s personal financial info.

  20. I received my order. I usually wear a small, but I ordered a medium dress, the sky blue denim dress. I can’t button the dress.
    Ordered also 2 blouses . I can only wear one the fit is soooo bad. Some other unhappy customer tracked down the phone number. It is 1-607-2143005.
    I just get a busy signal. Imagine that??

  21. I wish I would have checked the reviews before my purchase. I made a purchase back on April 11, 2020 and still have not received any merchandise. I thought due to pandemic there may be a delay on delivery. I submitted an email twice & no response. Definitely gonna spread the word to beware of this scam!

  22. Ordered three months ago. Nothing. Been communicating with their “service” via email but still nothing. I’ll be disputing the charge and reporting them.

  23. Order on May 6; it is now 6/8 and no merchandise but they did charge my credit card same day of order!!!! SCAM!!! Emailed the company twice absolutely no response.

  24. ordered two items in May and almost a month has past nothing since confirmation. I am disputing the charges and will let others know it is a scam!

  25. Luvrosy is a scam!! I ordered on March 1st, and finally received my order. Every single item is cheaply made, and the bell bottom jeans seemed wet inside the sealed bag. It smelled like mildew. I’m so angry, I tossed everything in the garbage. When you try and click on the website, it has now been deleted. Scam alert!!

  26. I after several weeks did receive my order – I ordered 3 items and 2 were NOT as expected and I wanted to return – but now you cant get on to their webpage – it defaults to a application to open a shopify account….

  27. Do NOT order from here! It is a scam, low quality clothes and sizes are off plus it takes like a month to ship. Impossible to return, they do not answer e-mails.

  28. I finally received the product after a month and a half. The quality is SO poor. It looks like the tops are sewn in some factory in Asia somewhere. Sizes are all wrong, quality is very bad. The clothes are nothing like what is advertised on the website. I am EXTREMELY disappointed and I have a feeling I won’t ever get my money back. I am so mad that Paypal has them as a client. I trusted Paypal. In the future, I will not use them either. A complete waste of my money.

  29. June 12th, 2020 – I ordered 4/29/2020. Nothing yet. Clicked on “View Your Order” and it takes you to “Page Not Found”.

  30. I order and it took weeks o receive the product. It was a pair of white slip on shoes and they were filthy

  31. I ordered April 30th, it is now (June 16th) … I have not received a response nor tracking TOTAL SCAMMMM.

  32. Worst company ever! No sign of my order, impossible to get a hold of, I disputed the charge with Paypal

  33. My order finally came but it’s very poor quality.
    Not worth what I paid for.
    This will be my last order from this company.

  34. I did get my order finally. I bought two dresses. The material is cheap and the dresses were way too small. The wrap around dress didn’t even come close to covering my chest. At all. I can’t see paying to mail them back to China. I’ll be more careful in the future. I’ll see if I can find a 12 year old that needs a dress.

  35. Same as all above……..complete SCAM! So see through I can’t wear in public. The mediums I ordered look like 2XL bags. Clicked on my order and it says page not found. No way to get a return. Never again….

  36. This place is a joke. Ordered shoes. Arrived filthy wrapped in plastic. Delivered in a bag. No box. Filthy. I have tried numerous times to find out how to return for refund with no response. Now email box is full. Good luck if you order any junk from thus place. Junk is what you will get

  37. This company is a complete Scam! I ordered 2 items and it took 2 months till I received them after several attempts to contact them with no luck. The 2 items are very poor quality and don’t fit. I’ve tried to return them, but was finally told I had to pay for shipping. Emails get bounced back to me when I try and reach out to customer service.

  38. Return Instructions that they won’t list on their website:

    We can’t refund you because the address on the package is our shipping agent and we will not receive the parcel there.
    If you still want to return, here is our return address:

    West of 5th Floor, Jintiantuo Office Building, No. 10 Guanjin Road, Danzao Town, Xiajiao Dongyang,
    Nanhai District, Foshan City,
    Guangdong Province
    China 528216
    Contact: Zhang Ping
    Phone: +86-18727429756

    Once you have returned it, please pay attention to the information below and send the necessary information to us.

    1. After returning, please send us the return tracking number and name of the shipping company or a photo of the postal receipt.
    2. We will issue a full refund for the returned items after we received the package.

  39. Same as everyone able. This has been going on for me since April 9. I submitted a claim to PayPal on May 8. I ordered four items. I eventually received two crappy items. The other two never arrived. I emailed the “company” three times letting them know two arrived, but the other two did not. The two that arrived showed up from a company in California named Tipsytooty on June 1. I emailed Luvrosy on June 1, 4, and 6 letting them know and that the other items did not arrive, and requested they be cancelled and refunded. They never replied After I filed an IC3 they offered me a $5 refund via PayPal resolution center. Umm, no thanks. PayPal “resolution” was for me to ship the two items back to China at my expense, which would be more than the items are worth. PayPal offers up to $30 back if you show documentation, but it still cost more to ship. Then they gave me an address similar to the one list by Anonymous, but the Town was spelled differently, and it wasn’t laid out in the format above. Anyway, I am at a crossroads with PayPal since they only want me to ship the items back to China, and I don’t want to do that at my expense. So guessing the company successfully gets to steal my money. As many have report…..this is clearly a SCAM company. Please save yourself the pain of ordering from them to steal your money and/or receive very poorly made items

  40. luvrosy is a scam. Spent $85 and only got 2 of 3 dresses. the 2 i got looked NOTHING like the pics, they were totally cheap knockoffs of the images that were online.
    Spent almost 2 months with paypal trying to get a refund, they told me I wouldnt be able to get a refund (even for the item not received) without shipping the other items back. I now am following up with a claim with the bank to try to get my $ back for the dress I didn’t receive.

    If you get scammed with this company, open a claim first for the amount for items not received. otherwise they will make you pay to return the items to china which will cost way more than the items did themselves.

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